it’s – you don’t play enough..

Scratching the morning with
a sharpened knife i cut myself
to pieces– all tiny parts
that seem irrelevant when
laying lifeless, bleeding out on
white tiled floors —

and a mad sun laughs me silent,

I’m speeding over me,
my streets are covered with
deep holes, camouflaged
by fallen cherry blossoms–

There’s no scent nor
can i feel their flowery pulse and
i don’t sing nor love nor

can i bear that longing for
a lake, for waters make me tremble
with a fluid hand and

“You should cry the ocean deep”
says Time–  lips in a snear

“It’s –  you don’t play enough”
whispers the wind,
paragliding through my hair

and i just wish he wouldn’t stop
until i’m lost in loops in wind-swayed chimes,
until my chambers brim with water gnomes

and i forget my name

until he gently takes me and–

i let him.


14 responses to “it’s – you don’t play enough..

  1. oh, just a beautiful, beautiful poem…you are so gifted. Your reading sent shivers (good ones) up my spine…I didn’t think you could beat ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, but you just did! oh, and i just wish he wouldn’t stop… 🙂

  2. The poem has excellent flow, rhythm and imagery Claudia. I love your reading of it as well. There is something to be said for a good reading of a poem & you do an excellent job. The story speaks to me of depression though, so I am left feeling a little melancholy & wanting to give you a hug. It feels like you think life is getting the best of you & I hope that is not the case for you, rather the speaker in your poem.

  3. i love blossom showers…they are romantic in themselves…the longing in this can be felt…and i really like those last couple lines, wish i would have thought of them…smiles.

    did you miss me?

  4. Claudia…
    this one broke my heart. Reminded me how often we have to self-destruct, completely come apart, before we can reconstruct ourselves to our own better version.

  5. Louise captured my feeling as I listen to you read this “stunningly beautiful”..still sitting here thinking about the poem. Was für ein wunderbares Gedicht!

  6. what a wonderful, playful title, and you carry that good energy into the piece, add some depth and produce yet another little gem. you make it look so easy, and i know it’s not, at least not usually:) (if it good writing does come easily for you, i don’t want to hear about it:)