ART Basel & touched

three hundred galleries & history
invaded by the artists of the world
i’m moving amongst forty thousands,
there’s still room to breathe in holy halls
until art grabs me, first a light touch

on my hair, feels feathery and makes


a single color slowly sliding
up my arm and with firm hand
bends back my neck to kiss me
vulnerable and exposed, exhibited,
parting my lips with

sudden fierceness & his colored tongue,
invades the choir of my—

vocal chords,

i’m sensing crumbs of oil paint on my teeth,
wanna sing aloud but all i can is
stammer hoarse & splintered words
that make no sense; amidst the crowd
i start to sweat, warm hands glide up
my thighs until i’m shaking heavily like
Shamrock Sundae, stirred until i cannot

stand and leaned against a wall give in,
letting him—-

drag me deep into the dark where
pigment-tainted chambers hide their
secrets from the light, his voice sounds
like a galaxy of structure, pressing hard
against him, hanging spell-bound
on his lips as he moves deep and leads
with gentle hand; wrapped tight &
canvas-sheltered, thousand tiny nerves are
pulsing badly and i’m pushing


glasses deep into my face to hide

the eyes that will betray, my lips

get dry and i am rational until i burst,

explode and end up gasping on the floor
when water-colored streams wash me to pieces –



purple droplets dripping wet from
sterile walls and everyone is moving slowly,
hush their voice as in late gothic churches,

weighing, nodding, moving, no one notes
his hand is sweet & moist with what was streaming
from me as i screamed and crunched under
each pencil stroke, so i walk on – one visitor
of forty thousand, watching, weighing, nodding,


..was visiting the ART Basel exhibition last week, the world’s premier international art show for Modern and contemporary works…and..woohoo.. it’s One Shot Wednesday again where we let poetry touch us until we cannot stand…sounds good? come, write a poem and join us…sign up opens today at 5pm EST


51 responses to “ART Basel & touched

  1. Ohhhh Claudia I love this in a way that “love” seems a silly word. My favorite piece by you, my favorite piece for a very long time. I will read it twice more so I can feel what you felt.

  2. Hi! Claudia…
    I would have to say what quite an experience among the [paintings and artist’s work] at the Art Basel Exhibition art gallery. Thanks, for sharing your spoken words, your written words, and the link too!
    deedee 😉

  3. Great energy, pace and pace changes, great interplay of realities, mixing of the internal, the art, the passion, for art and another….you became the/his piece of art….

  4. claudia, this is a gorgeous piece…the visceral reaction to the art…i feel it when i walk among galleries myself…the intimacy….yep….i feel you on this one…great one shot

  5. Oh my! Claudia how can you write like this I keep on wondering… Ditto EXQUISITE, that is the word to describe and review this …

    Greatly done- as always
    hugs, Deutch one 😉
    Burning first day of summer in the Canaries…, BTW.


  6. How you use your words is amazing to me. Every single time. And, this word picture is so intense. I always read your pieces more than once, and this time is no different. Off to read again…

  7. Sounds like a marvelous place to be…especially it could spark such a head-spinner as this. Vivid, intense picture you’ve painted for us here – absolutely dazzling.

  8. Had to be a fab experience to see all this work moving for one form and lighting to another. Obviously it make an emotional impact on you as you have expressed so beautifully in your words..bkm

  9. This was beautiful and just has to be heard in your voice I believe. The overwhelming power of art, you handle it so well. Capturing piece Claudia, much enjoyed! ~ Rose

  10. I think that’s called an artgasm. Sometimes a work of art, a bit of music, does open that door, and you describe the overwhelming sensual response that comes from connecting to it perfectly, Claudia. *fans cheeks* Very deft work..

  11. i often feel overwhelmed in an art gallery – there is such a profusion of image and color! i can appreciate your images here, of trying to maintain a “respectable” outward appearance while being affected so mightily on the inside…

  12. I am often moved to tears in galleries. So seductive, so rich in vision, in meaning and depth; but the passion you bring to this is extraordinary; a unique response to art in your own metaphorical and distinctive voice. Excellent work Claudia. Gay

  13. Smoking piece, this one…I cannot help be curious with wonder of whose pieces lit this fire (smile). Must add this gallery to my list of places to visit one day. A fabulous, sexy write ~

  14. Stunning feel for the art walk… truly a sensuous piece. Love how you have combined the passion within the art pieces, feeling the textures.

  15. This is beautiful Claudia. You always take poetry to that exquisite place. I just saw a Picasso exhibit and can relate to your words here.

  16. Oh…wowwww!! This is by far THE BEST of your poems I have read, Claudia…
    So perfectly you have described the sensations caused by Mr. Art.. yes, it arouses emotions and a sensuality that may otherwise have been dormant…
    I truly salute your imagery here, girl… it’s mind blowing!

  17. Beautifully read in your passionate voice, Claudia. I feel certain that your poetry here, (with your vulnerability and raw creativity) must have matched that of the artist(s) you were looking at. How else could I have experienced the art you were experiencing in the way I just did without seeing it. Wow.

  18. Very well done. Absolutely love the continuity, rolling each stanza into the next, line by line, but those lines/stanzas that break off into a single word/single idea are brilliantly crafted. Thanks so much for sharing this piece, really enjoyed it:)

  19. Claudia,
    A mesmerizing journey. You brought out the best in appreciating art. I feel the same way when walking about in art exhibitions or galleries. Great!

  20. Ooh! I just love these words:

    a single color slowly sliding
    up my arm and with firm hand
    bends back my neck to kiss me…

    Such a sensual exploration of art.

  21. Now this is literally great poetry. It’s content and composition is the stuff of fine art. And the sensual heat “blew” (pun intended) me away. I love the slow burn, if I call to attention how this poem builds to “climax” (pun intended). Claudia, your talent speaks in your work. I am a fan. Please continue to inspire us with your work.