Flight EZS8430 to London

we are delayed,
i’m squished between
a german business man
in flawless gray and white
and an indian mama

she’s fat and smells of cardamom,
our arms touch ‘cross the borders, i dont mind
cause she feels warm
& i would love to offer her a mint against
the constant coughing

but there’s nothing within reach,
not even confidence

descending into fog,
the gray & white guy helps me with my luggage,
first and last time that i see him smile
the indian mama never did–
me neither

as i board the train to brighton,
the weather’s english
and i thought i am prepared
and yet–
i’m not

wrote this while sitting in the train to brighton for a few days of off-time, wind and sea.. and obviously.. fog.. arrived now and heading out to get familiar with the town.. smiles


17 responses to “Flight EZS8430 to London

  1. Hi Claudia,

    again a little present in my Mail-Inbox – flight-lyrics. Hip-hip-hurray. Can see the lady and the guy, smell the cardamom. Your wirting is so real, so near by. Like it so much and hope, my englisch is not too bad. Hope so. Enjoy England – I never was there. But next year, I will got to London. Definetly.



  2. I can see you squished in that seat! Enjoy Brighton…you’ll become acclimatised to the drizzle very soon with any luck and it won’t get in the way of the buzz of the town.

  3. This is intriguing because you wrote it upon taking a train ride and writing about the nuances and feelings… I will have to do that – open my eyes to the minute details of a short journey… really study the people and the feelings I have about the whole thing! 🙂 I hope you enjoy your get-a-way!

  4. Used to visit Brighton quite often when I was in England. Nice seaside town!

    Enjoyed the coziness of this poem and the compactness. There is some kind of special understatement, naturalness here that I can’t describe that makes this very effective and self-contained.

  5. I really enjoy poems that are simple glimpses into experiences. Kind of remind me of a Polaroid picture or a journal entry. Well done.

  6. Nice write Claudia. I use to travel all the time, 10 mo’s a year for an old job I had and these little observations are so common, you captured the essence perfectly. But I love your little reflections here the most- totally ties in nicely. Hope you have a nice trip in England

  7. smiles. i hope you have a great time my friend and find freedom beyond the squish and scent of cardamom…nice on the man to be of help…i think you will find in walking the beaches your readiness…shalom

  8. Isn’t that just peachy?… we get squeezed into a slice of life poetry jam! =) You are a gem. I would have at least smiled at your beautiful self. Have fun, rest and enjoy.