cooking freestyle

google ads say (in my inbox)
“bake ‘til golden or
for twenty minutes”, serve
with soy sauce–“ too

much information
for my taste, i’m gonna serve it
with a chocolate mousse, unbaked, just
because i Am rebellious &
think sweet,

has a reason i won’t tell you– ha–
both will work, so dip
your tongue dEEp, suck the
taste & RoLLaRound the texture
of the edGe–
then try

to mix, you never
gonna fix– it anyway, a ride
aLong the taste buds, if you’re

it will make it
to your heart which is
not really relevant as this is
about iNdePenDance,

independence of the writer AND
the one who reads, not solely
when it comes to poetry (or
sex) orWhat
you make of it,
i’m wondering anyway
why they do
send me recipes–


well..when i read the ad, i just started writing without reflecting much…if google knew what their cooking ads are doing to me…smiles… hope you gonna join us at 3pm EST over at dVerse where Victoria has prepared a fun MeetingTheBar challenge…


58 responses to “cooking freestyle

  1. I’m not sure if it’s my dirty mind, but I got a lot more out of this than just baking… and I love it!

  2. Your playfulness is supreme in this. The way you play with spelling and sounds is very anti-algorithmic! I like recipes, since I can’t cook without them, but I know what you mean about being summed up in some special batch of ingredients and steps to mush together. I’m glad to see you speaking out against the virtual designs that slowly but surely threaten to throw their net around us.

  3. haha…such sweet intimacy in this…the chocolate mousse unbaked, smiles…that whole stanza is just…well, sweat-worthy…lol…love the word play in spelling NdePenDance…and recipes, they arent a bad thing and promote trying new things you know…lol…

  4. Claudia, very cool response from a recipe ad. love the movement your mind took you to here, really neat piece. Thanks

  5. yes, why DO they send us ads? I always wonder–subliminal mind control, I suppose, so that you would write a poem about chocolate mouse and tease your mind with all the other unbaked things you might feel rebellious about–please excuse my freestyle comment–liked this much.

  6. “google ads say (in my inbox)
    “bake ‘til golden or
    for twenty minutes”, serve
    with soy sauce–“ too…”

    Hi! Claudia…
    I really like the poetic “freedom” that your poem flow(s) with today.
    I also have to tip my “fedora” to Goggle [recipe] ads for giving you inspiration.
    Tks, for sharing!
    deedee 🙂

  7. I’m going to make a confession, batter for cupcakes? Yep-better straight out of the bowl with your fingers hehe! You’ve put into words for me here how important it is for us as writers to follow our gut instincts, sod the rule book, we should make our own x

  8. I love your rebellious streak; it winds me up and fuels mine. So many rich ingredients here all blended by that marvelous mind of yours. Enjoyed very much, made me want to get messy and lick my finger tips :).

  9. I like the indePenDance your pen sings here, Claudia. Sweet reveries falling through cyberspace, out of inbox cupboards, and into the laps of our own magic boxes. Very fine food for thought!

  10. And certain foods are best in their unadulterated form, but I get the feeling this is more than a baking issue :-).

  11. Wonderful ride from recipe to treatise on life, sex, heart health, and much more. You certainly get into the stream and just flow every which way, ever color, every flavor; loved it.

  12. Cooking to me goes hand in hand with experimentation
    Interesting writing and agree with Mary D,more than just a baking issue involved
    Aussie Ian

  13. Nice! I remember reading other poems from you about cooking and food – you always write it so sensuous and passionate. I am now hungry for dinner.

  14. I like the idea of INDEPENDENCE. You don’t need any recipe, but can just do it your way, which will suit you better than anyone else’s version anyway! Love it.

  15. Recipees to anything found on Google, but fun in recipees is they are never followed. Whatever we choose to create from what we see or read we still put our spin on it. I liked this much.

  16. Because for a woman like you a recipe is just a starting point. Lovely delightful images – you have a much healthier consciousness than I do! Stream on!

  17. “i’m wondering anyway
    why they do
    send me recipes–” –

    ha! 😉 because they know you’ll either follow it to the T or jump the other way and use it to make your own, like poetry i guess – and hey, sounds like you had fun 😉

  18. Such a close connection between food and the other great joy in life – and then again, between this and that. Had me salivating, any way!

  19. Your pen dances along like a wicked sprite. the rebellious tone is wonderful—underlines the irritation at Spam. Mine too is foodie, but not as much fun as this.

  20. Clever take on an Ad, Claudia! Raw chocs mousse is lovely when it twists around the mouth. Like that play on the words with the high case spellings and all! Great verse!


  21. A stream of chocolate mousse, very tasty. I read it three times but could not imagine what you were cooking that asked for soy sauce. Anyway I enjoyed the ride.

  22. Oh yeah! never mind the soy sauce; give me chocolate mousse, UNBAKED. I like your adventure-cooking spirit, Claudia. Don’t care for those ads, hate it when I can tell I’ve been targeted, but looks like something good can come of them after all…*smiles*

  23. Recipes for delicious poems, like delicious chocolate treats, should always allow a lot of leeway for licking the bowls of our dreams as we stir up such treats for ourselves to share with others.

  24. feel the same never mind those recipes .. weighing out .. so much of this and that .. better your way .. put it together and Voila!! and what a taste .. lip smacking, tongue rolling .. deliciousness – Love Lib

  25. I don’t know why they send you recipes, but sure am glad they did in this case! You cooked up so much fun with this that I smiled throughout. My cookbooks and clipped recipes all have parts scratched out with my “variations” noted. And they have grease spots and dried-on chocolate, even fossilized rice, etc. on a few. Maybe that is why I so loved the way you worked out the word Independence. You make art out of words in more ways than one!

  26. came back for recipe :)) but also to thank for comment – and to say I have left feedback re metaphor – Dementia and also days events contributed – should have left authors notes for this one – but yes you were right so sad – Hugs and love Lib

  27. big smile… what a wonderful flow, this mixing bowl full of words and phrases all cooked up into something delicious!

  28. I am SO late…SO behind….what I loved about this was how your subconscious hooked into the Internet add- and then it became about flavour and taste- and then it turned into your thought process around poetry- your tastes – how we all have different tastes- how we all write differently- how art tastes differently through different eyes…. Amazing hook into your stream of consciousness through those google adds- I wonder if you were at your pc writing poetry at the time