i’m limited & we need men with vision


i recently discovered that
i know no monk and not one single person
who actually drives my favorite car,
this made me think somehow,
seems like i’m limited to saxo players,
physicist, odd students, poets and yes – iPhone users
(honestly i cried when i heard Steve is dead)

so i could print a bumper sticker for my car
which says “i’m limited & we need men with vision”
on the other hand, most of my friends
suspected anyway– so rotting in the traffic jam

behind you, i know all your kids by name (and be-
lieve you’re making love not war), in a minute
i will get out of my car, knock gently on your window,
ask you for their birth dates & write ‘em greeting cards
each year until they’re old enough to drive

a car themselves just like my son and– my
mom is desperate for someone to translate
the english slogan, spreading on the back pane
of his Opel… no one does &

this is why i’ll print from now on
all the stickers in my life cyrillic cause
when you come up behind me on that road,
high gear, lights up, speed and all,
i want to be unriddled slowly (& seldom
drive on russian highways anyway)


are you curious what brian miller has cooked up for us for poetics over at the pub today…? stop by for pint of home-brew verse at 3 pm EST – oh – and we’re not a drive-in, but you can bring your car, your cat and your convictions…smiles


57 responses to “i’m limited & we need men with vision

  1. Bumper to bumper you seem to be, being all nice for free, with no war in sight, day or night. ould be nice if all went that way, instead of such dismay. Oh and you say humans can bring a cat, but can a cat bring humans to your dVerse mat..haha

  2. i like the unriddled slowly it adds a nice intimate element to this…on another note…i was sad to see steve pass as well…he was a brilliant mind…and speaking of brilliant minds (points finger) see i can use parenthesis too. smiles. i concur though we need men with vision…and women as well…really lov ehte stanza about visiting the car in front of you and sending cards to kids…i can see you in that…

  3. I like the feel of this….So sad about Steve as well. We need more men and women with vision ….we need to keep dreaming and doing.

  4. It’s fascinating to see other alphabets–other languages are bad enough, but it really makes one realize one’s limitations as a human, that we’re all to some sense tribal, but yet there are ways to transcend that–by learning each other’s languages and secret alphabets, by accepting we all have mothers, have been children or have them, and have the same basic concerns and needs, etc. Enjoyed watching your mind riddle here, Claudia.

  5. I’ve often wondered about all those folks with the bumper stickers…and their need to communicate in that manner…telling us more than some of us ever wanted to know about them…Jobs will indeed be missed in a world where the level of creativiity of its inhabitants is reflected on a bumper sticker.

  6. Claudia, after reading Brian’s piece and now your’s I’m really looking forward to the prompt over at D’verse. Your poem is great, I just love the “rambling” thought -streams, love stream- and I love the way your mind was just moving and kept connecting as you were writing- and the piece just is a good write, not even factoring in the style, the words bumper stickers, a tribute, family, and metaphor- I really got a lot from this piece, thanks:)

  7. Traffic Jams….. often make my thoughts roam too… Lovely poem but it brings to mind three questions. 1: What is your favorite car? 2: Why on earth would a monk be driving it? 3: What does the sign on the back of your son’s Opel say?

    • smiles…
      1. the Audi TT is my fav car…would never want to have one myself but when i see one on the road, i’m melting…this car is just pure beauty…

      2. the monk is a different story…in gay’s latest haiku prompt she told that in former times, a monk was writing a haiku and then send it to another monk – and he would add another by taking one of the pictures from the first and so on…i loved this thought and thought it would be cool to try this…but i know no monk…so..smiles…that started the poem

      3. the sign on the back of my son’s car says “my other ride is your girlfriend”….no further comment…my mom asks for a translation each time she sees it…but no one translates…smiles

  8. Yes, Steve Job’s loss was way before his time. Such a man of vision.
    This reminds me of driving (or walking) behind someone and you are soooo curious to see what the writings says on the car/t-shirt, and, they pass too quickly to read it.. LOL
    Another great write from you.

