tales, thieves, ropes & nightmares

tonight, we gonna rob
the bank of england, there’s
no need to be afraid,
done this a thousand times

we’ll take machine guns,
black gloves & pack
the seven meter rope, i found
hidden in the cellar

in case there is resistance
we will tie them up–
safely and aesthetically just before
we shoot ‘em

i’ve been living
in this trailer on the junkyard
for too long,
thousand cases solved and
lifes de-riddled,
table brimming with their fingerprints

they after me

barely remember faces,
considering we’re too young
for driving cars of that caliber,
bikes worn down like
rusted childhood memories,

your ego is too fat? you’ll never
make it through the door and
if your world is painful, who cares

when the lights go down
we gonna meet on shaky chairs,
faces masked and careful
not to leave our fingerprints

no need to kiss me, this is business,
i don’t really wanna know your name,
the lawless don’t talk much
about bad conscience
do they?

so tonight–
we gonna rob
the bank of england,
wrapped in black as we’re just shades
in jagged lands,
swallow guilt like aspirin &

countless whiskeys later, spread on
million pound notes,
put away your gun, un-tie me
from your mind and falling deep,

i coarsely whisper

“Long Life– to the Queen”


this is my entry for Open Link Night over at dVerse Poets Pub…and it’s my pleasure to tend the bar tonight…so grab the mic and join us with your poetry..


60 responses to “tales, thieves, ropes & nightmares

  1. has this anything to do with the riots several weeks ago?

    i really liked the first paragraph. i liked the no need to be afraid, done a thousand times before, kind of like Bonnie and Clyde talking to someone new who is going to help them out.

  2. so where is my ski mask? smiles. what i like is your range…you wrote a rather steamy one last week as well, but this one is much more playful in delivery…which i do believe intimacy should have a playful side (aaaargh!) long life indeed….

  3. i love the irreverence in this hot piece. by discarding the rest of the world, it emphasizes what we are focusing our love on, or our attention. bonnie and clyde are the famous examples, at least american. something hot about being fugitives. and hey, i’m always for lining my own pockets:)

  4. I don’t know I went to Topkapi – heists always take me to Topkapi I think. I love that you’re gonna lift the bank here Claudia. Cool metaphor for a racy night! G.

  5. It’s interesting, you’re German writing in English, and this is apparently told from an English point of view, yet I hear American inflections in the voice. Maybe it’s just that we have our fair share of thieves and vigilantes, or maybe it’s it’s just that this is a universal sentiment right now….

    Then again you say it’s a sex poem, so….the bank of England is a euphemism for ….

  6. robbing a bank.. okay… must be such an adventure…would like to try this sometimes. enjoyed these lines:

    no need to kiss me, this is business,
    i don’t really wanna know your name,
    the lawless don’t talk much
    about bad conscience
    do they?

  7. Claudia! I smile and giggle and maybe blush a little bit as I confess…I LOVED the write! okay…still blushing! Not about to share my favorite lines! lol Thank you 😉


    There’s always an eye
    Watching the guards
    Of the living night

    Shapes of the dark
    Strange moves in the river
    A dolphin smiles

    Make her dance
    Says the bounty hunter
    To the whip
    It’s just a fantasy

  9. Nice write Claudia- enjoyed the street vernacular, very nice touch and helped disguise the metaphor- love when that happens. Very nicely done, thanks

  10. Awesome write! Didn’t see where this was headed at first. Love the voice of this one – I would love to hear it spoken aloud. Some of my favorite lines: “bikes worn down like / rusted childhood memories”….”your ego is too fat? you’ll never / make it through the door”…”swallow guilt like aspirin”.

  11. we gonna rob the bank of england, wrapped in black as we’re just shades… that is killer Claudia! Hope the open mic is rockin’!

  12. Wonderful funny finish and a lot of fun along the way–aspirins, whiskeys, no names, safely and aesthetically.

  13. Maybe it’s late, or I’m just a dope. I admit I don’t really get it … a sex poem you say. I’ll fire up my imagination and come back to read again. I’m pathetic, Claudia. You’ve certainly done a clever piece here!

  14. I always appreciate a nice safe and aesthetic tie-up job by junkyard thieves who don’t kiss when business is involved.

    Claudia, I often forget that English is not your first tongue. Granted yes,l we share the Germanic language roots, but still — you must have inhaled English and breathed out poems as you learned the ins and outs of it. Well, of course, I’m sure you were born writing poems in German.

    And your header photo made me stare for a good minute at it. Very interesting what you saw through your camera’s eye.

    Oh, and let me know when you can come over for pancakes!!


  15. Fun to read Claudia–“no need to kiss me, this is business” yeah, monkey business, maybe (that’s very old and no longer hip slang for something that isn’t on the up and up) anyway–I’ve read a million poems tonight, or so it seems, but this one was truly one of a kind. Impossible to ever confuse your writing with anyone else’s, no matter the subject.

  16. My guess is you have to be a banker to really rob the Bank of England, as things go these days. Or perhaps the Queen herself — richest woman in the world, some say. But I am sure THAT has nothing to do with amour! LOL

    In any case, nobody has to hold a gun on anyone to get this one read. Fun to read! Thanks.

  17. What a riot… thanks for a great smile tonight Claudia
    You are wonderful.
    This made me laugh right out loud!

    your ego is too fat? you’ll never
    make it through the door and
    if your world is painful, who cares

  18. Well Well I must poetically intellectually challenged as I took the poem literally and understood it as sex poem after reading thrice, but now as I understand it .. lol its fun 🙂 and interestingly narrated 🙂 Need to learn a lot from you all

  19. A sex poem sort of…your reply to the first comment! I’m beginning to believe it Claudia, you witty lady!


  20. This has a great “voice” that carries through it all. Almost like the character an actor would assume. Relentless with images and action, like rap. Even so, it winds up with a kind of outlaw intimacy at the end that transitions us out. Very interesting.

  21. Yeah, so there’s the thrill of the criminal, unbound from suburban etiquette that isn’t doing us much good anyway. Still, you wisely inform us that there’s an underside to every fantasy, a price to every theft. I agree with Mark that there’s a shifting polyglot in the telling, German and English and American, mobsters, victims all. Good job. – Brendan

  22. Wow! Great humor and very nice how you stretch out from the “rob the bank” them and then bring us back to that. This is one of those poems worth spending time to look for the meaning below the surface. 🙂

  23. Oh! Dark, dangerous AND sexy!

    This poem just pulsates!

    Love it….and it zings…..LOL! The ending brought it fully around. Surprise! Thought it going somewhere else…silly me.

    Lady Nyo

  24. I had an inkling it was entirely a playful imagined caper, although there does seem to be some, ahem, role-playing going on. Of course, so much of poetry is subjective and maybe I need to have my sometimes dirty mind tied up. For its own good of course. Enjoyed this, Claudia.

  25. Took me a while Claudia, but you know how slow I am…. I actually thought you were talking about robbing a bank. But i saw your comment about it being a sex poem and decided to let it sit for a couple of days and then revisit….. Claudia? You are a dirty little girl, aren’t you? Me Likey! (He said in his best Chris Farley impersonation!) By the way, if you’re interested, and if you feel like pooping over, there’s this bank over here in Cincinnati that is just ripe for the pickin’…. 🙂 No need to bring your gun though, I’ll take care of that little detail…. And I do mean little. But bring that rope, ok?