Band rehearsal /snapshot

we meet in the basement after work,
strategically placed between
blue lacquered measuring devices
& what‘s left of a helluva busy monday,

lights keep switching off
and there‘s a mix of tension &
excitement, dripping slowly from the floor,
floats neon tubes and lands in
gurgling heaps between the shelves,

tiny stress particles circle down
my spine & crotchets, quavers
riSE into the air, cascade and fall
towards a hammering rap on metal which
keeps sucking us into the song until

the lights switch off again i pause, inhale–
scent of song sheets, brass, deep breath,
tasting reed under my tongue–

we measure space with metronomes
in periods of light & dark cause time–
is running hard against us


just a snapshot of my day…we’re practicing for our company christmas party at the moment…decided last thursday on thirteen songs and the party is next friday…so we’re quite busy..smiles.. the pic is from my summer saxophone workshop in tuscany…sigh..


24 responses to “Band rehearsal /snapshot

  1. How fun. I had an uncle who played the sax (this is many, many years ago) and I can still conjure up the smell from the case he carried it in. Funny thing is, I don’t remember the sounds of his playing at all. Goes to show what they say about the association between the sense of smell and memory).

  2. Very nice, I feel; immediate, sensual, an impression with words like strokes of a brush… about music. All art is one, after all, all expressions of a deeper yearning.

  3. You look stunning and your poem is so wonderful and full of vibe, spark and life. The party will be an absolute blast when you’re the saxophonist of it. 🙂

  4. The sax is one of my favorite instruments. I love the smooth, soothing melodies that evoke emotion, in me. And, of course, you’re one of my favorite poets. What a great match.

    The photo is so cute.

  5. I love the musicality of your verse in Band rehearsal/snapshot. The photo of you accentuates the piece nicely. Your poetic verse will always sound as soulful as the saxophone you play. Play on sister, play on!

  6. Really nice capture of the moment here. Really like the descriptions you use to illustrate both your emotional state at the time as well as the practice session itself, a real nice look in. Thanks

  7. this has got a great feel to it claudia. music is such an important part of my life and my poetry, so it was great to hear you blow your sax through these words.

  8. here is what i am waiting on…i want a reading of your poem…with you playing the sax in the back ground…just saying…i could hear it a bit in your words today…smiles…

  9. Claudia, this poem gave my muse a much-needed kick in the butt, so the poem I wrote for OLN drew on it and, I hope you don’t mind, I linked this (not the poem, just the URL) to my post. If this isn’t your OLN perhaps others will come to enjoy it.

  10. Whew, 13 songs is a lot! I am wondering if there is someone who could do a video of one of the songs and you could share it here on your site, or link it via You-tube. I would love to hear you play.

    I understand time running hard against you. You truly do not have all that much time to practice.

  11. Familiar sights, sounds, feelings and smells…and YOU, Claudia, send all that effortlessly over thousands of miles.

    so real!
    thanks for the memories!

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  13. It’s so good that you are active on the sax!

    This is a beautiful poem that addressess inspiration and music content (stress converted into quarter notes, eighth notes, etc.) as well as addressing time (notes, metronome, space, etc.) Just a wonderfully written poem!

  14. wow, this is beautiful. you match truth and beauty. we’re stretched thin. it’s a modern truth. those who are working don’t have time for what’s important.
    i also like the sepia treatment to that photo in tuscany. it somehow has a tuscan feel:)