flying fish

you fed me flying fish
on moon nights, silver shining
from the lake and
fen fires in our boat,

lying heavy winged all night and you
were pushing up my shirt
so you could feel my heart.

i told you of strange dreams
with seamless knitting ladies chasing
me and you would smile
and draw me closer,

asking if i saw the moonlight
dance for us,

there was no room for fear–
hoarse lips melting on me,

we could’ve split
the lake-deep silent surface with our laughter,
reverberate on wavering wooden planks,

your eyes like charcoal,
northern lights shone on your tongue

and from the base range greenish mermaids
guarded all our moves,

wading slowly deeper

we swam those swarming lakes eyes open

and the mosquitos ate us alive
when we drowned that day

we’re opening the doors at dVerse Poets Pub today, a place to share your poetry, meet friends, receive feedback and get inspired…join us for the first OpenLinkNight which starts at 3pm EST

I also want to say thanks again to a wonderful team at One Stop Poetry which closes its gates today. Thanks to Pete, Leslie, Adam, Brian, Gay and Chris for a wonderful time and thanks to all of you who have supported and encouraged us this past year. 


80 responses to “flying fish

  1. Claudia, I adore you. The opening stanza is so beautiful, a gem. You capture me and my imagination from the jump. The transitions and metaphors are all neatly placed, the enjambments roll like butter off freshly baked crumpets. When I finished reading this poem, I just sighed. I could crawl up with a big blanket, cup of hot tea, and your poetry, and dream all day. Thank you O’ poet for sharing your tremendous gift.

  2. The color and imagery is so rich, with pain at the end to keep it real. This phrase

    seamless knitting ladies chasing me

    -is so odd, I don’t know whether to laugh or be afraid.

  3. Vintage, Claudia…in a strong field this was a beautiful winner..and yes, one of my choices 🙂 mesmerising visually and aurally… the language rolls around on my tongue….. have you sold the film rights yet..?

  4. Claudia, the music that is your words makes me want to dance! Again, the imagery amazing, comes to life brilliantly when we speak these words outloud. Here’s to you for your amazing contributions to poetry…and to us!

  5. Claudia, when I read your poetry, and this in in particular…the moment disappears and I am THERE…inside the poem, at the edge of my chair.

    This poem evokes an immediateness that haunts me through the day.

    For me, a poem must relate/transport, but speak deeply to my own experience, or to heighten it. This does.

    The visualizations sing!

    Lady Nyo

  6. You rock babee!! 😉 This is just exquisite, loved :

    “pushing up my shirt
    so you could feel my heart” AND
    “we swam those swarming lakes eyes open…”

    Now the mosquitoes took me to a much too hot and itchy scene.


  7. Congratulations on this Claudia! I enjoyed it before and even more now. Thanks to you and Brian for breaking open the bubbly, getting the house open and greeting the guests. All we have to do now is come and enjoy. I never will know how you do all the things you do. Great working with you and wonderful to know you live and in person!

  8. Lovely! I am immersed in your words as the flow down into that other world.

  9. This piece just jumps off the page with each word and comes to life. Amazingly wrote! Hate those damn mosquitoes too, stupid things.

  10. This was, I believe, the *winner* of FEPC’s Creative Challenge recently? Congrats and congrats again on d’Verse coming to fruition. Great times…

    loves ya Cloudy

  11. I love this distinctly northern piece, it is refreshing in content and setting. ‘northern lights shone on your tongue’ – almost Aboriginal in feeling.

  12. One of those poems that has the essence of immediacy, I was there, sharing the experience. Well deserved winner of FEPC’s Creative Challenge.

  13. I had a feeling this was yours when I saw it over at Facial Expressions–loved it then, love it now, and it was even better on the reread. ‘..your eyes like charcoal,
    /northern lights shone on your tongue..” just beautiful.

  14. “you fed me flying fish
    on moon nights, silver shining
    from the lake and
    fen fires in our boat…”

    Words that comes to mind Salmons, intimate, private moment shared…between two people.

