under construction

Slicing peaches palatable,
i’m staring at your ruins,
scaffolds spread on open wounds
like bandages to stop the bleeding.

And as i look around,
there’s no one left to build the walls.

My knife scrapes hard
on worn down bricks,
juices spilling over hand & arms,
dripping slowly to the floor
and for a moment look like blood
before they seep away
between my feet

you look so peaceful and you know
that i’ve adored your beauty

Milky trickles turn to streams
and flood my oat flake towers

When i was a child,
we built a world of dreams & heaps of sand
and this is what i think of

as i sit down
to watch the sunrise

Thanks Adam and Chris for the second to last One Shoot today and thanks for everything you’ve done and for being such an inspiration. It’s good to know you.
I’ll be having my last Spotlight over at One Stop on the 19th of July and then my time there comes to an end as well –  a good and valuable time where I’ve learned much, met many fantastic people and formed friendships I wouldn’t want to miss anymore…yep but won’t disappear from the poetic blogworld.. so…see you around..

The above picture is shot by Manchester-based lifestyle and travel Photographer Neil Alexander.


42 responses to “under construction

  1. beautiful it sounds like you’ve come to look and absorb the atmosphere but it takes you not just back to its past but also to yours ….thank you

  2. i thought i had prepared myself for this…dang you claudia…they are not blood but tears…thank you for awesome times at OSp…you were the perfect person for the spot and you flourished…as you will continue to do well after…nice bit of commentary in those lines as well…see you soon my friend…

  3. Claudia, a gorgeous write. “scaffolds spread on open wounds like bandages to stop the bleeding…” simply perfect!

  4. Oh my.. so many great metaphors here Claudia..
    We build things, from dreams or reality, and then one day we look up and they are never more.
    You are a good poet(ess)

    Gracious, I do believe the entire crew is leaving.. I do understand the need for growth.
    Thank you for the One Shot you did on me.I shall never lose that link(ha!)
    You are good people…

  5. Beautiful poetry… I am sad you guys are leaving OSP just when I started to enjoy the entries and met some terrific writers like yourself.

    Please don’t disappear from the blogger world … I am learning a lot from you guys~

  6. Love hearing you read your work, Claudia!
    “When i was a child,
    we built a world of dreams & heaps of sand
    and this is what i think of”
    Your poetry is always full of vivid detail and palpable sentiment, and in this piece the speaker’s emotion is conveyed clearly through the natural imagery. Sad, and yet life does go on. Thank you so very much, Claudia. For everything you’ve done, which was quite a lot.

  7. Methinks Adam and I are resonating on almost the same frequency today from his selection of image he wrote on, and the lines from you poem he chose which were:

    “When i was a child,
    we built a world of dreams & heaps of sand
    and this is what i think of”

    Indeed, Claudia…and I do believe for many of us, that child lives on inside our physical body. The body ages, but the spirit-being which we truly are never does, as we move through this dream called life.

    Nicely woven into a luxurious fabric that reminds my for some reason of a “Yes” album entitled, “Tales from Topographic Oceans.”

    Roger ☺

  8. i like the poem, but i am sidetracked by everyone leaving one stop at once. what on earth is going on over there? i like osp, what are we gonna do without it?

  9. This is gorgeous, the whole thing…”as I look around, there’s no one left to build the walls” such a palpable sadness throughout.

    So sad to hear you’re leaving, too! All of you are brilliant, and I’ve come to love your work. I’ll keep reading 🙂

  10. So casual, so homey…it grounds us almost in a dream, a daydream, that any of us could have, staring out the window as we do some other chore, dreaming of places far and away, like the image above. As Louise noted – a wonderful weave of fantasy and fact. It’s entrancing. Always so emotional, descriptive, and utterly creative…always an inspiration, Claudia.

    It has been such a wonder working with you. You’d better still visit post-OSP. I know I couldn’t keep away from your lovely works!

  11. It’s amazing how you made breakfast out of this building, weaving it into a normal morning’s waking, like towers coming out of a misty dream or memory. I loved it, Claudia–original to the core, and full of your own sparkly voice.

  12. Claudia, I’m so glad to be visiting your blog again. I missed reading your wonderful poetry. Sad to hear you’re leaving One Shot. You’ve contributed so much there. But, I’ll keep reading this blog as long as you post on it.

  13. I just read you are leaving One Shot, impossible to comprehend as one of the pillars of the poetic world of the web, I hope I will still get to be reading your work Claudia

  14. you too?!? I will continue to read. 😉

    Your poem is beautiful, full of metaphor “i’m staring at your ruins,
    scaffolds spread on open wounds
    like bandages to stop the bleeding.”
    And I like this “juices spilling over hand & arms,
    dripping slowly to the floor”

    Your poem conveys the feeling that life, dreams, etc., are always under construction…lovely write.

  15. I like what Hedgewitch said – you made breakfast out of this building. But obviously something else is going on:

    “as i look around,
    there’s no one left to build the walls.”

    -This is how I (and I’m sure a lot of other people) feel about suddenly learning of all these departures from One Stop. But your poem assures me that you’ll still be here and I’ll still be able to bask in your poetry. That’s all that matters.

  16. Really enjoyed getting to know you through your work and through One Stop honey, the poem is beautiful, and I hope to see you over at FEPC soon. Big love and big respect for all the effort you’ve put in x

  17. The opening lines come clanging with tympanis but your lines smoothens with violins and deepens toward the end with heart thrums from cellos–your voice for me made music out of this! It’s always been quite an experience reading your poems and now that I can leave a reply, you say goodbye! But I’ll look for you for sure–how can’t I not attached as I am with your poetry! Thanks again, Claudia, for your encouraging words on my pieces!

  18. I am so in awe by the fact that you have only been writing poetry for a year?, I think is what you have said. You must have had its gift in your heart for your whole life and it was just waiting for you to pick up a pen because your poetry has a distinct voice that takes most writers a lifetime to discover.

    Many blessings on your new beginnings. I will continue to enjoy your poems no matter what you’re doing or where you are (that is unless you change blogs and don’t tell anyone – smiles)

  19. Once again, your creative blending of imagery, offering only a tidbit to nurture the soul of your readers. Definitely hope to continue you to see you around blogland!

  20. a stunning poem, as always! ♥ i didn’t realize you’re leaving OSP, too. i want to thank you for the wonderful contributions you made there and especially for all of the encouragement you have given me. i’ll keep showing up here for my Claudia fix!

  21. Interesting for me to read this since similar metaphors have haunted me lately also. They don’t seem any happier flowing from your pen as mine. Strange to be kindred to a soul so far away.

  22. Your imagination is fascinating. I enjoy your constructs. Neatly placed are your metaphors, never contrived. Another gorgeous piece from a truly fantastic poet.

  23. “Slicing peaches palatable,
    i’m staring at your ruins,
    scaffolds spread on open wounds
    like bandages to stop the bleeding.

    And as i look around,
    there’s no one left to build the walls…”

    Hi! Claudia…
    Once again, your spoken words as well as your written words are very beautiful too!
    Claudia, your words compliment the photograph too! Oh! yes, it looks like a building that is under construction,but in reality it’s a photograph Of an ancient ruin.
    Claudia, I too am disappointed to read about your departure from OSP…..However, all I can say, is good-luck in your future [poetic and non-poetic] endeavors.
    deedee 🙂