where we go

she lights incense sticks,
bows before the altar,
in the chinese restaurant,

we order lunch &
take a table outside
on the street, cool wind

brushes our face,
the clouds hang deep.
almost touch us
with their moist lips,

your fingers warm on mine,
i tell you my fears,
how they come in waves,
last night–

you loved me in the dark,
i felt calm & safe & crying
was so easy in your arms,
a man walks by,

pushes his bike, balancing
a colored bag behind the saddle,
slow steps, grey suit &

we watch him ’til he’s out of sight,
a wanderer on an empty road,
and no one sure
where he is heading


good thing is, we know, we’re heading towards another wonderful night of poetry at dVerse, come write a poem and dive with us head-on into verse…


75 responses to “where we go

  1. i can feel the tension under your words claudia…fears can be all too real and hold us captive at times….i am glad you have thta place of security though….that man at the end, we can feel like him at times….keep bowing at that altar…smiles.

  2. When those fears come in waves, it is nice to have someone whose fingers are warm on yours as you share. Nice to be able to share, to have someone hold you in the dark. The man on the bike seems symbolic to me, Claudia. Perhaps it is everyman…do we ever know where we will end up?

  3. Not knowing where we’ll end up can be fun many a time but I suppose the fear could creep up sometimes too, another engrossing verse from you.

  4. Ah, but the fears. This transient world with the blessing of someone holding us in the dark. I wonder where that guy was going too.

  5. this is both beautiful and lovely, Claudia. It is filled with gentle sentiment. Even though fear presents itself, it seems way-layed with the soothing of a friend and the mystery of the unknown. delightful.

  6. The fears come in waves…good to have your love with you…love the clouds hang deep.
    almost touch us
    with their moist lips…..I can feel it πŸ™‚

  7. Nothing more comforting than having someone to hold us, to share their warmth and make us feel safe when we have fear that comes in waves. The imagery is soft, loving and I agree with Mary, the guy pushing the bike could be any of us, going, who knows where in life.
    Another lovely piece from your pen.

  8. Oh you’ve really caught that moment Claudia – external life, with all its specific (incensed) details carrying on around the intimacy of the private worlds. Lovely.

  9. How often we watch strangers pass by…always presenting us with a story that has no ending….one gain you’ve taken a snapshot of a moment in time and extended the depth of it.

  10. The events of the night before are echoed in today – the smouldering musk, the wiping of tears, the kisses from on high, the tender consoling touches. But there are always the choices, the staying for lunch and relationship, or the porting of possessions to places unknown.

  11. This is classic Claudia; sensual, sad, insightful. I will ever have in the eternal Now is each other, and those moments when we connect with another, and unload our burdens, and recharge our emotions are the saving grace of the species. I once was the wanderer in the gray suit, then I retired; wear jeans and walk with a cane.

  12. There’s very interesting enjambement here especially – the flow of distraction and engagement, of outer and intimate worlds – very lovely and real. k.

  13. The journey is never sure, neither others or our own, but it helps to be held in the night, and to share the says with love. Beautiful writing, Claudia.

  14. Yes Claudia I was “pushing my bike”, but could see you did not need to be disturbed. Next time I’ll say “HI! It’s ME! Glenn Campbell!–I mean STEVE!!!”

    However, I still will (will still?) not know whither I go-est…nor will anyone else know…just a wand’ring Peep on an empty road,,,,

    PEACE, Claudia!

  15. And I wonder what was in the man’s bag on the bike? Like the mysterious ending here… Whatever is going on in our “now”, someone else is stepping through their own “now” into something quite different…

  16. Very nice. Interesting how you placed the man there right at the intimacy between the two–it felt like he was interrupting something. To me the ending showed the stark contrast between that intimacy and knowing and the lone, unknown person.

  17. Such a good poem, soft lyrical almost sung to just yourself and your close love.
    How we can be intimate and at the same time acknowledging the everyday of the business of living. Brings to mind a question, do we really have control where life may lead us?

