galaxy hopping

sometimes, you wake up
from a dream
and fall into a nightmare
(or was it vice versa–?)
who can tell exactly at this point–

i sit with her in Times Square,
she throws lights upon me
like a showgirl, like a whore
who wants to sell me something
i already bought–

my pockets stuffed,
start tearing at the seams.
i fell into this rabbit hole on 64th street–
(after over-running a fair share
of real red traffic lights)

but guess–
the world keeps turning,
mother moon continues on her orbit,
men with suits and ties
walk down 5th Avenue,

and nothing really changes
despite the walking and the scenery,
from galaxy to galaxy, just virtually
on old ‘n rusty railroad ties–

in the end,
it’s texture on the wall
you see, hot tea and
greasy tables in a nowhere place
that get you warm again
and back on track–

did i mention–?
i am bound to leave,
just like we all are &
it happens seldom, but it happens
that you wake up from a dream

Alice smiles
from Times Square towers
in a sea of flashlights
while white rabbit– well really,
we don’t know–


i’m about to check out of the hotel, spend my last few hours in NYC…oh i had a wonderful time here…and then heading home again…so most of my commenting will be delayed until sunday evening… Stu McPherson is tending the dVerse Poetics bar today…and it’s getting a bit nightmarish over there… hope you gonna drop in at 3pm EST and see what he’s whipped up for us..

63 responses to “galaxy hopping

  1. I would imagine NYC in rush hour for a claustrophobic like me, would be my biggest nightmare. It sounds as if you enjoyed the visit. It didn’t stop your creative juices from flowing in this piece. Safe flight home Claudia.

  2. We are all in the process of leaving and arriving every moment of our lives. Hopefully the journey is more dreamlike than nightmarish! Hope your flight home is non-turbulent!

  3. hehe i was there when that picture was taken….freaky studio #34…haha…it was a bit of a dream the last couple days….great to meet you and hang out….sadly they all come to an end eventually….travel light today my friend and we will def have to do it again….

  4. Love this farewell to NYC. Travelling to places like this can be full of contradictions- hence the dream vs the nightmare- I can imagine NYC has its nightmarish elements- but also at the same time- to experience them- to see a strange beauty in them maybe- that’s something special. Love how you capture the grittiness of the city but then drag it into a dream- like place with the references to Alice In Wonderland. I bet its the kind of city that makes your head spin. So cool that you got to met up with Brian too- dVerse goes transatlantic! safe travels ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Sounds like you had a grand time indeed, Pat will be leaving the cat and hopping on down to NY in a month or so, should be interesting to say the least. Hope you have a safe flight.

  6. You are so gifted at recreating the city mood, its faces and shapes and shadows, and no less, apparently, in the dream state–I’m pretty much a hater of cities, and a rural recluse, so I appreciate getting some urban exposure, as in all your poems the City–whichever one you’re in–is a very living being.

  7. Claudia, I love how you weave the Alice in Wonderland theme through this NY adventure…so clever. I hope you enjoyed your stay and had a nice visit with fellow pubbers. I’m a bit envious, you know?

  8. Oh Claudia, a safe and dream-like trip home to you. I love the picture, the imagery (and personal connection) with the railroad ties, the lights she throws upon you (amazing how we learn things about ourselves when we are away from home), and that you are bound to leave. NYC was fortunate to have your love :).

  9. Love it… I had a feeling you and Brian met …. When he said that he’ll be going on a trip …. So awesome ! Have a safe trip home ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. How impressive to just hop continents for a few days.
    I’m glad it all worked out so well.
    Where are you going to be sitting on pavements next ๐Ÿ™‚ ?

  11. this is my favorite line becuz i kin relate: hot tea and greasy tables in a nowhere place that get you warm again and back on track.
    if i skipped around the world, with my inclination to be crushed from jetlaag, i wouldn’t know day from night.

  12. First of all I’m jealous you were able to spend time with our poetry pals in the Big Apple… but you really captured the essence of the city (which to me can be a nightmare in and of itself). Safe travels!

  13. “sometimes, you wake up
    from a dream
    and fall into a nightmare
    (or was it vice versaโ€“?)
    who can tell exactly at this pointโ€“”

    Hi! Claudia…I think that you have summed it up about right…Or it could be vice-versa?!
    Well, once again you have captured the energy, movement Of New York City in very descriptive [poem.]

