it still happens

i walk into magnetic fields
and realize it the moment
when i see them,

pausing at the edge of harvest
half a salad field behind, a second half ahead
and they are young and wild somehow

Her eyes are glued down to her hands,
digging trenches into fertile soil; his eyes
dig trenches into her

i wonder what she’s grubbing for,
a harbor for her heart because she fears
that it would wash away, with all the earth around,
not really grounded?

I find the answer as i view,
the farmer, sitting close enough
but not too close to zero in on her,

he understands the principle of seed
and yielding when the time is ripe

As i walk on, i ponder if i’ve ever seen such loads
of tenderness, squished in between a pick up, sweat,
dirt of a hard day’s work

& slowly moving clouds
none of them saw

are you dVerse…? you should meet us at the Poets Pub when we push open the doors for you..19th of july..


24 responses to “it still happens

  1. So Claudia a lot of your pieces feel like they are written in your head as you walk or ride a bike. The quiet observer of life. Is this true.

    This is filled with so many images and metaphors, great!

    • yes randy..i almost never write in closed rooms…and i saw these two field workers on one of my was just like a flash hitting me because there was so much going on…smiles and on my way back home i typed the first draft of the poem into my iphone…

  2. You’ve really embraced and breathed through the landscape of this poem, the last two stanzas I find especially powerful. You’ve “captured” the wilderness of nature and its intrinsic connection to and through us beautifully. Great read.

  3. I’m out of superlatives to describe your poetry Claudia. You have the gift to be great. I absolute love the phrase “…a harbor for her heart….” It’s so sweet it gives me goosebumps as well shiver. Another gorgeous piece. My friend, you continue to inspire me, and not many do or have done so. A great poetic write.

  4. Claudia, I love this. I smiled at your reply to Randy because sometimes when I am walking something hits me and I will put the idea on my iPhone before it floats away 🙂

  5. Planting seed and young plants is one of the most pleasurable and intense experiences, yet utterly calming and meditative as well, and you’ve captured both that, and the currents of personal emotion and event surrounding your characters, as always in succinct yet eloquent and lyric language.

    In other words, I liked it a lot, ;_)

  6. Yes, we will join for the opening day ~

    I like that you transformed an ordinary walk/scene into a lovely work. Love these lines:

    As i walk on, i ponder if i’ve ever seen such loads
    of tenderness, squished in between a pick up, sweat,
    dirt of a hard day’s work

  7. Claudia! YOU, and others few (Brian is one) have that ability to inject yourself deep into the ‘feelings’ of anything–everything. A blade of grass, a field of salad, a lad and lassie, amazing! Sometimes then you can write from the inside OUT! I am learning from you Peeps, if not how to write, then at least how to ENJOY good poetry and prose.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on ‘Dimension’

  8. I felt like I was walking right beside you as I listen to the poem…I so enjoy the way you develop your poems….they are so well crafted.

  9. Claudia,
    This one is fertile and full. I love it. I got a good feel for the land and what might spring forth from it’s soil; and I also felt the tension and attraction between the two characters. Great write!

  10. I can never write in a close room either. I think I write better when surrounded by people and activity. I love your writing by the way. Strikes a cord. So subtly too.

  11. I wonder how much dirt was trapped under their fingernails as evidence of connection. You are very engaged in life which translates into what you write.

  12. I can smell the earth clinging to this one… feel the sun’s heat. I tweet a lot if walking with iPhone…you just reminded me to go grab some off my twitter from last weekend(smiles). Excellent write, as always ~

  13. ah, there is something spiritual about putting your hands in the earth, hard work and planting seeds. you do that with your verse you know…some nice subtleties to this one as well…write on my friend…

  14. look, i know you are sleeping and all, but this guy just showed up at the pub with 300 pounds of snow crab legs, says there is this party tomorrow…you know anything about this?

  15. “i walk into magnetic fields”

    your words draw us into the magnetic field which is Claudia… an alive, vibrant, passionate field that resonates like no other. i often type into my cellphone, but never anything as amazing as you write. this is beautiful! ♥

  16. very nice poem, Claudia– good luck to all of you w/ d’verse poetry pub. I wonder if you meant “Fast asleep”– not “vast asleep” in poem?