it’s me upon a swing,
endless tuscan sky,
a scraggy dog who wants to play but

i am restless,

trying to wind down from months
of running at the limits,

a million raven,
fast & furiously on a racetrack
through my mind.

I catch the wind, trying
to shut down the voices,

whispering with the olive trees
and realize they’re friends
with silver glistening tongues

stories start unfolding,

tune by tune we play our lives and
i splay wide
amidst the vineyard’s fertile soil.

Listening carefully, nose wet and smooth,
pressed soft against my naked toes he
nods with amber eyes as i take off,

swinging higher to a place
where GPS can’t track me,
grab my sax and

blow the sky cloudless


now this was my first day at the saxophone workshop in tuscany…had a hard time to wind down and my haunt was the swing in the backyard..and yeah…the above pic…that was the view… linking up with emily at imperfect prose


25 responses to “swing..?

  1. lovely claudia…blow the wind skyless…what a view…love the million raven, that is very menacing…and leads to a wonderful peace….

  2. Dear Claudia,

    I am stopping by here from Imperfect Prose. We have a TV channel here in the States called HG TV. It is a Home and Garden channel. Many times I have watched real estate shows where couples are trying to buy property with Million Dollar views. Many times when I’m driving down the streets of my town I say to myself, “I don’t have to go anywhere. I have million dollar views right here.” Well…today I saw a $2 million dollar view – at the top of your blog. Wow! You see THAT from your swing? No wonder you are inspired.

    I love that you have my maiden name in your name Schoenfeld. My maiden name is Schon (somewhere along the way the “e” got dropped). My people came across the ocean from Wurtenburg, Germany. When I visited Germany in 2000 I could see why my ancestors loved and settled in Pennsylvania. It looked like home to them.

    Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment. It was good being here.


  3. How wonderfully inspired, looks like by those Tuscan scenes of olive groves and the golden sky.

    I love how you evoked my imaginations beyond your words. I could almost hear the sax “blowing the sky cloudless”.

  4. I loved reading about you up-and-personal in this inimitable style only a Claudia can write. Thank you,
    and thanks for this great poetry site
    where all can read, comment or write….


  5. The last line and the picture go so very well together! =)
    There is almost a movement in the picture as though the clouds were moving away.
    I can very much imagine what the scene would look like if you did indeed “blow the sky cloudless” with the music.

  6. …oh Claudia, da bist du ja wieder… habe dich erst am 4.8. zurück erwartet…*grins*,
    als ich zurück kam aus Griechenland, bist du gerade aufgebrochen und nun lässt du in wunderschönen Worten uns mit-erleben… vielen Dank!

    Ich werde deine Gedichte vermissen, denn ich bin vier Wochen nicht online…
    aber diese Zeit der Ruhe genieße ich auch… wenn ich zurück bin, kann ich mich freuen über das, was du in Reimform erzählst…
    liebe Grüße von Cosima…

  7. I can see how that view would inspire such great poetry…and those clouds look like they would take a tenor to blow them away, so put the alto back in the closet.

  8. I love how you weave your words and express your sentiments. They’re always beautiful. But it doesn’t hurt to be inspired by Tuscany, huh?

    What a breathtaking photo.

  9. What an amazing view, how beautiful to be playing your instrument there…”blow the sky cloudless”. How wonderful; welcome back!

  10. loving your lines here – “I catch the wind, trying
    to shut down the voices,” – and my favourite – “blow the sky cloudless” – such a beauteous line – to blow the sky cloudless – this whole piece screams of wanderlust – to go beyond trace and drift around a cloudless sky! nice!

  11. Lovely words and oh, I know, what it feels like to race at the limit continually, seemingly endlessly, and then come and be enfolded in … rest.