she can(s)

the wrinkles ’round her eyes
are tiny pools,
seething with steam & concentration,

and her hands are quivering
as she takes the dipper &
pours syrup over juicy towers
of mirabelles,

the deep red sealing ring,
a pulsing vein,
swims majestic on the vacuum rim,
stretching cheeky nipples,
almost like a lizard’s tongue &

builds a bridge to summer,
wrapped into a bowl of
limpid sea


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58 responses to “she can(s)

  1. Cheeky nipples and a lizards tongue, now there is quite the…you sure let my mind play today, although the thoughts could cause some dismay.

  2. Claudia, great descriptive words here, great description. The visual imagery is amazing. Tremendous job, I just love this one. Thanks

  3. Masterful construction and word usage, Claudia. I agree with SMG, you continue to excel. You masterfully turn a phrase, as well as lines of verse. We spiral, but always to gradual and comforting landing. One more thing, you know I love short verse. This poem sets forth an example found in the power of short verse. A very nice write in my humble opinion. Sorry I do not comment more often, my life is so busy. I will as often as I can.

  4. “the deep red sealing ring,
    a pulsing vein,
    swims majestic on the vacuum rim,”

    Whoa! The image conjure there! Excellent words, I love this.

  5. You always paint a vivid picture (I just can’t look at my kitchen the same) and love the fun language here too. Cheeky … but it is the final stanza that has captured my imagination…a bridge to summer….yes!

  6. I know I’m overusing the words wonderful, amazing…but that’s what this is. I love to watch my husband canning. And my grandfather used to do apricot jam from a tree in our back yard. Perfect descriptions in this one, Claudia.

  7. I considered playing a trick on you and say that I didn’t like this, that it was awful, I had no idea what you were saying. But, I knew you would see through my poor sense of humor and lies, since the absolute opposite is true.

    Of course, I loved it. Made me think that one doesn’t need paint to produce a picture.

    • Totally agree. Vivid imagery with an economy of words. The ability to achieve that while engaging other senses as well is a feat worthy of applause.

      I’m totally going for some toast and preserves now.

  8. Hello! Claudia…
    Once again your poetic words are beautiful…This stanza?
    “and her hands are quivering
    as she takes the dipper &
    pours syrup over juicy towers
    of mirabelles…”

    Send me to look for the meaning Of the word Mira-belles and I found out that Mira-belles are a golden fruit…even though I would love to visit this mirabelles’ cafe… lol

    Thanks, for sharing your beautiful written words in the form Of a…poem entitled… She Can(s)>
    deedee πŸ˜‰

  9. Claudia, I never thought I would smell and taste those summer canning experiences back on the farm in my childhood just from reading about it. You have proved me so mistaken with this most mouth-watering, blessed-incense of fruit preserving poem today. Beyond wonderful!

  10. I especially liked beginning–the steam and concentration, and of course bridge to summer. We need that at this point. K.

  11. ok, i admit it, i know i don’t understand it, despite three re-reads, but all that happens is i keep liking the images better and better πŸ˜‰ really! a nice treat – thank you πŸ˜‰

      • I think this must be the reader’s constant struggle with imagism, trying to find deeper meaning in simple descriptions. They might be there, but they also might not. Sometimes a poem just is what it is!

  12. Your images take me into a woman’s kitchen, canning fruits or pickles, and feeling the rim of the canning jars and sealing juice is delightful like the foreplay of lovers – what an amazing effect you created with simple words. Lovely!!

  13. ah, i like this, has a very bitter feel to it, there is something hard and brittle, but a beating heart as well. love the descriptions. enjoyed much claudia

  14. Fireblossom stole my line–I was going to say, with you, even jam seems sexy. But that’s because everything that speaks to us has a certain element of life, our own life and its own, I think. Anyway, this was delicious.

  15. “seething with steam & concentration” … love this line

    “pours syrup over juicy towers of mirabelles” … yum!

    “stretching cheeky nipples, almost like a lizard’s tongue” … my favorite descriptions

  16. it is amazing to me how you can describe canning mirabelles (which I looked up) sound so sensual : ) Thanks, Claudia…visited D’verse for my poetry 101 education …Have a great weekend!

  17. Mmm. We used to eat mirabelles straight off the trees when I was a kid in North Carolina. This took me back to that time in a lovely way. Beautifully written, the lines are as sweet and tender as the fruit in the jar. A memory well preserved. Thank you.