    We do know life is more comforting when we have someone to share it with —

    lovely words Claudia —

    “you loved me in the dark, I felt calm & safe & crying was so easy in your arms”

  18. Very beautiful poem, Claudia. Tension throughout!
    Just under the heavy sky and the cloud kiss:

    “. . . i tell you my fears,
    how they come in waves. . . ”

    Does the passing man’s solitude represent that fear? I rather think it is the safety felt in the middle of the night. safety sometimes trusted . . .
    How I want to tell them either way is ok, so take the path you want!

  19. Such a touching poem. My favorite image .. “the clouds hang deep /almost touch us/with their moist lips.” Beautiful and inspiring, all that can unravel in a moment between people. I especially enjoyed how you weaved the stranger into it…

  20. dunno if i shared this before…am married to an army officer….and well he isn’t here right now….its been pouring outside non stop since yesterday….and your write brought to the surface how all i want is to hide my face in his shirt , have him pull me close even when he is fast asleep…and somehow all those fears of braving a world melt away……

    i love your writing claudia….smiles…so glad i stumbled across you in this blogosphere…

  21. such a beautiful, intimate moment, i felt a bit like a voyeur, listening in, and i love the way you set the scene, so visual and evocative.

  22. So many emotions run through this, fear, love, desire, safety, curiosity. Without such love, we are like the man in the gray suit on the bicycle…
    Beautiful work, Claudia. Thank you.

  23. You present, with ease, an intimacy that has no name where unease gives way to fears by going outside; where closeness wanders down the street pushing a bicycle to places unknown.

  24. I suppose none of us really know how or where we will end up…but to have that love and protection in the night is comforting and beautiful…as is this sensitive and lovely write, Claudia! Love it!

  25. Claudia, I realized today that when I see that a poem from you is waiting in my email inbox, I can’t wait to go see what picture you’ve painted. *smile* Enjoyed this as always. Love how you started with religion and ended with that question of where will we end up…

  26. The incense-offering to the ancestors or unseen spirits at the beginning, an appeasement, so to speak, marks a counterpoint to the fears and uncertainties and tears that intertwine throughout the poem. An evocative piece.

  27. very nice feel here. The observation/reflection/application of reflection formula is one you are able to harness much better than most. The subtlety you use, that a simple sounding line or stanza, when reflected upon is so deep and meaningful to the symbolism/layering of your work, like the second stanza here. So much more beneath. Great write Claudia

  28. It’s poems like this that make you one of my favourite poets. What grabbed my attention in this poem was the shift in… hmm… not exactly focalisation, because your consciousness is central throughout; but it is as though you have assembled a small group of people and you shift the inclusiveness of the focus throughout the poem. In the first verse I see a circle drawn around ‘she’; in the second and third ‘we’, as you become aware of the couds; in the fourth and fifth verse you concentrate on yourself and ‘you’ (the ‘she’ of the first verse? the other half of ‘we’?) in a moment or two of intimacy; in verses five, six, and seven an outsider breaks your introspection, but in verse seven he has become a matter of speculation. I love these shifts. I love the way that despite them, despite the way they flow, the scene is entirely of a piece.

  29. The varied goings-on around us when dining al-fresco. The observant can feast on the many happenings readily dramatized. Good for inspiration. Very nicely done Claudia!


  30. How well you express the transference we often practice with placing our own confusions into the bodies of others, especially strangers!

  31. “the clouds hang deep.
    almost touch us
    with their moist lips…”

    Hi! Claudia…
    Tks, for sharing this [very] sweet and [very] beautiful poem…your very poetic words “captured” so many mood(s) and feeling(s)…[You managed to captured an observation… too!
    deedee πŸ™‚

  32. Hi! Claudia…I’m so sorry, but my comment has ended up in Spam again…I will report this problem to Word-press… shortly!
    deedee 😦