on tar pitch, wrong ambitions & 80% orgasms


Sitting in the corner of the bar,
observing cautiously, hair tousled,
scarf wrapped tight
across my face, only my eyes
are visible and i am searching–

for myself, and while i do, i‘m sucking
fresh tongued beer through a
blue dotted straw (and think..) you know its
not about perfection, never was,

maybe it‘s just about
accepting circumstances, more so
when a certain ugliness like tar pitch
clings to them as in the Mother Hulda fairytale
when we do things with wrong ambition,
gold turns into pitch and breakthrough
never happens & i think about

our conversation on an early
sunday morning, laying sleepy, room still smelled
of sex and we discussed percentage levels
of a perfect climax– i have been there
and i‘m well aware of shadows,
painting abstract patterns on my life,

the barman smiles and i ask
for another beer & later i may

take a pen, pull out my notepad,
write a poem or a letter or just draw
some trees, a beach, add waves by
spilling beer across the page and
on the swing i’ll place

a skinny girl with hazel eyes &
she looks happy


i’ts my pleasure to tend the OpenLinkNight dVerse bar today – come write a poem and join the fun..gates open 3 pm EST..in case you like your beer with a straw…no problem at all.. smiles

And on another note.. there’s a new poetry chap book, freshly pressed by Willow Tree Press UK, featuring Brian Miller, Gay Cannon, Pete Marshall, Shan Hendry, Adam Dustus and.. myself..smiles.. it’s available for purchase here..


82 responses to “on tar pitch, wrong ambitions & 80% orgasms

  1. Well I guess 80% is better than nothing at all..hahaha..So true, wrong ambition can lead down a not so desirable path. This one was 100% just so you know..haha

  2. first, it is an honor to be in the chap book with the likes of you…smiles…and what i like most of this is the progression from the thoughts on perfection to percentage of perfect climax to the sketch in the notebook of the happy girl…which also makes me wonder is she the reality or the ideal…

  3. For a number of years, I was that barman…and I remember you well, happy-looking, skinny girl, with hazel eyes, your cute sketch pad, and…and, well, Ummmmm. Never mind. Those days are gone. Where? I know not!

    I DO know that “fun” was involved somewhere there…..Nice writing, Claudia–it took me along. thank you!


  4. Beautiful. That last line is heart breaking. I’m guessing that girl is happy now (I hope). And congrats on the book! So very exciting!

  5. I had to read this one a few times. Loved it. So true about misdirected ambition. And of course, acceptance of circumstances is always a challenge.

    (Went into the book site. But currency issues prevented my purchase. Glad you, Brian and others are publishing.)

  6. Congrats on the book! I’m going to have to look up that fairy tale. I’ve never heard of it. Another great poem Claudia 🙂 Wish I could play at the bar with you all today but is Christmas crazy and I own a shop. Yep, I have no life right now. I’ll link up if I can steal a minute. Cheers.

  7. I believe in blue dotted straws and that 80% seems like a delicious number. Wonderful work, Claudia.

    With the outpouring of poetry for OLN, you need to rest in advance. May I buy you a drink now since I won’t be able to attend? Having to work is one thing, having work interrupt sharing poetry is something different altogether.

  8. No matter the percentage, the sadness of tone in this piece, as we watch waves of amber flood your notebook page (unless you have a taste for the darker ales!) Brilliant weave as always…and can’t freaking wait to get my hands on that book! 🙂

  9. Lovely flow of thought, as usual, trawling all the depths and heights of emotion, exploring sensuality. I have to admit I haven’t sucked fresh tongued beer lately! But what an image.

  10. a great write – takes me everywhere and then some… and no, it never was about perfection, only I didn’t know it then when I was strictly eyes visible and imagining that skinny girl looking happy…

  11. I can almost see Brighton in this 😉

    I always aimed for a 90% average, but alas, only managed 65%. Must be doing something wrong?

    Beer and straws, heady days of a teenager revisited, seems to be a theme this week.

    Not going to keep telling you how much I enjoy your offerings, I think you know by now!

  12. “when we do things with wrong ambition/gold turns to pitch..” you cut to the core with this one, and that feeling of fairytale simplicity rides the whole poem–fine fine writing, Claudia, and many congratulations on the book.

  13. Well now there’s a title that grabs the attention right quick.

    Congrats on the book too, my friend – to you and all those other wonderful poets who contributed! I’ll be sure to tell my other poet friends 🙂

  14. “i have been there
    and i‘m well aware of shadows,
    painting abstract patterns on my life,”

    That’s gorgeous writing, Claudia. Congrats on the chapbook!

  15. …and while I do, i’m sucking…

    And I held my breath for a split-second at the end of that line, knowing that this is Claudia I’m reading…ha ha

    This should win the award for Best Title of a Poem (if there were such a thing) for 2011 !

  16. Fresh tongued beers are my favorite beers! I’m like Pavlov’s dog – the pub opens and I have to read your contribution first. I chug it down and then look for another poem to sate my thirst.
    Mark Butkus

  17. Stirring poetics with raunchy undertones;
    really puts us in a greasy bar in LA at ten
    in the morning, sitting across from Juliette
    Lewis, skinny beautiful, lost, found,
    fingered, marked with hickeys, and
    a dark shadow at the back is Buk,
    pleased at the timbre and tone of this
    bar opus, this paean to afternoon lost
    alcoholics. Loved your line:
    /add waves by spilling beer across
    the pages/ Congrats on the Chapbook
    for Willow Tree Press. More of us may
    join you one day.

