it’s just like that..

seems i’m damned to drink cold coffee,
as soon as it is in that cup,
HOT.. promising &

it is—forgotten
OLN &  i’m abroad…

…daughter joins for breakfast

“how’s your first week back in school again..?”
“well it’s my second… ”
“oh” (there was this business trip..)

i’m leaving in a hurry..blurrrrred
office world–
“you should wear your glasses..”
“hmm”…and during coffee break
we’re talking know,

we’re Europe but–
Switzerland is not – they’re democratic
and the french drink red wine..we go

Blocher, Sarkozy and Berlusconi,
coffee’s getting cold  & curly Matt
remarks that  – after all,
i don’t speak the local dialect..

back home, i follow
the adventure cake crumb trail,
& find my son, watching the Simpsons,
heavily denying his involvement
in anything related to that cake

i sigh – walk to the bathroom…think i should
relax but there’s this poem in my head–

so soakin’ wet & naked as a jaybird
i crawl to my computer–

and this is
where my husband finds me hours later..


that was yesterday…just a very average day in my life…ha..
over at dVerse, Gay is looking at Sestinas tonight…if you’re up for a form challenge, you should really check it out.. gates open 3 pm EST


30 responses to “it’s just like that..

  1. Wow sounds like quite the day, busy busy, oh and just so you know I wouldn’t admit to being as naked as a jaybird, as “jay” was slang for hick, a simple gullible person, not a bird. So you’re a gullible hick while naked?..hahahaha

      • haha I was just kidding about the use, as it’s been so dumbed down through the ages that people take that to be what it means.

        But supposedly it did start with slang for hicks, as they barely had any clothes and certain parts hung out, thus naked, as they were naked, jay, as in some hick, bird, as in you can guess that part..haha…more useless junk in my head.

  2. i liked this “day in the life” portrait. it was wryly funny… and somehow my tea is never hot enough, either… loved that you stole some time to write.

  3. You capture the everyday excellently and make the little things in our day that seem banal and simple throb with emotion and depth.

  4. “seems i’m damned to drink cold coffee,
    as soon as it is in that cup….”

    This is such a great metaphor! Yes, also so appropriate at the literal level.

    I love how you distort time and passage of time in this poem.

    It is not certain what the final tone is for the poem until the end — at which point it is inevitable– yes, this is light, upbeat poem. Upon finishing one thinks: Excellent preparation and creating tension and final (positive!) resolution!

  5. I just popped my coffee in the microwave to re-scald it and sat to read your latest between phone calls and customers. Your days, my days, even worlds away not so different.

  6. those poems get stuck in your head…you have to get them out or you never know what might happen…i would still drink the coffee cold…but i am like that…so son ate the cake, that might be a floggable offense…haha…just kidding, kind of…smiles. perhaps the day today will be a bit less hectic, but hope another poem comes out of it…

  7. Claudia, I know too well how a poem can get stuck in your head. And then you look up and the clock is showing many hours later- love the way you put this together- very conversational and the passage of time handled great, and yeah, great image to leave us with:)


    As the world is poetry
    The words of fthe earth
    Are travelling in the breeze
    Like a downpour flow
    Smooth water for the thirst
    Refreshing the burning ages
    With velvet souvenirs
    From the garden of orchids
    Nobody ever left
    Except some adventurous dreams

  9. I usually have to crawl out of bed at 3 a.;m. to run downstairs to the computer before I forget the incredible dreamt poem in my head….

    I really enjoyed your day Claudia……. The fact that it ended naked makes me feel normal now…. 🙂 And this is for your son: DOH! (That’s Homer Simpson’s call of stark realization that he just did something superbly stupid, like eating the cake mom was saving and leaving its crumbs all around….)

  10. the adventure trail led to the water drops. you and brian have both written vignettes and i wonder if you are inspiring me.
    loved this. the wear your glasses detail is carried over from another piece, if i’m not mistaken. the bit of humor of denying involvement was extra sparkle to this.

  11. Oh so lovely. I just love the way your husband found you, committed to craft yet available to him. That is the stuff love is made of–literally and figuratively. Another to the volumes of poems I love by you, Claudia.

  12. I think the fact that you’re always drinking cold coffee must mean you have a full life, which is a good thing. I don’t even bother with coffee anymore. I just take caffeine pills. Not very poetic.

  13. If you are busy that is a good thing. Something for the mind to digest at your computer is better. In this case the people you love are around also. It can never be better than that.


  14. Claudia- Thanks for bringing your harrowing day to life. Writing a poem can be like a cocktail, can’t it?

  15. I was laughing my derriere off by that last line cuz I could see where it was going. I’m sure it was a pleasant surprise, though. I have been told I have “issues” about the computer before, and I *know* I have issues about the poem in the head thing–there’s a little notepad now by everyplace I sit, and in my car, and a flashlight by the bed. Loved it, Claudia.

  16. I hope your day was better than yesterday…I end up drinking cold coffee all the time…too busy doing and running 🙂 I have poems in my head all the time and if I don’t write them down they fly away 😦

  17. “i sigh – walk to the bathroom…think i should
    relax but there’s this poem in my head–
    so soakin’ wet & naked as a jaybird
    i crawl to my computer–
    and this is
    where my husband finds me hours later…”

    Hi! Claudia…
    I have mentioned time and time again…how I love to read your very beautiful poetic words…and you know what? it’s still true!
    Thanks, for sharing and the image [Od the sepia coffee cup] just evoke warmth too!
    deedee ;-D

  18. Oops! I meant to write the word Of…By the way, I’m so glad to be back on Twitter…[ It wasn’t available for Mozilla Firefox and IE users…] Because I always Twits (Sp) your poetry.