midsummernight or what we see on waking

when pouring rain hits, everyone’s in love
with the wrong person,

we run,

seeking shelter in the stage props shack,
dripping wet among piled chairs & roman pillars,
cobwebs, fake swords and

i feel like kissing (always–
in the strangest moments)

or like tea & pancakes &

“– how does the story end–?” we speculate,
let our fantasy run with the falling drops,

in the car back home, wipers sing
their own song & damp fog moves
from warm asphalt, lulls me in, there always

is some kind of dream,
a summer night & Shakespeare–

Shakespeare was a genius, just by the little that we see,
glimpses of a story, i stand on

that meadow in the forest, listen
to the fairies’ song & wonder why love goes
such crazy ways sometimes–


a snapshot from last saturday when we went to see the Shakespeare play “A Midsummer Night’s dream” – unfortunately it started raining in the middle of the play and as it was open air, they couldn’t continue….but…rain or shine.. it’s OpenLinkNight again at dVerse and doors will open at 3pm EST… come write a poem and join the fun


78 responses to “midsummernight or what we see on waking

  1. very neat, love the midsummer night dream allusions throughout. Very cool. Really nice transitioning throughout as well, and I just love the in the car back home stanza, where there’s so much imagery connecting, releasing then reconnecting again. Great write. Thanks

  2. The opening lines are magnificent Claudia. Feeling like kissing or tea or pancakes is not a bad way to be! This is one of my favourites!

  3. smiles…love how this just comes out of you life…i am sorry that you missed the rest of the play but it created some spontenaity which is often as fun…wanting to kiss in the odd moments, ha, i like….def like the car ride home stanza as well claudia…nice piece….

  4. Sorry the open air performance was ruined by rain. Sigh. Reminds me my experience in the English Garden in Munich. Torrential downpour, and there was nothing to be done except leave and walk through more rain to get back to the subway. Nature can be cruel sometimes for sure.

  5. Claudia
    I love damp fog from warm asphalt, always seems so mysterious, the fairies or underworld rising…really enjoyed this

  6. Claudia – another of my favorites of yours. Also love Midsummer’s Night Dream and tea and pancakes (of course.) And, well, almost anything in a rain with someone for whom you care- all captured here. k.

  7. I love kissing at anytime … Love how at that moment you really wanted to kiss
    Another gorgeous, rich write Claudia. Oddly enough, I just wrote one based on Shakespeare yesterday. 🙂

  8. To use an American colloquialism, this is a home-run. The first stanza had me smiling and marveling and you could’ve stopped there. They way you continued on, with such clarity, command and vision… oy! I’m in love! 🙂 Great job, thanks!

  9. Ah…this triggered an old memory for me…smiling…something special about that warm summer rain storm…you’ve captured the images so very well.

  10. yeah, that crazy little thing called love (wasn’t there a song like that?)
    love the title, “midsummernight or what we see on waking” pretty much says it all, i think… except for what makes the story personal 😉
    haha… crazy, love… but where would we be without it?

  11. i love that opening… classic. too bad about the rain, but yes, a genius indeed, after all these years his work lives on and still applies to our lives. somehow, it feels like this became more of a memory because of the rain…

  12. Keeping love, music and fantasy at the tip of your brush ..ehr pen – balancing a raindrop at the end of a daydream and keeping kisses there in that little heartshaped pocket on your shirtsleeve. Love it as always.

  13. Perfect take on the play, but I think also, on so much more. Shakespeare had a genius for so creating a personal message from the unnoticed exceptional but universal, hiding important inside our cells–it transcends language, age, boundaries…like love, and the sweet confusion of a rainy afternoon with pancakes…or something. ;_) I loved this, Claudia.

  14. loved how kissing in midsummer rain brought to the meadow filled with the fairies’ song in your poem… floatingly gorgeous poetics you’ve penned. thank you for the flight, Claudia~~~

  15. In the car back home, wipers sing
    their own song & damp fog moves
    from warm asphalt, lulls me in, there always

    is some kind of dream,
    a summer night & Shakespeare–

    Hi! Claudia…Thanks, for sharing the warmth Of your poem…“midsummernight or what we see on waking…

    What a very descriptive poem…as you captured what happened…
    “when pouring rain hits, and what was happening before the rain started to pour…“everyone’s in love
    with the wrong person, we run…

    deedee 🙂

  16. I love this! In that part of the MND you should be in the same spell as the mismatched lovers–excitement up–an enchantment you took back into the world with you instead of resolving it in the play. So! A kiss. tea and pancakes? but you must get to the end unrequited and in wonder so Theseus can give his “the lunatic, the lover and the poet” speech. Are you sure all of the fog was from the asphalt? You do this so very very well!

