actually, it were blueberries

i chose to stay invisible
Oh– you can do this, even
if you’re There in fact,
i pass the girl at the reception
and my cocoa curls reflect
just for a moment
in the polished panes
before the doors slide–
& i’m gone

asked later, she will tell you that
she saw SomeThing, but she’s not capable
to frame it with her words,
more like a haze or fleeting dream
that you’re no longer sure of
once you wake with sun beams,
painting stripes across your face–

and by the end of nine plus hours,
i’ve made countless phone calls,
shook the hands of blond, pale interns
& they’d swear they heard a voice,
a bit rough from a soar throat, a rise
of warmth because i’m feverish,

that’s it– i leave in silence
as i came, taking the secret tunnel
and my maglight catches spider webs
along the walls– the smart observer though
will smile– and know,
just by the shades
& by the cherry cake crumbs that i left,
scattered all across the place


i’m really sick at the moment.. sore throat, fever, sleeping a lot and when i wake, do the most urgent office work & write fever poetry…smiles.. over at dVerse, Gay is dishing up you may wanna jump over at 3pm EST and see what she’s up to.. i’m on my way back to bed though…*sneeze*…sorry….smiles


25 responses to “actually, it were blueberries

  1. I have been in an existing mode and found myself amazed at how easy it is to become invisible. Wonderful fever-driven poetry, feel better soon. *hug*

  2. i hope you are feeling a bit better today claudia…i def dont like working when i am under the weather and would much rather be invisible and take secret passage ways…and eat comfort food like cake….smiles.

  3. So sorry that you are not feeling well! Good to be able to glide in and out and keep that invisibility going if it can cloak you from expending energy beyond healing. (Sickness doesn’t show in poetry–Especially like “soar throat”==pain does seem to rise up in the gorge along with fever. k.

  4. aww sorry you are sick. It never fails that people travel by plane and get sick from it, so many bugs onboard go through the recycled air system. Happens every time to anyone I know who flies (including me) Lovely prose Claudia. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Sorry to hear, Ma’am! Knowing your prolific nature with poetry, this is just a temporary setback. Invisible for a while may be, but up and about in no time. Great write considering the pressure of writing under duress, Claudia!


  6. When I’m sick, I can’t even write my name. Sorry you have to squeeze in some work. Don’t know how you can manage to write so well, even when sick.

    You sneezed. Bless you.

  7. Ah, feel better, my dear.

    Talk about synchronicity. I just finished a poem with stripe painted by the sun. Great minds? Or is it because that’s what we’re seeing right now?

    Take care of yourself. Drink plenty of fluids and REST.

  8. LMAO something she could not put into words hahaha that was too funny. Hope you are feeling better and not as scary looking to the poor people around hahaha

  9. Oh, I do hope you feel better Claudia. I hate being sick and I think it’s one of those things that most people don’t care for either. probably an understatement, but you get my point and that said, I’ve always found poems that deal with such topics are highly universal, in addition to the positive effects poetry can have, especially while you’re under the weather. Lots of great lines in here, but what caught my attention was your creative use of coloring. Very consistent, yet subtle, as repeating images are meant to be used. Excellent piece. Thanks, and hey, did anyone ever tell you to milk it up when you’re sick, I know I do, it’s the ill’s inherent right 🙂

  10. “my cocoa curls” –

    “the cherry cake crumbs that i left” –

    sniff sniff, i know you must’ve left those lines there for us 😉 only invisible, and secret, to a degree, leaving whiffs of memories 😉

  11. First of all I hope you feel better 🙂 this poem reminds me when I was mourning for my parents and I had to deal with my business and talking to people and some days I would try to be invisible and just fly under the radar. That was so hard… Sometimes cake came into play as well 🙂 best wishes to you.

  12. Sorry to hear about your illness…hope you recover soon…the verse reminded me of when I was supervising healthcare students…I wasn’t as certain as you that anyone heard or noticed that I was there. 😉

  13. Being lowkey sort and preferring to be left alone when I’m doing work, I do sometimes go through the day like a shade.

    Hope you feel better soon Claudia.

  14. Claudia, clearly, being ill does not reduce the quality of your writing! Love the imagery and the flow of this, painting stripes etc, your writing is, as ever, something of an inspiration. Get well soon! 🙂

  15. The smart observer would never miss you. You are a quick and quiet force, I can see.

    I just love this: “and my cocoa curls reflect just for a moment” … I can’t imagine you ever stop reflecting.

    I loved the way you described your voice. So precise I can almost hear its rasp reading me poetry.

    Cherry or blueberry, your crumbs and your words are worth more than gold.

  16. this has that dramlike quality Claudia. may the sun keep shining and chase that sickness away…

  17. You write feverishly well here. Thanks for the cherry cake(I stole a piece out of your pocket while you ghosted by) and get better quick.

  18. you’re invisible, but not completely. you’re definitely dim. people see something, but hardly notice. it’s a great ability, but easy to get lost in the trick. blueberry cake sounds good.

  19. Get well soon, Claudia! Although, I must say, you do write the most gorgeous fever dream poetry. 🙂 *sending virtual cherry cake*

  20. “that’s it– i leave in silence
    as i came, taking the secret tunnel
    and my mag-light catches spider webs
    along the walls– the smart observer though

    will smile– and know,
    just by the shades
    & by the cherry cake crumbs that i left,
    scattered all across the place…”

    Hi! Claudia…
    I truly hope that you are feeling much better from the time I write leave this comment…The quote above from your feverish [poetic] words are the ones that jumped out at me once again.
    Tks, for sharing!
    deedee 😉