Poetry slam at the River journal – my entry: Leaving Rome

Over at the River journal, poets from all around the world will raise their poetic voices today to gather in a Year’s end poetry slam.. woohoo!!! the fun starts at 12pm CST and ends December 31st at 12pm CST.

So here’s my contribution – my poem “Leaving Rome”, spoken by me (beware of the german accent…smiles)
Beat by Dj BloxX..

Click HERE to listen to me reading “Leaving Rome”


You want to join the fun? Find all the details HERE…


17 responses to “Poetry slam at the River journal – my entry: Leaving Rome

  1. Wow, Love your voice, the rhythm of spoken word and music, as well as the echo … well done, Claudia. This is a keeper … so are you. Thank you 🙂 Always, cat.

  2. Love the music as the basic foundation to support the reading. The whole production is beautiful and reminds me a little of the great era of German Progressive rock. Nice brilliantly done!

    • Hello! again, Claudia, what a wonderful flow, and mixture Of voice, beat, and rhythm…the music with it “rap” quality, [ I could almost feel your emotions as you read the [your] words] and as I listened to your voice it all…equal…“raw” poetry.
      Thanks, for sharing!
      deedee 🙂

  3. This was great! The beat, the music, the words – the passion and dispassion midway, or maybe sadness ” I’m leaving… leaving… I’m leaving Rome”.