i didn’t stay



i think she’s bored,
and she ‘s wearing the wrong dress

maybe she had told me if i asked,

mostly standing in the mist,
hair forever a bit curly
and those questions in her eyes,

never meant for someone—
to be seen;

like her chairs
she’s rooted nowhere
& soft soil spreads damp

between us


this is a magpie tale.. 


35 responses to “i didn’t stay

  1. nice to see you at magpie claudia…bored and wearing the wrong dress makes me wonder who it is you want to see in the picture…or who it is…and the damp earth stretching between adds feeling as well…

  2. “…soil spreads damp between us.” so very well suggests every word that came before; every emotion written here. Love this!


  3. It’s always interesting to see how people take photos–you want to relate to this girl where many have internalized her–you sense the alienation, and the emptiness within all those chairs represent–just a very unexpected viewpoint and extremely well presented, as always Claudia. Poetry should make us think, and yours always does.

  4. Appreciate the different take you have on the image. I especially like that you give possession of the chairs to her, as if she had the power to arrange them any way, wherever, she chose, were she not “bored” and “rooted nowhere”.

  5. like her chairs…
    Thinking of them as her chairs has given me a whole new way of seeing her and the entire scene. I loved this magpie, Claudia.