i imagine him bent atop his work when
she called – and she never called without
a reason because phone calls cost a fortune
she used to say. this made me divide life’s
events into big enough to cause a call and

so when john injured his leg the other week
or the cows broke through the fence and
we had to run after them throughout the
village – manageable

when grandma started coughing and
towels on the floor were piling red with
blood, she called and he arrived in time
to hold her hand before her eyes closed
with a silent shiver.

but sometimes she would call and hush
her voice, so we could never really get what
she was telling and then she gathered us
and said that lunch was ready on the table
and she would disappear for hours,
walking in direction of the forest lake and

coming back her hair would glisten wet and
even though she was behind with all the work,
she whistled rosy cheeked all afternoon and
in the evening, dad brought her flowers, wild
flowers he said with a smile and always held
her a bit longer and kissed her a bit deeper
than usual.

ha – yes – had foreigner’s song “urgent” in mind when writing this…smiles

linking up with One Stop Poetry where Chris Galford spotlights the work of photographer Rob Hanson who shot the above image


40 responses to “urgent

  1. hmmm…(checks phone)…i need me one of those wild flower phone calls…big grins…ha this was delightful…you set us up nice with the painful calls only to warm us with the later…well played claudia…

  2. Just superb story-telling, enough to convince me that this is all real – the touch of separation and one soul calling to another, all too palpably felt.

  3. Hello! Claudia…
    When I first looked upon the photograph I thought…What Was…Or What Use To Be…
    Claudia, this poem [your words] are hauntingly…beautiful! and your poem is most definitely, bittersweet too!
    Thanks, for sharing!
    deedee 😉

  4. Solid narrative full of stark detail, personal to family and loaded with local color. Lends a rich history to the prompt.

  5. “Urgent…emergency, urgent!” LOL good song!

    I just love this piece. I am old enough to (barely) remember when receiving a certain type of call was a big deal…”hurry, it’s long distance!!!”

    There is so much here. All the images shine. The cows (manageable!), the red towels, and of course, the romantic interlude implied, and the love shown, both by lunch on the table and by the tenderness between the couple. Wonderful stuff, Claudia, truly. My new favorite of yours.

  6. You told a nice story from start to finish and you told it well.. When I can visualize the lines and events of a poem, I know it’s a winner. I saw this and much enjoyed..

  7. many times i would hear the phone ring,look at the caller i.d. and think,”mom,i’ll call ya back.”…wish icould do that now.i miss her.thanx for digging into my wound long forgotten and making me realize she still lives.

  8. That’s one of my favorite songs also, Claudia, but you’ve built up a more delicate, vivid and beautiful rendition of the feeling behind it in this. Easy for it to be saccharine, but instead it’s sweet and satisfying as well water. Like Fireblossom, this goes into a favorites file of your most beautiful work for me.

  9. True that to phone ones spouses work place is always done for an urgent reason …..but I prefer the meeting call and wild flowers what bliss ! I really enjoyed this ..Thank you

  10. Oh, a joy to read, Claudia. You’ve woven such a delightful tale rich with colour. I didn’t even see the end coming (nor did I wish the narrative to end), ha! indeed! bravo ~

  11. This is a glorious piece! I read it three times, and loved it equally well all three. I’m yearning for some rosy cheeks myself today. 😉

  12. An enchanting intimacy in this poem looking at the “better and worse” of family life! And the final “better” glistens like winking, secret diamonds! Just beautiful!

  13. Claudia, I really enjoyed reading this. This story has such a sweet innocence throughout, as viewed through the eyes of children. Really lovely piece.

  14. Oh! This is WONDERFUL!! I love how you never say what happened, by describing what you saw, we know everything – truly good writing and excellent story-telling. You have such a gift for drawing the reader inside the stories you weave in your poems. I always enter this site expectant and curious and I never ever leave disappointed.

  15. Hi Claudia,

    How are you doing ? Long time since I visited your space ..and when I visited ..I am welcomed with such a nice storyline ,every scene come Live as if I’m witnessing it .

    Great post ..Lovely ..keep it up and keep rolling your finger like this always..feel like rolling over guitar.

    take care
    Keep smiling.