mad bum’s tube song

it is legs & feet and
dingle-dangle of the coins
landing like ea-sy bullets in my cap,
face-less pace, heels &
heavy boots, Grande concerto
and I! am the Maestro, by

their steps I am un-Rrriddling, true
they got no clue how much
I see through the grit, fee-verishly
shining lids, i am invisible, a
thief, private pirate, entering your ship, attack

from dirt-messed riffs without
even moving, Don’t! Move_moved
to the edge, laced tissues turned to rags– Haha

ACidly warm, down my throat, spilling (shhh– orry..)
wettening my coat, float, no
music but I’m dancing, DanCing
still, mad marching soldiers on a
battled hill, time-cleft and– I’m left
to Wwwarn them, so I shout- a-Loud (yeah, they
Izzze me silent with their gaze) but
i can’t, oh can’t see ‘em, just Legs, just Le-le-legs

& music, spinnin’, singin’ uuh- ‘Tis
is getting cold, rolled empty i– neatly fold
between shoes and Oh-no_No faces– Shot! by
copper coins (you– hey! you here_Hear..?), Ding-
dingle, dang, Sweeeet sound
from the ground of —

now bet that makes you curious what Mark Kerstetter has in the dVerse Poetics box today… there might be some magic powder swaying through the pub and suddenly….you may look at the world with someone else’s eyes… see you at 3pm EST..


43 responses to “mad bum’s tube song

  1. Dingle Dangle, Jingle Jangle, geez is that wall of yours over at dVerse way making more noises, the cat thought he fixed that..haha…lots of fun was found, as those oh no faces watched from all around

  2. nice…some really great textures to this…bullets in the cap…and all the word play and sound make this a fun read…the guy sounds like he has been in the elements for a while, i would like to meet him…i would probably sit and talk to him for a bit, maybe share a burger and a smile….like the ACDC in the caps too…lol

  3. Great painting of what the world may look like through the eyes of someone just a bit , let’s face it–insane. The music that’s always in your cadences very strong and irregularly thumping here in the arhythmic word/letter choices. You really used your medium well here, Claudia–can’t wait to see what on earth the prompt is.

  4. Hi Claudia, A lot of music as hedge says. Reminds me of those Rilke poems in the voice of others==the blind, beggar, etc. They are wonderful as is this.

  5. This struck me as a street performer or homeless person… a very happy street person. One that finds music in everything. Someone truly living in the moment while the rest of march to and from our jobs like soldiers. Reminded me of the movie August Rush.

  6. Claudia, definitely a musical feel to the flow of the piece- very nice staggering of words and nicely placed bolded sections of words. The second stanza in it’s own right is incredible. Great write, thanks

  7. Great imagination Claudia. The bum is honored, I’m sure, that you got into his head and saw through his eyes. But I know you chose words, rhythm and style that he could not fathom. Great write as always.

  8. At one of the universities I worked at…there was a professor who taught jazz tube…that was a first for me at the time…but since then I’ve learned it wasn’t unusual in New Orleans…you capture a most interesing perspective in the poem…enjoyed it much.

  9. This is brilliant, Claudia. Very brilliant. You went into a bum soul and completely lived that mad moment. I love the way you worked with the sound of bum speak–like describing a creature’s gait. So well done.

  10. This is fantastic Claudia – dizzyingly lyrically dazzling – i loved It – a whizzing Whirling

    I was once a drunk bum wrecked on super strength booze and this was how i navigated thru the mess in my head – lol – from the outside i appeared dazed and confused – but inside my ramblings made even less sense which at the time i probably thought was great – i dont remeber exactly –

    S2 Is a blast


  11. Yeah, I think if a person had been homeless for awhile, hungry and cold for awhile, and with natural musical talent, his inner monologue might sound something like this, and if he were mumbling it he might appear crazy to most folks.

  12. Excellent, Claudia. YOu really got inside the head of this indigent person. Schizophrenic maybe, as well as alcoholic. Lots of stuff going on in this poem, but you made him come alive…and hope he will stay that way.

  13. I see the old and forsaken vet, sitting on the street corner, keeping the good times alive in his mind if no where else. Once a hero, now a nameless vagabond, no home, no family. Again, there is music in your words, but I feel the melody to be rather sad.

  14. I think you nailed this one, Claudia. I’m so glad you chose this perspective to write from. Your wordplay is a wonderful backdrop for the life of the forgotten. And, I agree with Natasha’s assessment of the sad melody that weaves throughout. Excellent job.

  15. life of the intransigent no doubt. seen all kinds, all around..Europe, America, Asia, everywhere. sucky life, I get from your poem. ‘wouldn’t wanna be ya.”
    some of these lifestyles are by choice — not all, I know; but in your piece, we can’t tell this from the speaker, and it doesn’t matter. He’s not right.
    good job.

  16. Hi! Claudia…
    Once again…you have captured my attention with words that flow with a rhythm all there own as you captured: The Street sounds, Rush-Hour, someone that is homeless in this society. In your very poetic words.
    deedee 🙂

  17. I love the tube buskers. There’s super good music there with the great acoustics of the hallways and stairwells. Sax sounds rising set me on goosepimple especially coming out of Victoria when I arrive. I associate those sounds with coming back to London. You got all the clinky, dusty, metallic feel and I’m thinking our guy is blind and bluesy and really really lovely!

  18. Another great poem, Claudia! I couldn’t breathe until I’d finished reading it, so a very frantic kind of feeling… Really scary, but very well described. Especially like the balance of real-life and madness, which I think you portrayed beautifully in this voice!

  19. …Sweeeet Sound…wenn etwas in die Kappe fällt?…
    ..oh Claudia, du erinnerst mich mit deinem Gedicht an meinen Blick unter die Brücken in Nürnberg…noch spüre ich diese “Melodie”, du du darstellst mit Worten…nicht sichtbar…für wen? mit fremden Augen sehen! was?…

  20. Clever with the subtle AC/DC. What amazes me about you and your work Claudia is how you are able to come up with these unique voices when English is not your first language. Do you think in Eng. when you write? When I lived in France, after a few years I thought and dreamed in French but, wow, girl. You are so gifted.

  21. this rocks, grrrllll… just got back from visit to Seattle, though the homeless are not a evident as, say chicago, my mind immediate conjured up a few regs I saw every night playing on the streets…thanks for taking me back (smile) ~

  22. Love the “beat” of this, could feel the jingle jangle of the panhandle (though I needed your explanation to understand that). You create such fun wordplays.
    Thank you.

  23. So very musical with lots of syncopation — sort of Ars Nova of poetry.

    And I tried to decode the caps: “GIMRDMHACDCWLILLTONHDS” but no look. Anyway this poem certainly invites one to spend significant time exploring. Lot going on.