  18. should it be 50/50 ? if only it was that easy hey?

    i love these diary style musings claudia – although they are so much more.

    so readable and attractive

    so coooooooool

    if it were me it would go…

    got up
    wrote poetry
    went to bed
    read x 365

    no wonder i make shit up 😉

  19. Your words always take me on a journey. They begin one place and end somewhere else. Thoughts and emotions full circle. Never thought of % of orgasm, but it makes sense. And I don’t believe there is such a thing as perfection. There is always something more… And I’m sure after a bar evening a lot of poetry (or drawings) can result! As I said, so much here.

  20. well penned narrative Claudia. Love the whimsical resolve in the last two lines.

    completely adore this stanza—

    maybe it‘s just about
    accepting circumstances, more so
    when a certain ugliness like tar pitch
    clings to them as in the Mother Hulda fairytale
    when we do things with wrong ambition,
    gold turns into pitch and breakthrough
    never happens & i think about

    and…congrats on the book 🙂

  21. Your work always delights me.

    But so much a guy never knows about things — like there are percentages of orgasm. Doesn’t that make intimate relations a competitive sport and turn it into pitch? And what score results in throwing your partner off the island?

    Maybe you’ll just have to draw me a picture…

    Congrats on publication — if fame is here can fortune be far behind?!?

  22. First you have so many great comments I kept scrolling and scrolling..:-)…
    love the matter-or-factness of this poem and yes, nice ending here..

    A hearty congrats to you and your fellow writers for the Chap.. will definitely check it out..

    another fine poem Miss Claudia!!

  23. Fine writing to capture these:

    painting abstract patterns on my life,

    But the feelings lift off the page..as ever. You’ve pinned another life to another scene with great compassion.

    And fanatastic book news Claudia. Congratulations.

  24. I love it when poets use fairytales in their work. You’ve woven some powerful personal story with a childhood tale, and weave together the different strands to try to make sense of it all. I like the elent of chance involved with the spilling of beer to make waves. We take what life gives us and try to make art of it.

  25. love the conversational tone of this one…there is so much more that is not being said, than what is…I hope that she not only “look happy” but finally is, you know ~

  26. First, congrats on the chapbook… This I must see! As for the poem…yours is the first I read tonight….because of that 80! Not a bad number…and a damn good poignant write!

  27. I like the third strophe which talks about accepting situations and how doing things for the wrong reasons have a way of spoiling even what should be wonderful in the end. The end of the poem seems to one of acceptance, just “be” as narrator simply does what she does, write, create. Thank you for this poem.

    And congrats on being published. 🙂

  28. brian wrote that he wondered whether the happy girl – which made me smile – is the reality or the ideal… I smiled throughout, loving the way you write, stimulating as always and exactly perfect in the right % so that perfection isn’t even a part of it…

  29. Many congrats on the book Claudia! Much deserved! I enjoyed this piece very much, the mind you took us into layered in all kinds of beautiful wonder. ~ Rose

  30. I love this:

    “i have been there
    and i‘m well aware of shadows,
    painting abstract patterns on my life”

    And I beyond-love this:

    “spilling beer across the page and
    on the swing i’ll place
    a skinny girl with hazel eyes &
    she looks happy”

  31. Such a great ramble through morality tales, beer, and orgasms. Nice combo! Always, always so appreciate your sensual weavings. Just amazing confluences of fluids. 🙂

    And congrats on the chapbook, Claudia. Looks like you are in good company as well.

  32. first, congrats, all, on the chapbook! so much talent between two little covers…

    you paint quite a picture, as always, claudia. those last coupla lines really grabbed me.

  33. Well, this is very nicely open to interpretation — one can relate to not only consequences but aspirations and acceptance. Love the writing style!

  34. Congratulations on the book, Claudia 🙂 I enjoyed this piece so much, I read it 4 times just so as not to miss anything…and I also looked up Mother Hulda…which opened the poem up even more for me

  35. From what I’ve read from you so far, what I like the most is the reality in you words, the little stories that can be part of everyone’s memories. And yes, it’s not about perfection when a moment turns into a poem, but your words here seem perfect. The girl with hazel eyes … I hope she’ll remain happy …

  36. This made the Joni Mitchell’s song I Drink a Case of You play in my head, the stanza: On the back of a cartoon coaster
    In the blue TV screen light
    I drew a map of Canada
    Oh Canada
    With your face sketched on it twice.

    Made me think and feel.

  37. Gritty, reflective…I like! So much to ponder over…80% or 100% or …nothing…it’s all relative, isn’t it. And whose eyes the perception is filtered through…me thinks. It’s never about perfecion…so true…perfection leads no where. A profound piece, Claudia.

  38. Bottled beer with a straw, I remember those days. Nice piece, moved very nicely, lots of thought and imagery woven together here. Great job. Been a bit behind this week, kind of doing some catching up, so sorry I missed your hosting night, but also congrats on the chapbook. Really great achievement:)