not sure about peter pan


sitting at the den-tist &
the room looks like a “we-are-
living-now-and-better” jungle
in the heart of Africa. But this
is Germany, techno-logically cool
& i forgot my jacket…shivering–

outside the window pain i’m
counting pub signs, mostly
birds and mostly big ones- –
eagles, swans – and hopefully
the food is as majestic–

Anesthetic-foamed waves
wash me to shores of Never-
land, i’m counting sand grains,
drink to Peter Pan & narcotized

recalling all the birds i know in
every language i can think of–

Well he saved my tooth, that’s
something, right? i wonder if he
etches marks into the barks of
deep-in-forest trees, a list
with all the teeth he boldly rescued
& when feeling sad, pulls out to

read. i’m keeping track for him,
blood-red dots on mold-made paper,
neatly rolled & held together
with a scarlet ribbon, bleeding
from the roots, you know i liked

his eyes – can’t recall the color though
& never was that fond of Pixie Hollow

just a bit of friday fun….ugh…was at the dentist today..


10 responses to “not sure about peter pan

  1. Hi! Claudia…
    Even your experience at the dentist is a very poetic read…I really like your play “with” words such as:[“outside the window pain”] which is a very nice touch too…This Friday fun poem is very well-written too!

    [Claudia, I hope that you, have a pleasant week-end and your readers that celebrate the 4th Of July, have a pleasant week-end too]
    Thanks, for sharing!
    deedee 😉

  2. ok, the dentist brings a lot less beautiful pictures to mind for me…ha…some great word play as i well…i see…

    etches or itches? sp?

  3. Dang it might just be a window pane if not for the dentist. I need to go, and I try to hide from it. You may have provided a path for me to follow while I sit with my grimace disallowed by prodding hands and eyes peering into the depths of me.

  4. Claudia, I smiled because last time I was at the dentist I pulled out my iPhone and I wrote a poem. I am glad I am not the only one :). Glad he saved the tooth, I feel like I was there 🙂

    • hehe…this was written on my iphone as well..then i took the pic while he went out of the room for a moment…crazy poets aren’t we..? smiles

  5. i hate the dentist! even when it’s just for a teeth cleaning – something about being held into that chair for a whole hour that gets me, and i always have to distract myself. i think the last time i thought about a mystery movie or something… i loved your poem, it made me smile (but i’m sorry you had pain.)

  6. happy the tooth was saved and great imagery in your words and a great image. sorry for your pain. hope you have a good weekend, Claudia! ♥