the princess is back

we’re sitting on the floor,
unwrapping ten long months
of vida boliviana – and color
spreads, mingles with spanish
conversation as

she calls a friend to tell her
that she’s safely back and
i don’t understand a word,
just feel the warmth & closeness,
threads of amistad, spreading
across half the globe and

this is where she left her
footprints, where she grew
those wings, sparkling like
sunshine in her smile and there’s
much love as we’re unpacking
story upon story

and it feels like she was never
gone and didn’t change a bit
but in her eyes glimmers another
world – i see the mountains and
the heights and kids with
darkish cherry ojos writing
notes of love and asking “Are there
stars in Germany?”

there are & i know,
i met someone precious today 

my eldest daughter is back home after working for 10 months in a school in la paz, bolivia..


18 responses to “the princess is back

  1. Hi! Claudia…
    When your blog post appeared [on my feed]…I rushed right over and upon viewing your post I thought all you needed to post was the picture…Because in this case a picture is worth a 1000 words…However, since you posted [a poem] that is very beautiful, and a true expression Of a mother’s love for her “prodigal” daughter that have returned home after a long and adventuress journey.
    Thank-you, for sharing!
    deedee 😉

  2. I am smiling and my eyes are tearing — oh the language of flowers, mountains, & oceans meeting shores and the mother -daughter bond, is wonderful ..


  3. big smiles….yay! i know you are immersed in all things princess at this point, or you should be ha…lovely write claudia have a marvelous weekend!

  4. How wonderful Claudia. I know the feeling of a daughter returning home. So nice that she had this opportunity. Que alegria. Love your words of joy.

  5. So glad she has returned to you safe and sound and all the better for her experience.

    Theres such a hole when they spread their wings, its very very difficult to fill.

    Beautiful commentary on her return.

  6. …oh, ich freue mich mit euch! heimkommen ist etwas wunderschönes…
    und wieder hat dein herz gesprochen in worten der liebe, liebe zu deiner tochter…

  7. Awesome.. she’s home.. Lovely photo and lovely words.. Have a wonderful reunion and now no more waiting!!!!

    Happy for you both Claudia!!!

  8. i know the feeling of having a daughter come home after an extended period ~ wonderful!!! and she’s as beautiful as her mother.