  17. There must be something in the air, Claudia, I too have posted a poem about love … yours is wonderful, ‘everyone’s in love with the wrong person’ … oh, I fear that my couple’s love is doomed yet hope with all my heart that it can last … for sure we ‘wonder why love goes
    such crazy ways sometimes–’

  18. REALLY {grin} LIKE this. Love go astray? Why, indeed?

    Claudia, YOU took me on a mental ride back to Brevard Music Camp in 1950. Age 17, I was ‘caught’ in a sort of cave during one of those ‘violent’ thunderers–with a most charming, sweet and lovely girl…Sonny! Sweet 16, she.

    When you write, girl, you make prisoners of your readers. You just grab me, take me along into whatever height–or depth–your fancy desires, requires!

    Sometimes though I wonder, is it ‘love’ which is crazy? OR IS IT ME?–grin!
    PEACE, dear lady!

  19. very beautiful and imaginative poem. bringing back life into one of my once favorite plays. Awesome Claudia.

  20. wonderful telling of the random nature love creates, the depth of feeling so well executed in this my particular favorite lines:

    “in the car back home, wipers sing
    their own song & damp fog moves
    from warm asphalt, lulls me in, there always”

    perfect…wonderful as always Claudia. ~ Rose

  21. You certainly capture the essence of love, its mystery..in a most clever and meaningful way here, Claudia! Original and thought provoking. Great write :))

  22. hey Claudia – – – i’m like the opposite . . .
    i always want to have a strage kiss in a normal place 😀

    you wiped me – I am lulled 😀

  23. Wonderful take on Midsummernight. Love is crazy, and all the spells and fairy dust don’t seem to make it any easier…ah well that’s life! Another fabulous poem!

  24. Even though the play was cancelled… it seemed like an extraordinary night! The open air theater sounds wonderful.

  25. Claudia, your weaving of the rain and Shakespeare’s most delightful play made me smile ’til my face hurt! And yes, there will always be “what if” kinds of love among the young. Thank God, I’m jaded and old, but young at heart enough to remember in a blink that kind of day… Amy

  26. Poor thing! But the fact that it rained contributed to the gem of a poem. The smoothness in the flow tells. Nicely written Claudia!


  27. He seems to have the gift of tying fantasies up so neatly…often with dreams…I enjoyed your fantasy here, especially with tea and pancakes. I also like the way you tie your stanzas/images/ideas together–with that hook in the preceding line. Very well done, both in the conception and the execution!

  28. There’s a feel to this, a sense of a fleeting moment, one I’ve known often but barely held on to. My favorite lines, “i feel like kissing (always–
    in the strangest moments)”….yes, it’s that way, often.

  29. Gorgeous writing..I just love the ending “i stand on

    that meadow in the forest, listen
    to the fairies’ song & wonder why love goes
    such crazy ways sometimes–

    Beautiful 🙂

  30. Aw. Too bad for the curtain of rain, but it inspired this lovely poem.

    Claudia, hope you make the right decision whenever you get those impulses to kiss… or drink tea and pancakes.

  31. i feel like kissing (always–in the strangest moments). For me, this sums up the fun aspect of the poem. I love the excitement of the moment when you do something crazy:-)

  32. What a great opening:

    “when pouring rain hits, everyone’s in love
    with the wrong person,” … I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have an umbrella and can’t see.

    “i feel like kissing (always–
    in the strangest moments)” … I love this. You’ve got me smiling.

    “i feel like kissing … or like tea & pancakes” … Either one will do. Just give me something for my mouth, please. 🙂

    “i stand on
    that meadow in the forest, listen
    to the fairies’ song & wonder why love goes
    such crazy ways sometimes” … What a great ending, Claudia. I love this poem.

  33. I loved the way you depicted the recent incident.
    I wonder if that would get any better?
    A perfect depiction to go with your experience.
    And a light, indefinite ending: to the fairies’ song & wonder why love goes
    such crazy ways sometimes”
    It’s such a sweet verse 🙂

  34. Love has always been a game of musical chairs dictated by the wind, or in this case, rain. We can either see the clouds approaching, or it can be a surprise rainfall. Regardless, as it is with love, we are always caught unawares and unprepared, running to the shack, where the fantasies of new love continue with the falling rain and the person next to us. The story never does end, it continues with each rainfall (of tears and heartbreak) with a new partner or not in the lightning lit shack of fated love.