because it matters

it’s cold outside, my hair curls
shower-warm and she asks me
if we walk a bit–

(three miles for a cup of coffee
and a piece of apple cake in fact),

so we pencil shades
into the urban winter &

her flight is booked now–

to the land of dizzying heights,
woven ponchos, where they sell
dried lama fetuses on markets &
where tender, dark-eyed mamas
carry babies on their backs to

keep ’em warm & yes,

there’s longing in her steps,

we gasp for breath (cause we walk
way too fast), our conversation rolls
like balls across the road, bounces
back from frozen boardwalks–

when the words ebb finally, we

let ’em lying– warm & comfortable
in the ditch, link arms and

with Labello coated lips, we blow
condensing cloud puffs in the air and
decorate our path
with transparent caducity–

just because it’s fun
and just–

because it matters


my daughter goes back to La Paz in her semester break…just for 4 weeks though..
linking up with emily at imperfect prose 


41 responses to “because it matters

  1. Know exactly how this feels, having two daughters (both of whom spend time in places like Bolivia, and thankfully, at least, ocassionally, go on walks with me.) Well-captured. K.

  2. it does matter….and hugs my friend on her going back and how that must feel…love the words rolling around the road like billiards and left in the ditch…giving way to just walking arm in arm…a tender moment and they are important…

  3. Oh my, Claudia. This is beautiful. It’s so hard to capture that love in a poem and you’ve totally accomplished it. Aside from the gorgeous imagery–I could see those mamas and babies in such vivid color, clarity–the elegant, humble contrast of these two places–all this rich detail only accentuates the point–“because it matters.”. You and your girl have magic, it’s all over this piece. Lovely!!!

  4. This post made me feel so warm this morning, Claudia. The details you shared made it possible for me to feel the nature of your relationship with one another. You are very lucky in fact. So is she. Three miles to walk for coffee and apple cake in winter! Yikes, I’d do this in summer but pass on the walk in winter.

  5. I love the idea of words of a conversation spoken during a walk, lying “warm & comfortable in the ditch” they’ve rolled into in passing, and the almost matter-of-fact way you lay out contrasts (weather, way of life,…) between where you are now and where she will be soon

  6. I do adore the way you present this walk together and the images you create with your words…I like those three mile walks myself but I don’t have quite the weather you have…one more reason to love SoCal. 🙂

  7. Three miles for a cuppa coffee and a piece of cake. Sheesh! The closeness of the walk, the gasped talk, neither of you will ever forget, the special mother daughter bonding. Awww Hugs you on her going away, even if it on only for 4 weeks.

  8. OMG! This is such a lovely read, C … thank you for sharing your gift … again and again … your writings matter a whole lot to to a whole lot of people for a whole lot of different reasons, Love.
    Interestingly enough, I just came back from my own blog, writing about my own daughter, and my own, I’m afraid, a bit different perception / view of her … but, nonetheless, I love her for being herself and that she is following her path, just like your daughter does.

    Blessed be, my friend,

  9. Excellent. Trying to be completely casual and ignoring the upcoming departure; making the most of time, taking your time. Great images, ‘words lying in the ditch’. Really enjoyed.

  10. This is so nice. It expresses a really close bond. This is one of those rare poems that just feels so natural and so right. It almost relaxes you as you read it. Makes me WANT to write just to capture a moment as sweetly as this

  11. soiunds like a wonderful walking daydream. you pull alot of warmth from the cold day, some really great images and feelings here. enjoyed this claudia

  12. Such a blessing you have bestowed upon us to share your “just because” walk with your daughter who is about to leave for four weeks! To keep relationships strong, “just because” is more than good enough reason. Wonderful use of the language here to describe what you enjoyed along the way. Kudos.

  13. You amaze me Claudia with our ability to form words into pictures and underlay every one of them with feeling and texture and tone and sense of place and meaning that really really matters.

    What a lovely sweet moment.

  14. Yeah It does matter, great write Claudia, always have enjoyed your writing but you hit a major uptick in the past few weeks, really awesome pieces. Love the style, tone and some really nice choice of words here. Great job. Thanks

  15. “it’s cold outside, my hair curls
    shower-warm and she asks me
    if we walk a bit–

    (three miles for a cup of coffee
    and a piece of apple cake in fact),

    so we pencil shades
    into the urban winter…”

    Hi! Claudia…
    Thanks, for sharing a quiet time [a walk with your daughter] with your readers…Now, when it comes to your daughter returning to Bolivia, I wish her [G]od-speed and may the 4 weeks take flight like a bird and fly-by…until her return.

    Once again, Thanks, for sharing!
    deedee 😉

  16. Beautiful lines and sentiment, a lovely painting of two walking together conversing, spending time.

  17. Touching to see you writing about your children. I guess if I ever have any that may be something new to write about… lovely piece Cloudy. Hop over to us sometime.. you and me never have much time do we? I so want to get involved in D’Verse more again, it’s been a very difficult time for me.. I’m hoping things will ease up. Let’s keep on keepin’ on. Don’t overwork yerself love 🙂

  18. because it’s fun and because it matters, can’t beat that, and no need to 😉

    beautifully done claudia –

    “our conversation rolls
    like balls across the road”

    yea 😉

  19. wow. i was there… you weave so much into so few words, claudia. it’s truly a gift. thank you so much for sharing. and you’re right–this is what matters, friend. xo

  20. You have such a loving command of language, and a photographer-like ability for capturing a moment with the added bonus of having been truly present during that moment. In this way your poetry is better than photographs. Another great read. Makes me miss my little one. I will look forward to his tenth summer as I enjoy a third read of this poem.

  21. Beautiful mother daughters poem. Ethel and I also have two daughters, grown now, and they too are lovely in so many ways just because it matters. What a wondrous poem.