Rome/Piazza della Rotonda


it feels like having sex with someone
you just met a minute back
but in reality been waiting for for years

like there was never anyone
to blend with seamlessly, yes

this is Rome,

Forgot my dress but realize
only as i sit on
Piazza della Rotonda,

i’m longing
for my heels when music
wraps the Pantheon, a saxman

splashing tunes like rainbow droplets,
fat italian mamas swinging hips,

lost amidst the fountain, i
cheer kids with cherry eyes

japanese across the street
pierce city maps
in clueless struggle for direction,

I forget
where i am heading,
it doesn’t matter as

i’ll never leave this place again,
its vibrant energy & earthy charm,

i fall to pieces
between cobblestone

And when i go to bed tonight,
i won’t brush my teeth because i
just can’t bear to lose her taste

yep – i fell heavily in love with this city…maybe you can see it by the way i smile..don’t you think i look italian…smiles – this pic was taken yesterday after a visit at the vatican museums, soaked with art on 42.000 square meters….on the right-hand side is the pantheon (absolutely breath-taking) and piazza della rotonda where i sat while writing this poem on my first day in rome

tonight you’ll find me over at dVerse Poets Pub, washing glasses all night – so grab a dishcloth, join me and i’ll tell you a bit about Rome…but serious warning…by the end of the evening you will be deaf..smiles


62 responses to “Rome/Piazza della Rotonda

  1. You really bring Rome to life, can tell you loved it there. Just with the picture alone, but the words help too..haha. Although the whole not brushing your teeth idea might not be all that great..LOL…..wonderfully written, nice how you just want everything about it to stick to you and never wash away.

  2. this is exactly how i think it would feel for me as well visiting that fair city…and doubt i would brush my teeth either…ha…love that line…good to have you back claudia…

  3. I love Rome too. I love Italy. Must have been Italian in some other life because I also love the food, and the men… (Don’t tell my husband.)

    So glad you’re enjoying yourself. You do look happy in the photo.

  4. You do look Italian! You must be absorbing the vibe through your chromosomes or something. A fun and energetic poem here, full of a sense of place that makes you want to go book a flight. *today.* Enjoyed it much, but probably not as much as you enjoyed being there.

  5. This really reminded me of the vibrant energy of Rome. “Never cross the street when the cars are coming, they wont’ stop.” my friend Angelo always warned me.

  6. And when i go to bed tonight,
    i won’t brush my teeth because i
    just can’t bear to lose her taste

    Lovely, thanks for bringing us along on your love affair with Rome! I could hear the scooters and the saxophone music, la dolce vita!

  7. Render to Rome all your soul desires … this poem says you’re reaping a great return. You lucky rat. – Brendan

  8. I was there once, long ago…a teenage girl mesmerized by sights and smells…You absorb it somehow,….it slips beneath skin, never leaving you and then of course, you’re never the same again:) Beautiful, your words and smiling face…

  9. you look ecstatic and gorgeous and, yes, Italian! a wonderful, vivid, made-me-feel-like-i-was-there poem, Claudia. ♥ glad you had a good time, but happy you’re home.

  10. …wow… and who would not fall to Rome..? com’on.. it’s one of the most coveted place one must get in to… i believe when you’re there it’s like meeting with the gods and goddesses of Rome… the classic beauty still remains intact… i envy you… you’re so lucky to have reached a heaven place like that… i like your luscious descriptions here splendida signora! you do look an Italian lady.. welcome back and thank you for the treats…(:

  11. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Rome, a place dripping with history & charisma…you describe the feeling of being there wonderfully! loved the ‘splashing tunes like rainbow droplets’ ~ great line.. 🙂

  12. Places where you can just get lost in, I’ve found in my travels, are some of the best places to be at. I’ve never been to Italy though, yet high on my list, especially since I’m half italian, but I feel you brought the atmosphere, and for that I say thanks for the read, very well-done IMO.

