searching my skin for fingerprints..

I’m guest-posting with a new poem “searching my skin for fingerprints” over at Emily’s today.. Emily is a fantastic writer, so hope you’re jumping over to her place to meet her..and of course read my poem..smiles


i saw the potter

“i saw the potter at his wheel” says jeremiah

speeding on the highway in the wet and cold, i’ve
between hope and loneliness with
all the songs on replay i have never finished listening

& he wets the clay, hands dripping with my tears,
face close to mine,
but he is gentle—

this is
what i love him for & what he does exactly,
i don’t know

in another life,
i cook spaghetti in the kitchen, the evening
blends into me,
salty steam between the dark and i

search my skin for fingerprints—

they’re everywhere


8 responses to “searching my skin for fingerprints..

  1. Thanks for the link — new site for me. Love your poem. Looking for the metaphor — two, I think — the potter being a symbol of creator but in your poem also salvation it seems — and then spaghetti is often a sign of entanglement — you seem to connect that (searching for fingerprints) — but what I love is that I am not sure and so this poem remains an open door, so to speak. Truly wonderful!

  2. Great! Thanks for sharing! I actually found out about this from twitter and followed you there (@talichaj) hopefully we can keep up with one another’s poetry that way! Thanks