“we’re Dying
on the bridge” she says,
voice dramatic,
tousled cocoa hair,
cheeks bacon-red,

taking off the coat, i smile,
grab a cup of coffee–

by the time i’m reaching Tibet,
they’re in perfect safety, leant

into each other, joystick
warm in sticky fingers &
the glory of survivors like a
flashlight on their face.


smiles…haven’t linked up with G-Man for ages..but when i wrote this poem, i discovered it has exactly 55 words and thought…that’s a sign… smiles.. so it’s about this playstation game – uncharted 2 – and on the couch, my daughters and i..smiles


41 responses to “uncharted

  1. Every poem of yours take us on a journey. I particularly like the descriptive references of cocoa and bacon – clearly comfort drinks/foods!
    And love the photo, what a lovely trio you make – I’m just trying to figure out which one you are….;)

  2. LOL Those games can make them sound sooooo dramatic! My teen has a Wii and she plays on it in the rec room in the basement and I hear her from upstairs laughing, shouting and such… LOL
    Great 55 andddd pic of you all 🙂

  3. nice…that is a pretty cool game…have played it with some of the kids that i work with…takes a little figuring out and lots of fun to be had together…play on claudia…smiles.

  4. Really nicely put, love the scene and I loved Uncharted 1, have yet to play the second one, but have heard it’s even better. really nice scene here, thanks for sharing

  5. I really like the way you make this walk-in on kids playing video games a true “reconnect and joy” time for the family. Lilting poetry here that invites us right into your “group”. Wonderful!

  6. Really serendipitous when it comes out in 55–amazing how much you can say, too. I love the picture you gave us here–and I’m thinkin it’s a good thing I don’t have a playstation- that game sounds like fun…

  7. Awe…what a fab picture & 55, Claudia. Very glad you linked up with G-man…it would have been testing the fates if you hadn’t, 55 on the dot ‘n all. Happy Friday, cheers ~

  8. My daughter today said she wants to download a game to her ipod that is about stealing cars and driving away in them fast… ??? My sweet daughter wants this? She says it is fun. Hmm.

    I think I prefer a game of old fashioned Pictionary… but I do love some of the games on Wii

  9. CLAUDIA!!!!!
    Welcome back to the Friday Funfest!
    Loved your 55
    Real Life snippets always make the best inspiration!
    Thanks for playing, don’t forget to link up in the morning, and have a Kick Ass Week-End…G

  10. Lovely children…and if you tried Kinect, talk about the future 🙂

    and nice to see you playing FF55 …great capture of the moment ~

  11. Time spent with your children – priceless! You all look so happy, Claudia. Lovely poem. I don’t know the game, but it sounds fun 🙂

  12. “we’re Dying
    on the bridge” she says,
    voice dramatic,
    tousled cocoa hair,
    cheeks bacon-red…”

    Hi! Claudia…I too…like the photograph Of you, and your daughters…they both have your beautiful eyes…as you describe in 55 [beautiful] poetic words the playing Of a game…called-station-play or play-station.

    [Note: I also like the ambiance [and colour] Of the [your] living room and is that two guitars in the background?]
    Thanks, for sharing!
    deedee 🙂

  13. Beautiful photo, Claudia, and a wonderful short slice of life. I especially like the cocoa hair and the last two lines. Yes! May they always have that glow…
    Thanks so much for sharing.