  13. Rome was lucky to have you =)
    I know how hot it was and loved our visit there just a few years ago. Don’t you just love feeling the history? The Pantheon, Colliseum, Vatican… amazing art everywhere. You made me laugh at the tourists with their noses in a map! Im glad your head was up and your heart open, so you could take it all in as you fell to pieces into the cobblestone. Thanks for taking me back!
    And when i go to bed tonight,
    i won’t brush my teeth because i
    just can’t bear to lose her taste

  14. Ravished by Rome…a sultry and illuminating write…with a touch of peachy imagery too… Put me in mind of a stunning movie called ‘Room in Rome’ I loved this film and your poem also….its a keeper…smiles

  15. Your poem takes me back there. Be sure to go to the Piazza Navone (I think that’s the one) for the best gelato anywhere. Rome’s a great walkable city.

  16. It is a very long story, but something like this happened to me in Erfurt, Germany, of all places, in what had been a communist party social hall but had become — a church. Itwas as if I had come home.

    Good poem, Claudia.

  17. Oh Lovely, and yes, Mama Mia!! You look Italian!

    Such a wonderful song to the Eternal City!

    Brava….especially love the line: “I fall to pieces between cobblestones”.

    Marvelous…with great passion!

    Lady Nyo

  18. thank you for taking me on a mini-euro vacation.. the pictures compliment your words nicely and yes, memorable cities somehow get under our skin..

    so glad you had a grand time..

  19. Well, colour me but a tad envious…i won’t hold it against you, rather I will thank you for sharing a few of the moments with us. I’ve often wondered what Rome is like, and your words share her better than the movies I’ve been relying on…and Welcome back! You’ve been missed 🙂

  20. Nice finish on your painting, Claudia. I look forward to visiting Europe soon, and many of my colleagues have raved about Rome to me. You’ve done a great job of capturing what it means to you, right in this moment. Cheers!

  21. Claudia,
    It’s amazing! You must have loved Rome so dearly having fun times in a classic city. A city that blends past and present so perfectly. Thanks for sharing!


  22. I am in love with Rome too. So beautiful and charming. The Vatican was amazing, wasn’t it? I even took the 300 steps up to see the entire city at my feet. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  23. Um…sputter choke…as a strict Lesbyterian, I think I misinterpreted that last bit, upon first reading! You meant, of course, Rome. I knew that. *gets real interested in imaginary lint*

    It’s a beautiful, dreamy poem, Claudia.

  24. I’ve been enjoying all the photos you’ve been posting, and they’ve been stunning, but this piece makes them mere illustrations. Your sensual affair with a city is brazenly laid out for all of us to see and feel. And boy do we feel, see, hear and taste it!

    You know how I love how you capture all the senses in your explosive descriptions? Here you have immersed us deeply in The Eternal City. And now your observations and emotions about it will be pretty close to eternal, too. Stunning.

    Thanks for the ride, Claudia. Now where’d you put my mop? 😉

  25. sigh…I shall get there some day and visit some of my roots. A beautiful tribute to a city that sings with a passion that bubbles up from empty bottles & holy alters ~

  26. This is exactly how I felt when I visited Florence Claudia, something about these beautiful Italian cities. I’m having a return visit in October and can’t wait.

    Love this bit

    I forget
    where i am heading,
    it doesn’t matter as

    i’ll never leave this place again,

    You’ll carry that with you forever Claudia. Beautiful write my friend.

  27. From the heart of a true “Roman-tic”
    Enjoy the rest of your trip…
    Splendid poem! 🙂

  28. it feels like having sex with someone
    you just met a minute back
    but in reality been waiting for for years

    You had right from the first Claudia!! As someone who has traveled through Italy I understand the feelings you describe. Truly felt as if I was sitting there with you….and I was smiling as wide as you were!

  29. You brought me back several years, Claudia, to a magnificant city, sensual, majestic; tho you didn’t mention it I could smell the cheese, taste the wine, feel the warm air…wish I were there. Thanks for sharing..

  30. Lovely! I’m glad you’ll never truly leave Rome so you can share it with the rest of us.

  31. Oh, thanks for bringing me to Rome with you. So much to savor…tantalizing all the senses. Lucky you. Will you ever, or have you posted a recording of you playing sax? I bet the poet in you shines forth there too.