Albinio beach

her voice scratches hoarse
like jazz brushes,
i’m deaf to sounds of life around

it’s just the sea and i,
her crotchets
rip me into pieces

gurgling moistness
kisses love-bleached sand,
like a tango dancer, smiling
from behind a sun-soaked veil

i’m staring spellbound
at her beauty, shiver at
her tenderness and almost
start to cry, a myriad of

salty droplets on my skin,
she’s closing in on me,
licking me feverishly
with a smaragd liquid tongue

i’m letting go,
adjust my heartbeat to
her pulse and hit her depths

with the tuscan sun


this week’s poetics prompt at dVerse Poets Pub is all about water… and i just spent a breath-taking week in tuscany for a saxophone workshop but at least with enough time for two visits at the beach.. smiles… my commenting will still be a bit delayed as i’m in Rome for a few days..see ya soon..


meeting the bar

there is graffiti
between the dark and I’m
not sure when I will leave that tunnel,

cheer the bold or those lunatic
sick and odd enough
to spray their lives
onto the walls

traffic jammed & windows open,
wondering if I’ll suffocate on exhaust fumes,

thinking of last night, when
we fucked uninhibited until we crashed
unconscious to the floor, I’m

counting car lights, worn down faces,
music level 12 ; you told me i’m extreme,

nervousness, pressed tight
against wet concrete and pale mildew
splays on dark-grey tunnel walls,

i die amidst the crowd and no one sees
but a drizzling highways’ sprayer,
riding for a fall to bring some off-beat color
to a road I won’t remember

i’m linking up with the new form and crit forum at dVerse Poets Pub – a place to learn and hone our craft. this is where we will receive and give honest and constructive crit and grow our poetic skillz.

as i’m heading for my holidays tomorrow morning, i won’t be able to return comments and i’ll be offline for most of the time until august 2nd.. from friday morning on i have enabled comment moderation to keep spam away while i’m gone..just in case you’re wondering…see you soon..

flying fish

you fed me flying fish
on moon nights, silver shining
from the lake and
fen fires in our boat,

lying heavy winged all night and you
were pushing up my shirt
so you could feel my heart.

i told you of strange dreams
with seamless knitting ladies chasing
me and you would smile
and draw me closer,

asking if i saw the moonlight
dance for us,

there was no room for fear–
hoarse lips melting on me,

we could’ve split
the lake-deep silent surface with our laughter,
reverberate on wavering wooden planks,

your eyes like charcoal,
northern lights shone on your tongue

and from the base range greenish mermaids
guarded all our moves,

wading slowly deeper

we swam those swarming lakes eyes open

and the mosquitos ate us alive
when we drowned that day

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I also want to say thanks again to a wonderful team at One Stop Poetry which closes its gates today. Thanks to Pete, Leslie, Adam, Brian, Gay and Chris for a wonderful time and thanks to all of you who have supported and encouraged us this past year. 

One Shoot – to the water

She never really asked him–

But he felt drawn
and so he stayed all day,

wondering if it were mice or rats
that made her seem so inapproachable

He just stood
and watched her for a while
before he started counting

five and seven, five..and

An old pond!
A frog jumps in—
the sound of water.

That was when she started smiling,
so he cited haikus until late

and when the sun went down,
he took her to the water.

I found her bra next morning on the shore

and never wrote a haiku since

today is the last one shoot sunday and i want to say a big thanks to Chris and Adam for weeks and weeks of excellent photographer features and picture prompts. it was an honor to be on a team with them. the photo was shot by  Rosie Hardy  – check out the interview over at One Stop Poetry.

(and in case you’re looking for the construction poem…it’s further down…)

dVerse: & so it started

i found you lying
in between the gravel in the driveway,

Someone put you there
while i was vast asleep

When i picked you up,
it was still dark outside,

mist hung in my hair
like cobwebs,

You looked small, adventurous & vulnerable
and i liked the way you felt

between my fingers,
there was weight, worth carrying

Through the day i realized
that you were my dream

Poets, weaving webs around the world,
tossing ink pots over polished floors,

sitting soaked in shining pub light,
talking nights away

like we were never strangers ‘cos

we found art in one another’s eyes

so while we’re still busy, polishing floors and hanging curtains, we are in DESPERATE need of a poetry break.. and just can’t wait until the official opening on the 19th… and brian already ordered 300 pounds of crab legs for today.. haha… so hope to see you there for sharing your construction, beginnings, start-up, pub life, whatever verse with us at dVerse Poets Pub  ..pop in and say Hi.. 3pm EST

it still happens

i walk into magnetic fields
and realize it the moment
when i see them,

pausing at the edge of harvest
half a salad field behind, a second half ahead
and they are young and wild somehow

Her eyes are glued down to her hands,
digging trenches into fertile soil; his eyes
dig trenches into her

i wonder what she’s grubbing for,
a harbor for her heart because she fears
that it would wash away, with all the earth around,
not really grounded?

I find the answer as i view,
the farmer, sitting close enough
but not too close to zero in on her,

he understands the principle of seed
and yielding when the time is ripe

As i walk on, i ponder if i’ve ever seen such loads
of tenderness, squished in between a pick up, sweat,
dirt of a hard day’s work

& slowly moving clouds
none of them saw

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parchment paper soft between our lips,
we smoked rebellion filterless,
sitting on pavements, lolled in
poster-plastered rooms,
the lush-me-green park or forbidden
quarry ponds next town, inhaling

pipes of freedom, world-less peace,
release-ing tiny dragons, tunneling
our lungs like oriental trains,
badged with the fear of falling black,
etched fat upon our foreheads

And their remnants fell like soldiers.

We lived on Che Guevara, blew
our ashes to the wind & bravely blasted
tightly ravelled dreams, fueled with
insist_dance, resistance–
hand-rolled, bent between
our fingers, gambling high scores

shoreless, though never tagged them
good or bad, left/right, dark/light– but
threw them in the air and let ’em fly

(your lips did curl like Tutu seams,
pink ice-scream dreams) & we rolled
drunk with summer-laughter over
clover-covered grass.

But i remember autumn hanging in your hair,

& we kissed hard to keep us warm and like
there’s no tomorrow– and there wasn’t,

so we cut time to tiny mars bar chunks,
thickly sick with politics we didn’t understand
until we faded,

blue with smoke

& caught in the nightfall

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