Leaving Rome

(click on the above player to hear me rap this..Beat credit: Dj BloxX)

can’t sleep, coz i weep soundlessly
into dark holes, spread nets, lying naked
on this roman bed,

long after midnight,
turned cards-side, covered in a linen
blank-et, already dead, maybe

pain piling in dark corners, not sure
where to head, tossing thoughts, caught
in the backyard night, flight

LH eleven sixteen,
black screen on my mind, just an hour
to a world without a sun, i run

deeper in this land, kissing fever-tongued,
not asking questions, expecting nothing
in return, yearn to hold you a bit longer,
stick stronger to her breath,

my messages kept, unread, unsent in
my hands, sweat drips from shaking fingers,
longing for hit-the-floor-and-roar-heat but

end up spent, creep-ing on the ground-less,
collecting letters, text, mixing them in every
weird-cut way, say– stay?

the output is a million times the same insane
reality i– refuse to see, thinking of Michelangelo,
did he fake that or ever feel as naked as Adam,

sleepless & dreamlessly poising the rim when
finally God– touched him

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96 responses to “Leaving Rome

  1. Claudia, this is thrilling! I love your voice, accent… your read, your RAP and emotion… amazing! fantastic!

  2. Those last two lines–just killer. The whole poem lives and breathes your love affair with Rome, though it could be a physical, real world love affair as well. A fine and well crafted piece that brings visions too easily confused with, and perhaps preferred to, reality.

  3. oh, claudia this was outstanding! I love the beat and your words – but most of all the way your rapped the lyrics – I never would have read them in the same way that you recited them – the pauses, emphasis, echos (my favorite is the soft echos of “I’m leaving Rome.”) I just really enjoyed this. It almost made me giddy 🙂 See ya at the Pub.

  4. Holy crap! I LOVE this…all of it, every last word, beat and rhythm. Girl…you have entranced me with the music of your soul! I always heard it before…but am very pleased with myself to know I hear it right. 🙂 No words I write today will compare to this wonderful multi-media extravaganza. It hasn’t even gotten underway…but you’ve already laid claim to the gold. I am just so very excited by this! Yay!

  5. My sister divorced her husband, quit her job, sold her car and is headed to Rome in a few weeks. Mostly because she’s never been there. I hope it doesn’t get as under her skin as it has yours or she may not come back to us.

  6. wow it must have crawled under your skin and fizzled there forever more. Hit everything with this piece, loved the last two line and this one “the output is a million times the same insane” a lot. really outdone yourself with this one. Maybe everyone should go to Rome..haha

  7. great amazing lines; did you leave your heart in Rome?

    “just an hour
    to a world without a sun, i run

    deeper in this land, kissing fever-tongued,
    not asking questions, expecting nothing
    in return, yearn to hold you a bit longer,
    stick stronger to her breath”

  8. nice…like what you did with the airplanenumber it works now…and love the emerging street in your voice, ha…oh i am sure when i finally go i might have to defect and hide out in back alleys and coffee shops til reality finds me…nice tones in this…

  9. I knew it! I KNEW it! Reality and insanity are the same–grin! When I leave a place which I love, or where I loved, my reality (insanity) stays in memory, as I shake my head, and pinch my elbow. Is THIS real? Was THAT real? Pssst: I’ll never know the difference….but PEACE lives, and so does LOVE!

  10. You know you will have to go back there now. I once heard an old expression. “See Rome and die” It means, when you’ve seen Rome you’ve seen it all.
    I guess you fell in love with it, yes, you’ll have to go back there again.
    Your prose is sensual, deep, and could be both about Rome or, a person, too. Lovely.

  11. I sense she grieves your departure too. It sounds like Italy and you were matched in heaven. Your words perfectly describe the pain of separation.

  12. wow, the power in that ending… but I really need to stop reading/listening to your stuff, Claudia– you give me such a terrible case of wanderlust. Oh, Rome!

  13. Wow – amazing! I opted to hear your rap while I read along, and I just love your voice and the way you speak the words. So masterful and inspiring. And I agree with Sheila that I never would have read it the same.