    “but guessโ€“
    the world keeps turning,
    mother moon continues on her orbit,
    men with suits and ties
    walk down 5th Avenue…”

    Tks, for sharing!
    deedee ๐Ÿ™‚
    [postscript: I like sneaking-up to read your poetry…Because it’s like a meal that isn’t required, but sort Of, like a snack…Something that you want to eat/ in this case read at my leisure…I truly hope that you enjoyed your trip to the “big” apple…too!

  14. Wonderful poem! Your writing spoke to me in that I felt the chaos and confusion of the New York City. I truly loved how you included Alice and the White Rabbit; it was disorienting (in a good way =]) to try to keep track of them throughout the poem. Excellent job portraying the “Rabbit Hole” city you could get lost in.

  15. Really cool NYC write Claudia. Glad you enjoyed yourself there, lots to do, way too much to see for most trips. Really big poetry community there too, or so I’ve been told. Some superb stanzas here. Get home safe. Thanks

  16. Like the story about the monk waking from a dream about a butterfly, and not knowing whether the butterfly or the monk was the dream… this poem folds and unfolds upon itself, a looking glass of uncertain reality.

  17. You captured the dark side of New York so well – I agree with Semaphore’s response – I thought of those loopy dreams where you are think you are awake but never quite sure

  18. “in the end,
    itโ€™s texture on the wall
    you see, hot tea and
    greasy tables in a nowhere place
    that get you warm again
    and back on track”

    Hot tea and texture do heal all wounds.

  19. Alice has always been fascinating to me as a personification of that innocent curiosity seeking awareness and creative empowerment. Her journey does have a double nature, I think, in that many of her adventures verge on the dangerous, pulling her forward to beat time and the clock. The fascination of such danger always brings dread in its wake, promising awareness but not without tribulation.

    This nightmare poem that shares so much of you and your dreams, your beautiful consciousness that floats in between reality and possibility, simply pulls me in with you, though perhaps I should beware of rabbits with a frantic pace and racing towards some unknown party.

  20. In my imagination NYC is both very familiar, from having seen so much of it on film and TV and utterly alien, totally unlike our European cities so the Alice in Wonderland imagery really captures this confusion of sensory inputs for me.

    Hope your journey home was safe.

  21. Ah, you were just 3 hours from where I live! NYC is an entity unto itself. I lived on Long Island for 5 years, and as urban as that was, “the City” was a totally alien place full of stance sights, strange noises and even strange beings!! I loved your capture of this dreamscape!

  22. i just enjoy our enjoying being there ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “in the end,
    itโ€™s texture on the wall
    you see…”

    what a journey-trip, you’ll have to do this more often ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. Sounds like fun (your trip to the city) and the poem was a slice of it peeled back where you could rub elbows or tap dance through time square to the sounds of 42nd Street. Loved Alice and rabbits…put me in mind of Enchanted. Glad you had fun and are home safe.

  24. The Big Apple is nightmarish even in normal times. Once I was walking back from Times Sq to the subway station. On the pavement 5 teenagers accosted an old man and relieved him of his wallet. The man could only make loud protests and sadly no one bothered. The crowd just streamed past without batting an eye-lid even when the man was bashed and left for dead, bleeding! Great write, Claudia!


  25. when i lived in NYC, which is where i grew up, and i’d get on the subway, crowded stinky and i was tired, maybe sick, it was like nightmare going home, even though it was the same as everyday, those bad days were feverish. i so get what you are saying here

    semantic feeling

  26. How every reassuring to know that you fall into such trances and rabbit holes right in the middle of Manhattan, Claudia! I have always been capable of doing this type of trance-to-daydream-to nightmare-to fairytale sort of seque in the twinkling of an eye. How VERY masterfully your expert poetry captures this type of mindset, especially in a somewhat strange and foreign city!

  27. I love this (have a weakness for Alice), especially:

    in the end,
    itโ€™s texture on the wall
    you see, hot tea and
    greasy tables in a nowhere place
    that get you warm again
    and back on trackโ€“

    You captured the essence of midtown Manhattan perfectly, but that stanza sums it up brilliantly. We all need that. Thank you.

  28. Ah, I can feel the sorrow of leaving New York in this poem. I feel myself in this poem. I feel my own visits there, and wonder how I ever had the strength to leave. Just spectacular work, Claudia. Thank you.