vampire summer

i’ve sprinkled mustard seeds across the roof top,
beads of garlic ’round my neck, a
bride’s necklace for her wedding night—
a small torch throws giant shadows
on the forest floor— i
scratch my bare feet on wild thorns &
walk— keep– Wal-king— as

he must– be somewhere close, i’ve
sensed his presence since weeks,
lost in the Carpathian Mountains, miles from
the next town & howl toward the moon
at nights for fear and for– the victory—

so close, Too close already, hot
breath from ripped lungs, hands gliding
down my hips, red eyes spit
lava on my skin, i— don’t & God i—
Want— scream— he’s over me and
i think garlic is so useless as he slips

his hand under my dress, breaks me open,
splits lips, sinks his teeth, bites, e–
rythrocytes mix with saliva & my cries
as he keeps pushing DeePER— forcing
life from every cell and pours in me– i

lie, dipped in forest fog,
dew drips from lungs of dawn, mingles with
the red, smeared liquid on my skin
but when i lick my lips, pale & empty from the night,
it is not blood but– sap & berry juice–
sweet// thick//a ma-gic promise on
sore tongues–
and summer
has not even started–


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50 responses to “vampire summer

  1. Wow! This is fantastic Claudia! The vampiric tone is so strong, and I love the undercurrent of summer and heat throughout – exciting and enticing. 🙂

  2. ok, lets be honest, in the right circumstance, garlic will not help you at all…smiles….oh my…the intimacy of the vampires taking is…hot….love the build up to it though, a few parts fear and a bit of anticipation…that is what a good vampire story is for me you know…love the sap berry juice in the end as well and the promise of summer…i like this much…

  3. Beautifully sensual read. I savored every word right to the ‘sap and berry juice’ of the conclusion! A poem to read once and then read again!

  4. Sensual and beautifully raw, Claudia. The vampire has a way of bringing out the unleashed in us….At least creatively. Ha ha.

  5. Oh, this was exciting, scary and sensual. What a fun read for me.

    One thing though. In defense of garlic. I think it is useful. I don’t wear it, but eat it, and I’ve never been attacked by a vampire. .

  6. Wonderfully evocative, sensual piece Claudia… like an orgasm in and of itself in structure as well.

  7. Pheeew. Very erotic, I wouldn’t like to meet him on a dark night though 🙂 Loved all of it, very sensual and full of sexy images. Where’s that garlic? LOL

  8. You have used the prompt and language to strap us into the orgasmitron for the duration, only letting us loose when we barely survive the eros, and are confronted with the levity; great write.

  9. You captured so much as the vampire within came out, I like your version way better, steamy yet not Twilight crap. Although I would still stake it and be done with it…haha

  10. Claudia, you have a gift which allows you to control blood pressure. You took mine from a comfortable 110/60 to 180/95…Fortunately I knew you’d bring me back down, if I read to the hot summer–which is not yet!

    I may just go out and howl at the moon. I know it is somewhere out there, even though the sky is cloudy, and night is dark.

    Comment: Dverse has pushed you Peeps from ‘good’ into ‘great’. Peeps like me should be paying to read your work…WAIT! Did I REALLY say that? Is it tax deductible? Delete! Delete!

    LOVE and PEACE!

  11. Fabulous turn of perspective, as if you were Mina Harker or some other unfortunate under the foreboding shadow of the Carpathians, and I love that subtle twist from fear into sweet longing, as if for fruit, in the final lines.

  12. lie, dipped in forest fog,
    dew drips from lungs of dawn, mingles with
    the red, smeared liquid on my skin
    but when i lick my lips, pale & empty from the night,
    it is not blood but– sap & berry juice–
    sweet// thick//a ma-gic promise on
    sore tongues–
    and summer
    has not even started–”

    Hi! Claudia…
    To me:
    Your poem almost seem ethereal~as if you were dreaming~an[d] almost not so much abruptly, but was awaken by the summer heat and thirst from a drink…that you already consumed on your lips…Your poem [Vampire Summer and poetic [words] are Quite Beautiful!
    Tks, for sharing!
    deedee 🙂

  13. Claudia! This is one of the most touching, beautiful, wholly sensual and just plain holy poems everever.

    I think it is my favorite of yours of those I’ve been honored to read.

  14. This very sensuous, calling onnthat part of the vampire that taps into libido. Your words put us right into the moment that evokes so much of the sexual power of the myth alive and throbbing. Immensely enjoyable, and I just almost wish my forests had such powerfully alluring spirits afoot! 🙂

  15. This deserves more of a critique than I can muster right now, but it made me catch my breath, and my pulse race. I was there in that forest….fear of a nightmare….

    And summer hasn’t even started yet! LOL!

    Your poem proves that sex and vampires go together like cookies and milk.

    This is much deeper than I can see right now, there are many psychological layers and I will just have to let this settle.

    Brava, Claudia! This one really got my blood racing.


  16. Are ‘…mustard seeds across the rooftop’ something that stop vampires? I’ve not come across this before, what fun.

    A cheery vamp poem, wildly erotic, eminently readable, scary with the allusion to him being close, waiting for weeks, suspense!

    Really enjoyed it, thanks Claudia.

  17. In the American Deep South, the heat of summer FEELS like a vampire is just drawing every ounce of vitality out of you as you go out to pick those lucious berries!