when we meet

in neatly ironed shirts
we sit on edges;
beneath emo clouds
and artificial light we meet,
wrapped wireless &

winding lissomely like yellow snakes,
get lost in loops and trying to avoid
the grip of toxic teeth,
we’re everything

between enthusiastic and exhausted,
gaining, claiming
what could fit
onto the white boards of our souls

we’re moving loudlessly on
diverse levels,
cracking just for seconds
when our eyes meet in the dark,

hitting the keyboards, cut the day
with solid knives & a calm hand

and later in the bar
we still sprawl drafts of life on spread sheets,
merge into tiny bubbles
and diffuse
towards the night



16 responses to “when we meet

  1. I was never part of this particular scene, but know its challenges. Is this your world? If it is I know you bring an artful spirit to it.

  2. Hi! Claudia…
    Unfortunately, I have never worked in the corporate world, but I know enough about the corporate world from television and magazines to know that you have “painted” a very vivid picture Of two people who met in the hustle and bustle world Of the corporate world in any metropolis and what occurs between them…Once again your words flow and hit your readers, in the face at rapid speed.
    Thanks, for sharing!
    deedee 🙂

  3. You seem to compliment your work life and are for sure taking it in good way, life’s good 🙂

  4. after a long hard day, a little liquid refreshment. ..nice to know those you work with well enought o do that…it did sound like a tryst to me as well, so randy is nto too far afield…if it was not you of course…

  5. This feels so familiar and I’m so glad it’s part of my PAST. You express it so well in gorgeous images that almost seem to contradict the reality that swirls around in my memory.

  6. moving loudlessly on diverse levels… With the invention of a new word, you perfectly painted the corporate picture. Your new word contains possibility, but impossibility – (how can one be loud-less, and be it on diverse levels?) If you had used the word “quietly,” this phrase would have gone by unnoticed and unremarkable, but loud-less invokes many images: How one makes such big efforts, yet they disappear in the size of the corporation; how one controls their output in order to conform, yet pushes the edge in order to be noticed; How one experiments with their voice in different teams and boardrooms, in work cubicles and after, in the bars…
    The last stanza, “we still sprawl drafts of life on spreadsheets” – carries on the futility of the previous corporate picture – how ideas are thrown into figures and ordered this way and that, trying to achieve what already exists – another possible impossibility – and needing to be fueled, not by spirit, but by spirits. What appears to the drinking workers to be creation, is actually stultification and a form of death, yet you took that death and turned it into poetry.
    Claudia, as always, you made something deep and beautiful out of whatever was in your hand.
    Well Done

  7. love how you end the poem…I would like to imagine that you penned this while watching those bubbles…with pen and cocktail napkin with co-workers and bar crowd about (smiles) ~

  8. for me, the best of the best was white boards of our souls and diffuse towards the nights. i also like the moment you set up with the title.

  9. Wonderfully evocative and imaginative. I really liked those lissome yellow snakes! And the spread sheets in the bar most definitely hints of a tryst, whether real or imagined.