2nd christmas day at 6 a.m.

i hear your rumors in the kitchen,
early second christmas day
& i peel out of bed to join you,

we sit in the half dark, just one random light,
enough that you can see your oat flakes,

snowboard, boots,
all standing in the floor already,
he’ll pick you up in a few minutes &
in january he will go abroad and
drive a panzer, not in war though,

still it hits me unprepared,
“it’s no fun driving a panzer”
“yes” you say, you know,

“he was on all these camps
and should be well prepared”– i think
you never are

we check the weather,
Engelberg is sun and snow, i kiss you
and you smile “don’t wake dad when
you go back to bed”

but i do and know–
he doesn’t mind


a conversation with my 19 year old son this morning..


21 responses to “2nd christmas day at 6 a.m.

  1. Boys are still boys when they grow into men, We hold on in the half lights to their games and their fun thinking they’re still our children and knowing that the dangers of men await. Lovely exploration of the pain inherent in the Christmas story, for it’s other side of sacrifice is there from the Annunciation to the Crucifixion, isn’t it? And we as mothers know it. Always excellent Claudia.

  2. what a beautiful moment you captured claudia…they grow up so fast dont they…and life changes before our eyes…but a very cool moment between you and your son…heart warming…

  3. I enjoyed being ‘in the moment’ with you in this poem and ‘eavesdropping’ on the conversation so well recorded in a poem!

  4. Great translation into poetry. I love how you take every-day conversation, meaningful to you or not, and turn them so easily it seems into a wonderful piece of poetry. Great job.

  5. Hi Claudia,

    that is a great moment the boy leaves home. He will always be your boy, even if he will be ten or twenty years older.

  6. Oh to be more aware of these moments. Your gift of writing them down will be such a treasure to your family down the road of many moments. Cheers.