heck yes, he IS– risen


the easter lamb has
dark brown chocolate eyes,
we sit around the coffee table, fam
extended, daughter still smells
of bolivian jungle, struggling
with the cold that she caught
on her journey &

the little neighbor girl
brought her recorder, she plays shyly,
chewed wood between rosey lips,
all the spring songs she has learned
so far– & i am moved– by spring,
the music, easter, by the friend my
mom in law brought,
and she’s thankful just to sit
with us, smiles across
the table– tells us casually about the
cancer she has battled,

i fall silent at a certain point & life feels
fragile, always does, but there are times
i feel it physically– and the rain hangs
like a veil, drips against
the window, later

i wipe tables, wash the dishes &
you taste of egg nog as i kiss you,
start unbuttoning your shirt with
soapy hands, you look around, say
“it’s the middle of the day” (as
if i didn’t know–) & that
we really should be reasonable,
but– i never am–

linking up with emily who re-starts imperfect prose again today..


42 responses to “heck yes, he IS– risen

  1. big smiles…sounds like a lovely easter…love the little touches that give us a glimpse into your life…the feelings of haivng your dau home, the music of the little neighbor—i can hear it—and then the nice sensual close, a bit of being overwelmed with life…and spring…and hope…

  2. sounds lovely – it’s been a while since i’ve been part of a proper easter gathering like the old days (family too scattered), so your poem brings a welcome sense of home to me… um, and i don’t think reasonableness can reasonably be expected of poets, do you? 😀

  3. Quintessential Claudia, I say. I loved the last stanza the most. Unbuttoning the shirt with soapy hands got me! so natural…flow and all!

  4. “i fall silent at a certain point & life feels
    fragile, always does, but there are times
    i feel it physically– and the rain hangs
    like a veil, drips against

    the window, later…”

    Hi! Claudia…
    Once again, everything [your poetic words that is…] is like a puzzle that is finally, solved…Everything just fits…
    your image, your beautiful poetic words, and the last stanza…which is so…romantic.
    Tks, u for sharing!
    deedee 😉

  5. Sounds like a wonderful Easter, with your daughter back home, with people around to enjoy and share food with; and I like the little details about clearing the table. So often, if I think about it, life DOES feel fragile. Mostly I don’t think about it, but when I do and realize it, it just makes me try to enjoy each moment. And sometimes you just have to be unreasonable. After all, it is spring …and why not! I loved this write today, Claudia.

  6. great example of how to paint a scene with setting, character and emotion. This piece truly had an arc to it plotwise. Very nice job here. Thanks

  7. As the great prophets sang…

    “My motto’s always been when it’s right it’s right
    why wait until the middle of a cold dark night.
    Skyrockets in flight…”

    You remember that song?


    May he rise again. And again. :0


  8. Easter is actually underrated, I think, but your poem here helps to raise its profile! Lovely stuff. And the ‘soapy hands’ really got me thinking!

  9. gorgeous…loved this, all of it, chewed wood and rosy lips, the woman telling of battling cancer, all the fragileness and all the hope of life–your soapy hands and that you never are reasonable….oh sounds *just like* me and my husband. gorgeous, gorgeous write, girl. so glad i found you. would love to read more! i am an aspiring, dabbling poet. ~smile~ thanks for your words over at my place.

  10. The title (multi-layered in meanings) and your naughty, celebratory ending just having me giggling and rejoicing with you, Claudia. So pleased about the wonderful Easter gathering after all family members back home!