so we keep falling


through the night
i saw you standing,

on the edge of a dream,
bent lonely into a house,
not your own while

stars kept shining
as if nothing
had you hold

your breath,

as if nothing
made you melt

with what seemed natural
to all of us
and yet it wasn’t,

as i watch,
your dream bends slowly
into me,

susurrated by a voice
i never heard before

and the tissues of dawn
keep falling

with us

The above iPad Drawing was made by Alison Jardine. I was doing a spotlight on her over at One Stop Poetry last Tuesday and today at Friday poetically, we’re writing poems about her beautiful artwork.

17 responses to “so we keep falling

  1. i don’t think you are capable of writing a less than stunning poem, Claudia. perfect for the image, too. have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hey that a VERY good poem–I could even understand it–in its vagueness. And the art work! I LOVE all art–well, almost. This, by Alison, for sure.
    Thank you.

    OH, Claudia, whence came your wonderful Muse?

  3. I don’t know how you manage to be so crisp and clean in choice of language, and so dreamy in mood…esp liked “…bent lonely into a house / not your own…” Good stuff, Claudia.

  4. Oh such a these lines,
    “as i watch,
    your dream bends slowly
    into me,
    susurrated by a voice
    i never heard before”

    when a dream bends into you, that my dear is pure poetry in motion..
    lovely visual and words. thanks you for sharing Claudia!

  5. this image held me for quite some time, but I couldn’t find the words to do it justice (other than silly thoughts i had about the face on the front of the house looking like it was talking out of the side of it’s mouth =) I think someday I may learn to go with those thoughts, but for now… I’m quite glad and satisfied that you found such beautiful expression for a captivating image.
    your dreams bending into me … passionate and powerful. Have a good weekend Claudia!

  6. Okay, I had to look up susurrated. Not only have I learned something new, I’ve enjoyed a wonderful poem. The blending of the image and a dream was brilliant.

  7. Oh, yes. This was like a beautiful dream for me. Perfect representation of the stunning art. I’ll put my response on One Shot Wednesday since I’m so late.

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