flat share

“i knew that you would
like the small one better”,
he says, wireless
& everything’s all in, him
next room is not much here,
only when he’s fighting
with his wife– so
what you’re running from?”

he asks and says he’s been
there, a few years ago
when the kids were small still,
but they made it “don’t give up
too quickly, bit of distance
helps you breathe again
maybe” the kitchen wall

is kiwi green, i like &
he says that his flight
goes early in the AM, that
he knows the island well
from biking but this time
he’s sailing it “yeah, it’s
a lovely place” i nod
“i’ve heard about it”

“want me to call you in a few days?”
“no” i say, i’ll leave a message
& enjoy the trip” back in the car
i search a song that fits, but
there is nothing and i’m in no mood
to sing myself


22 responses to “flat share

  1. This had me on edge…..wondering what had happened between these two…and the sadness and distance is touchable.

    You paint this modern angst well…..hauntingly.

    Lady Nyo

  2. Parting can be daunting even for a while for whatever reasons. There’s no mood for a song at that moment. Great write Claudia!


  3. Sadder piece Claudia, but very effective. Ending and dialogue very strong. Great read. Thanks

  4. This certainly puts a brand new twist on the understanding of summer “time-shares” I have ever had. You have manager to involve and intertwine two people entire interior lives in just 29 lines, Claudia! I am learning so much from you!

  5. The poem made me think of times when I had had ” a close encounter of the wrong kind” and felt relieved the interaction was over but still a bit angry about the whole series of events…but as the Rock Man said “there it is…you see what you want see and you hear what you want to hear.”

  6. The sadness here was palpable, Claudia. So sad when one person feels the need for a bit of space so strongly that they look for an alternate space; but then again it might be just the right step for learning to appreciate one another again. And hard when no song on the radio fits!

  7. Parting is one of the sweetest sorrows I know. NOT a good time to isolate. Step away for some breathing room? Maybe. It is all about living life–which you communicate poetic, and so well, Claudia.

    My thought is, “Just HOW many times do I make myself go through this trauma,this heart-crushing. It takes such long time to heal–if ever….

    And, if one doesn’t feel like singing, maybe a few bars on the violin,
    sax or clarinet? –grin!

    A pleasure, as always, to be here.

  8. ‘“i knew that you would
    like the small one better”,
    he says’ and doesn’t this just say sooo much about the type of person he is. Sorry I don’t like him already. 😛

  9. The emotions are heavy here, yet understated. The pain is hidden in the mundane. You captured a snippet of lives hurting. And of course, you did it so well.