sand- and other castles

soft grains gnash between my toes,
a sea, mysterious as emeralds
& gently soaked with milky shades,

i watch them rising castles out
of shift-sand, monuments of triumph
and precision as with gritty mouths

they turn towards me, shouting
accusations, gunshots out of nowhere,

parching salt burns fire holes into my skin,
trickles deep beyond the walls, i gasp and
swallow hard, between my teeth the taste
of fierce forts, crashed & ruined–

take some sand and we start small,
raising tunes without a scaffold, let ’em stand
proud and erect just for a moment as they die
and wash away like milkshake stains on
fun fair sidewalks, eaten by a hungry sea

and yet my lips still drip
with traces of their sweetness


19 responses to “sand- and other castles

  1. having just come back from the beach, i love your description here:

    “walking Albarese beach,
    soft grains squeak between my toes,
    a sea, mysterious as emeralds
    & gently soaked with milky shades,”

    (and thanks for your kind comment over at my blog yesterday)

    • good question randy…it was a peaceful moment but suddenly when i saw them building, i asked myself if i was doing the right things…build at the right places and thought of all the “castles” i have built in my life and some of them crashed down…yep – maybe it’s good to think through these questions from time to time..

  2. Build them all only to have the waves wash them away, oh well can do it again another day. Great beach experience captured, too bad it’s rainy here and can’t go..haha

  3. Ah..but even though the castles you built did not last…they left a sweet taste on your lips…we all have built foolish castles…but recall the foolishness with some joy from time to time…especially when we decided not to be totally rational. 😉

  4. …sand-burgen – sind wir luft-schösser…
    schön, wenn man trĂ€umen kann…
    traurig, wenn alles sich immer wieder auflöst, wie sand im meer oder die luftschösser…
    hm, aber deine Worte bleiben jetzt, Claudia…die sind keine Luftschlösser oder Sandburgen…sie sind real und hinterlassen Spuren…das freut mich.

  5. “soft grains gnash between my toes,
    a sea, mysterious as emeralds
    & gently soaked with milky shades,”

    the first verse took my breath away, Claudia! the poem made me think of how many castles we build in our minds, only to be washed away come daylight… and your ending ~

    “and yet my lips still drip
    with traces of their sweetness”

    perfection! ♄

  6. milkshake stains on fun fair sidewalks not that is a visual…sand castles sure dont last long…seen some beautiful ones in my day but they all fall…love your descriptions my friend…

  7. I’ve seen how the youngsters including my children reacted. Initially excitement when they could freely do whatever, then pride. It was achievement of some sort, never mind the final result. And you’ve captured those moments beautifully!

  8. cool stuff, as usual. i couldn’t help feeling that the sand castles were also a bit symbolic of civilizations themselves, which wash away like milkshakes on the sidewalk, too. or at least eras, especially since you are in a place closely associated with a past, allegedly great civilization:)

  9. Sand Castles – guess we all build them, even if we’re not on a beach.

    Love your images. Now I yearn to sink my toes in sand.

  10. Lovely Claudia. But not a strong write from you. I enjoyed reading it, but it ddn’t grab me like your previous works. I hope you appreciate my honesty, and will do likewise with my work. Remember now, I am an opinion of one, take me with two asprin, or tell me to take a hike. Much luv for you.