  9. I’d have to agree with the ‘i want to be unriddled slowly’ ~ smiles. And we do need men of vision …Steve Job’s death is a huge loss. I love the feel of this, how you swing through your thoughts & how we are all limited to a certain extent. I know I feel too small to make a difference to anything. But I guess we have to try. 🙂

  10. Heh, I like the meandering quality of this… when we can’t move, our brains will do the traveling for us. But you managed to bring all these disparate threads into a whole, with humor and grace. Well done.

  11. Hi! Claudia…
    Once again, thanks for sharing your very poetic words too…as you touched on a myriad Of topics from: Bumper stickers, your fave car, i-phones, Steve Jobs, and your friends too!
    Thanks, for sharing!
    deedee 😉

  12. Awesome write Claudia! I fear I took a more predictable route… Love the thoughts of being somewhere where I need one to translate for me…these old feet are just itching to run…this prompt didn’t help!

  13. It is so sad to lose one of the few men with vision. Steve Jobs, rest in peace. And I will soon have my first iPhone. Bumper stickers I am really not a fan of. Think of all those bumper stickers for candidates who have lost. They are as hard to remove as old tattoos. I don’t have one on my car, but I do read them!

  14. So much to love here – laughed at my other ride is your girlfriend comment 🙂 – unriddled slowly (oh please) and do we ever need people of vision, here, here. You’ve reminded me today why I love your work, thank you!

  15. Ha! this is a rollicking would be ride in your favorite car with your friends, your son, your mom, and Steve Jobs. I like the way you would FORCE those speedsters down by cyrillic subterfuge in a riddle’s cloak.

    cool poem. thanks.

  16. I love the conversational tone of this poem. Reading your reply to one of the comments did help me gain a little more insight to your poem. Like it even more.

  17. I see a thread here from one sticker..From Mr. Jobs, to the cars, to the monk and your iphone.. it’s really all about us, one big circle..

    this was a fun prompt and your take on it is tres’cool!!

  18. traffic jams–riddles–vision overwhelmed by philosophies that are expounded in one-liners. You have to push hard against all this not to be “limited,” as you say. Keep pushing….

  19. What a road trip you took me on. The title itself is one that I would plaster on my car. This is rich with several left turns. Love you’re making love not war. haha… Wonderful where the prompt led you.


  20. Oh, yes, Claudia. We need more people with vision.

    And I do love your vision of getting the kids names and sending them greeting cards each year. Wat a beautiful, love-not-war thought.

  21. Claudia, at the risk of plugging a poem, I wrote “What We Gain in Translation,” which is posted on my blog (http://poetrytech.com/2011/09/17/what-we-gain-in-translation/). And it doesn’t apply well to your situation with your mother at all. 🙂 Hilarious.

    To bring it all home, I saw a bumper sticker THE DAY AFTER Jobs died that gave his birth and death year (did not notice if it gave the date, but I don’t think so) and said something like “Steve Jobs: Man of Vision, etc.”)

    IRL I’m part of a company that prints custom goods, and that’s pretty fast to crank out bumper stickers. I suppose this person could have printed them out himself and made something to stick it to the car with (or if they have their own vinyl machine, etc.) but I’m also wondering if someone was crass enough to have bet it would be this year, based on how sick Jobs was.

  22. I’m cracking up about your mom and your son’s bumper sticker! I enjoy the way your mind works your poetry into masterpieces…

  23. So true we need people with vision who dream and take advantage of good possibilities.

    It is sad about Steve. We all grieve his departure.

    Sorry, you’re stuck in traffic so often. I remember such days in New York and I don’t miss them.

  24. Most interesting write, Claudia, and I agree, we need more vision. Jobs rocked this world (literally) because he was a man of vision, who followed his gut and figured out how to make things happen. I’ve not watched it yet, but Google Charlie Rose, US public TV, he did a tribute to Jobs tonight. cheers ~

  25. We do need men with vision, more of them… and women too. There’s something I find very appealing about your writing – an honesty, straightforward telling-it-like-it-is sort of quality. Loved where this bumper sticker theme took you, and delighted in the final stanzas and the problem of translating what might not be wise to translate, the idea of using only cyrillic-type stickers…

    i want to be unriddled slowly

    Ah, wish I’d written that.