on sewing and..

It’s just an almost empty room,
spilled chalk lines on the floor
and on the wooden table, I

sew drapes, that fall from
somewhere– in my hands,

the wheel purrs hushed under
my gentle touch as I shift fragile
fabric in her open mouth

where it gets swallowed for
a second, maybe longer, maybe
never– sees the light, it’s

white like snowfall, from the
surface I’ve removed the sun &
He, who’s old on molten days

sits by my side,

as ever,
as if nothing–
ever changes,

all he does is
tenderly unfold the tucks

& in the wrinkles ‘round his eyes,
I read my story


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30 responses to “on sewing and..

  1. Claudia, this is lovely…it awoke many memories for me of my father, who used to sew for me when I was a child. His hands too large, his fingers too clumsy, his eyes, so determined.
    Thank you for this memory

  2. nice…to me this felt very spiritual…the faithfulness of the one always with you…the unfolding part there at the end hit the spot perfect…i read my story there as well…very nice claudia

  3. very peaceful, very sweet, touched me in the gentlest way, just as in the poem, thank you 😉

    thinking of it,

    i think the powerfulness of the gentle effect, from “He, who’s old on molten days” is probably nicely enhanced by later following “fabric in her open mouth / where it gets swallowed”

    all in all, enjoyed it 😉

  4. My favorite lines are:

    the wheel purrs hushed under
    my gentle touch as I shift fragile
    fabric in her open mouth

    Made me remember my mother’s sewing days. In your poem I really experience the sewing from the inside out! Very nice, Claudia.

  5. Great verse you sewed together, a kind of nice peaceful setting you created. And you know the cat is doing the purring, not the wheel right?..haha

  6. The closing lines are as others have noted just beautiful and elegant…once again you taken something quite common and presented it in an uncommon way.

  7. Such a tender poem. It reminded me of my morher-in-law. She was a seamstress and her old beloved sewing machine rests under covers in my garage.

  8. The peace of working with the hands–nothing like it. You convey it, and a sense of life and companionship as well, beautifully here, Claudia.

  9. A very at ease piece, I agree with Brian, as I found a sense of the spiritual here, the process of starting out almost empty and then ending with a story was lovely, and love how you filled in the inner space. Thanks

  10. Arrived yesterday in the desert for a few months and this morning I was wishing I’d brought my sewing machine and then you had to write this! There is something so “contemplative” about sewing. But then I spend a fair amount of time ripping, too. Not one of my “gifts.”

  11. this has a very comforting feel, strong connections, it reminded me of working with my granfather, years ago, mending fence or cutting wood, all day together and never really saying a word to each other, and not really needing to… just the presence and the unspoken connection, yeah, very comforting, very well written

  12. Sewing brings together all the loose ends it seems. I like the way you bring in the observer who must also be a participant. I have often found myself fascinated when watching my grandmother sew.

  13. A very lovely write Claudia. The subject is fresh and rarely do I come upon this subject in poetic context. There is something gentle and real about the poem that appeals to my senses. Thank you for keeping your poetry fresh and imaginative. Great writing awaits us poetic in 2012. I sure look forward to yours.

  14. There’s something so folkloric and mysterious about this poem. Sewing, like cooking, is an activity that can take us into our pasts, isn’t it? Lovely. Thank you.

  15. “the wheel purrs hushed under
    my gentle touch as I shift fragile
    fabric in her open mouth”

    Hello! Claudia…
    I really love the image [photograph] is has a beautiful antique quality. [That compliment your poem…On Sewing and…]

    Now, to read your words: [I must admit that I sometimes change my accent to mimic your strong German accent as I read your words…too!…lol ]
    “Your” words are beautiful, “Your” words flows, and Thank-you, for sharing “Your” Poetry!
    deedee 😀

  16. gorgeous… there is a comfort here like being at home and in routine. There is something about this that makes me feel content. Beautiful work, Claudia