  14. i don’t even know where to start, Claudia! listening to you while reading along ~ each word and intonation exquisitely sensual, passionate, vivid ~ uniquely, divinely Claudia! i would buy your CD in a heartbeat! i may not ever get to Rome, but i can now say i’ve felt the heat. truly stunning! brava! ♥

  15. Okay this is stunning. The audio of this is amazing Claudia and I’m convinced there is nothing you can’t do! The closing couplet is such a poignant end. Truly enjoyed this piece Claudia and much respect to the beat layer too! ~ Rose

  16. Gorgeous Claudia, they say when you visit a place that effects you deeply you leave a little of yourself there. Feel the same about Verona, and to some extents my mountain in Wales 😉

  17. …oh Claudia, du weckst Sehnsüchte mit deinen Worten und der Musik dazu…
    das ist Poesie…

    …ja, Rom steht noch auf meiner “do-to” Liste…
    mein Mann und ich, wir wollten eine Rom-Reise machen, aber es kam nicht dazu… aber nun? wer weiß!…

  18. ..i think this is much finer piece i’ve read today… i like your descriptions from top to end… the tone is in a dramatic mode of melancholy but in an elegant way… ‘tis like an ode for departure… enjoyed it much. Thanks!

  19. Hi Claudia

    This is a WOW write…no kidding….dreamy from start to finish.
    Of cousre i love your subject and where you gude us – you do it so well- we feel safe in your hands.
    The whole piece is stunning but the ending stole a breath…I defy any man to write something as intimate as this in this style…it felt so feminine to me.

    So cool!

  20. You break new ground with this one, Claudia.

    The heat of passion for Rome burns up the very air around you.

    Frantic with emotion!


    Lady Nyo

  21. I loved hearing you read it. Totally not the way I’d read it. I like the end, the touch, Boom – God touching Adam in Sistine Chapel comes clearly in my head, like this were a powerpoint presentation and you had the pic right up on your screen.

    • wow – great you mention this…the painting in sistine chapel was exactly what i had on my mind…was visiting it the day before and stood in awe…madly touched by the scene..

  22. I’ve never heard anything like this, just WOW. The line

    ‘longing for hit-the-floor-and-roar-heat but’

    into the next stanza was a high point for me, your voice ragged. I wish I could do that! But I think Arron has a point, this is a woman’s voice, in full power. Just great.

  23. From dreams, dragged back toward the real world…Rome has clearly touched you, Claudia, and my goodness you’ve made it touch you too. Another amazing bit of audio, and a potent ending. Such a vision, such heart – if only we all could find such places to lose ourselves, for a little while.

  24. i really like these last lines:

    “thinking of Michelangelo,
    did he fake that or ever feel as naked as Adam,

    sleepless & dreamlessly poising the rim when
    finally God– touched him”

    sounds like rome is a hard place to leave… hoping your re-entry into reality is not too difficult…

  25. Amazing Claudia, your rap was fantastic, the intonation and pauses at the right places. Very few left their foot-prints ( you have your rap, Yvonne an evergreen song) you are just unique.

    ‘I’m leaving…I’m leaving..’ boy, the words are not in your poem but it kept repeating in my mind, still hearing you! It’s beautiful, Ma’am!

  26. Claudia, I love hearing you read your poems — and this reading is truly amazing. Have you thought of putting out a CD? I’m not kidding, you have incredible talent. The emotions behind this departing ode to Eternal Rome are powerful, and the metrical skill and image-weaving are astonishing.


  27. well, well…. that was amazing Claudia. Nice read and value greatly the emotions you put into the piece.

  28. Hey hey hey … this is amazing .. loved the way you wrapped the lyics in a rap.. woahh .. lovely voice you have .. Claudia!!! Wonderful it is,,

  29. Absolutely amazing.
    I loved listening to your reading – so moving and powerful. It added such an exciting dimension for me while I was reading your words.
    Than you.

  30. I love every line of this! I’m blown away by your recitation of it. Setting it to a beat is genius and to me it actually played out like a recorded song. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I read that you would be rapping it but I was astounded by the outcome. I am loving your unique poetic voice!

  31. Great words, great music…the emotion and intensity …far cry from Three Coins in a Fountain or Roman Holiday…this pulls at the depths of pulling away from something or someone you have fallen in love with…thank you for sharing all your talents…bkm

  32. Oh my Claudia! Marvelous verse. It starts slow and keeps on building. The twists an turns are like a coastal ride to where only two lovers can share their mutually exclusive sensualities. I sensed the rise from disturbance, to hunger, then passionate thirst. The initial mention of nakedness as a precursor to something impending is subtle and brilliant. The whole poem gave me a “rise.” The poem would make for a great spoken word piece if spoken properly. Trust me, I could make it sing, live, bang sweeter than an African drum. Gee! I gotta visit Rome. A marvelous write, Claudia.

  33. Claudia you mesmerize the reader! I want to stretch my hand and catch everything as it creeps on the ground-less…

  34. This is as raw an out-pouring of emotion as I’ve read in a long time. I just love the allusion to the Sistine Chapel ceiling art in the final lines! What an ending. Brilliant.

