the brave, the weak & the king

the last tune dies, i

still stand, tightly bent
into –

your voice warm in
my ears, the brave
don’t hide
their face you say

But I am not, you

whisper words
I don’t believe,
bowing deep, crashed
at your feet,

i weep ‘coz

I Don’t &
I Want,
cannot breathe nor
die or surely will
nor can I live

on with what tears me
into shaded slices,

scraping dirt
off tainted walls,
watch vultures wave

dark death-anticipation like
flecked flags & crack with
buckled beaks

coz I forgot–
about your gentleness,

you, drawing lines into
the mud before me, touch
my toes and then

touch all with everything

I fall, you know,
there is your hand,
tender strength &

as the last tune dies
I still stand, tightly bent
into –

your breath and my face

–still warm
with your lips


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21 responses to “the brave, the weak & the king

  1. I don’t think my comment took, so I’m going to try again 🙂 This brought tears to my eyes, Claudia. I know what this feels like, and I particularly love how it goes from vultures quickly into, “coz I forgot – about your gentleness” – really beautiful, and I’m so glad I read it this morning 🙂

  2. You’ve seduced me. The imagery is stellar, especially here: ‘scraping dirt/off tainted walls,/watch vultures wave’. And a wonderful transition from dark and brooding to light. Tactile, moody, sensual. Great verbs, fantastic alliteration – while I’m a sucker for it anyway, these in particular grabbed me by the fingernails: ‘dark death-anticipation like/flecked flags & crack with/buckled beaks’.

  3. This drew me in, touched me deeply, I keep returning to read these lines:
    “drawing lines into/the mud before me”, and this too “as the last tune dies/
    I still stand”, which seems to offer hope.

  4. a beautiful tale of redemption…love the story of drawing in the dirt…as sometimes it just feels so unworthy yet he sees something all the more….wicked flow and full of feeling…loved it…

  5. Hi! Claudia…
    I’m so sorry about the delay in responding to your comment over there on my blog, [Which I always try to do…respond to comment…almost immediately.] but I’m experiencing problem with Google/blogger comment box…for two days.

    …With that being said, once again, your poetic words take center stage.
    I absorbed the title Of your post the brave, the weak & the king and discovered this is a very gentle, sweet, poem that “expose” a vulnerability in the one that should be brave and the one who is comforting.
    Thanks, for sharing!

    deedee 😉

  6. [Note:This should have read: “a very gentle, sweet, poem that “expose” a vulnerability in the one that should be brave and then there is the one who is comforting.”]

  7. I wonder where is the pool of imagination from which you draw your words, your thoughts, your poems. This is absolutely beautiful. I would expect to read this in some best selling book. When will yours be published Claudia?