    Hi! Claudia…
    Once again your written and spoken words are…beautiful!…I wasn’t aware that this is/was an award winning poem…However, after reading your poem I can truly understand why this poem won.
    Thanks, for sharing!
    deedee 😉

  15. This was one of my choices for the creative challenge…I enjoy it more each time I read it. Lovely piece with the power to transport the reader.

  16. Oof, wow, gorgeous opening to the event, Claudia. Vivid and colorful and textured…so many things I might say, that only scratch the surface of its quality. It’s a lovely new venture you and Brian are starting up here – and you’ve kicked it off with a bang! Cheers to you, my friend and companion on the One Stop trail!

  17. Claudia, you keep outdoing yourself everytime I visit here.

    northern lights shone on your tongue…
    greenish mermaids guarded all our moves…

    What a delectable buffet of imagery. Thanks for sharing!

  18. First let me say congratulations to you , Brian and the rest of the gang.. Beautiful place you have here.. Think I’ll be here awhile..
    Now your loverly poem.. it’s just that.., warm, a bit comical (as love can be)..

    you are a true poetess..

  19. I could stay here and read this over and over. Claudia, what a perfect way to begin this venture. I am honored to be even ALLOWED to post here. Feel so humbled. Oops! A flying fish just jumped down my shirt.

    Oh, it was only…..

  20. Congratulations on winning FEPC’s Creative Challenge ~ this is an exquisite poem with your trademark passion and vivid imagery and the something very special that is yours and yours alone. really stunning, Claudia! ♥

  21. My husband and I (when we were dating and just before we got engaged) went camping and “fishing” in WI. Oh the memories… This takes me back 🙂

  22. I think if there was no such thing as reading, we merely sensed our poems, I could pick out one by you, Claudia. The intensity of sensory input, vivid images and strong emotion have become your hallmark. This piece is a case in point. Thank you, my friend. For everything.

  23. Holy sh*t. This gave me goosebumps.
    and this might be the most amazing 3 lines ever…
    “lying heavy winged all night and you
    were pushing up my shirt
    so you could feel my heart.”

  24. I love this poem. I loved it in the contest, cheered as you won and loved reading it again tonight. The imagery and metaphorical meanings woven throughout are captivating. I wonder, do they serve flying fish at the pub?



  25. When a great write and the last stanza being eaten alive and drowning puts such a twist to this romantic piece…very nice reading Claudia…thank you..bkm

  26. Oh, Claudia, this is beautiful! I have such a vivid picture in my mind from the words you’ve given. Love these lines, “your eyes like charcoal,
    northern lights shone on your tongue” 🙂

  27. Congratulations! What a wonderful day for celebrations… beautiful poetry and friends.
    There is nothing like being on the still, silence of a lake in the dark of night… suspended between depths and heighths… you captured it. I especially love the ethereal echo of your recordings… very romantic. I am cheering you on!

  28. Claudia… This is so amazing and when i heard from the audio clipping it brought such vivid picture in front of me… Amazing piece, 🙂

  29. Oh the places you go my freind…and the journey there is like like like the bestest simile’. Cheers on opening nite. *Clink!*

  30. Love your poem. So sad about One Stop. Still I’m glad you’ll still be around. I’ll visit your new site and join in the fun. Thanks for being so dedicated to your art and tolerating those of us who are just learning, experimenting and enjoying.

  31. ok, here is my excuse…i was saving the best for last…smiles. loved it the first time i read it…love it now…well deserving of the win it received…smiles.

  32. finally crawling back around to the pub to follow up with everyone– congrats on an amazing opening night! 🙂 you and i seem to have been on the same wavelength– those hot nights, and moonlight on the water… this is a gorgeous piece, and i love love those last two lines.

  33. Really enjoyed this piece, just well done every part of it, again,congrats on D’verse

  34. Hey Claudia…sorry it took me so long to get to this. Been a hectic week over here. A fine thanks right back at you my friend – it was a pleasure working with one as talented as yourself, and your news digs – the Verse – are looking fine. Lovely atmosphere for a pub!

    And speaking of atmosphere…this poem’s got it, and mastered it. Sensual, and ever the intense string of images – “I can feel / hear the water lapping over the innocence of a hot summer night” absolutely gorgeous.