  35. I could simply feel your love for Rome erupt from your words here, Claudia…
    So much life.. so full-spirited… So rich… the place.. your words… the entire combination!

    Beautiful, my dear..

  36. a well choreographed lyrical show of a moment lying in the dark and the energy of your last night in a hotel room, or at least a bed that’s not yours, ready to leave with the light.

  37. AWESOME – Loved it – I want one of those gadgets – not that I could get that “beat” you own, but I really like hearing you go multimedia all over your blog.

    Great texture, emotion – I pictured my little hotel at the top of the Spanish steps. The only way I could pull away from the Eternal city was that I knew Florence and Paris were waiting. Under those Tuscan skies in the shadow of the Apennines. But trust me, I get what you’re saying – quite a love song!

  38. beautiful and powerful piece – must say i find your other pieces just the same as this one – a wonderful place to visit and browse and absorb the beauty!

  39. Oh…mon…Dieu! I’m blown away, Claudia. Sheer beauty and genius. Your “choreography” of this is beyond description. Gave me the chills.

    An aside: Have you read “The Birth of Venus”–a novel and I’m struggling to remember the author. Okay, it’s not Rome (but Florence for the most part), renaissance, Michaelangelo, Savonarola, art and a great story. It came to mind as I listened to this.

  40. “thinking of Michelangelo,
    did he fake that or ever feel as naked as Adam,

    sleepless & dreamlessly poising the rim when
    finally God– touched him”

    I’m sure he felt naked and revealed, the way the poet revealed herself when touched by her diety. You have focused a great deal of intimate energy in just a few sentences. I enjoyed reading it.

  41. smiles….i remember this one too….claudia, i can think of no one else i would rather being doing this thing with…thank you for being you and an amazing poet and pub partner…smiles.

  42. I always LOVE your travel experience poems, Claudia. I think you should make a collection of those for a chapbook. You capture details that so many others wouldn’t notice.

  43. I think this is one of the first if not the first one of your poems I read….loved it then and love it now…love your travelogues starting w. la bella roma…

  44. Holy smokes! Hearing this with the music and the oral interpretation just brought it alive! Absolutely alive! Thanks for sharing this! – Mosk

  45. I’m so glad I was on my computer today and not on my phone; I would have thoroughly missed not hearing you bring your words to life.

  46. Wow! The poem as written was great – but the recording was ubergreat! Love what you did with the breaks and improvisations against that excellent background music. Truly amazing. Rome is a splendid place full of all lightness and dark, incredible art, beautiful people, history functioning and light in all the fountains and piazzas and yet………………………I still love London New York and Paris ….MORE!

    Want to say how thrilled I am that you and Brian have faith in me as a member of the crew and as a poet. I feel humbled in the presence of both of you and every single other member here at dVerse. It is truly an honor to call you colleague and friend.

  47. you could have picked any poem and it would have been one of my favorites. always, when i come here, i am astounded at your talent. thank you so much for what you do at dverse, i am so glad that i have come to know you and your wonderful work this past year.

  48. yup, you really nailed my feet to the floor with the last 2 lines, as my ancient psyche could only stand so much heat, so much sensual overstimulation, only so many conundrums, as you push the reader through their hang-ups, and seem at ease with the tension and longing; good choice for encore.

  49. Loved the rap Claudia, nicely done, your accent really added to it as well.

    enjoyed the written version as well. but it is a great example of the versatility of poems!

  50. This is really beautiful, longing and aching for completion in the city but yet beyond that even. Your words create such an inner landscape of desire and need, they empty out my soul as your words fill them with their infinite gestures towards more, forever more.

  51. This is incredible, Claudia:

    “red in a linen
    blank-et, already dead, maybe
    pain piling in dark corners”

    “kissing fever-tongued,
    not asking questions”

    “sweat drips from shaking fingers,
    longing for hit-the-floor-and-roar-heat but
    end up spent, creep-ing on the ground-less”

    “did he fake that or ever feel as naked as Adam”

    Oh my goodness, baby—this is the best I’ve ever read of you. SO glad you linked it. Your intensity and love/lust seeps through every word right into my pores.

  52. ooo, delightful, left me smiling – and that thing with Michelangelo…! It’s the words, the way the spill this way and that…in that roman bed…tossing and turning. Enjoyed!

  53. “liked” the poem when i read it, absolutely LOVED it when i heard you read it – wow!

    felt to me like the best of the beat poets co-mingled with european punk rock with a tinge of rap stretched into a smoothness and nuance i just haven’t had the pleasure to have heard before – fabulous!

    the intonations, and the pauses!, and the refrains spontaneously rolling on with the music! – true art

    naked as adam indeed 😉


    have to very much share this, thank you claudia!