faraday & the heat of the moment

back seat, panes
fogged up, hot hips
against mine and

twilight, my brain
shattered splints and
resin drippin’ thickly
from your tongue, a

bed of heat & lightning
in faraday cage, we –

were never good
with small talk,
i leaned against you,

smoking the heat waves
to silence, Asia on the radio,
we know and

with bare toes
drawing lines between us,

condensation circles, wet
with dew and swallowed

by the night.

over at friday poetically it’s all about sun and heat today…write a poem and join us


24 responses to “faraday & the heat of the moment

  1. Hi! Claudia…[It’s all about words]
    Once again, your words are very beautiful, and your words flow…like a fine wine. To me,
    This poem to me is very…intimate.
    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee 😉

  2. i am glad i still have to take my shower this morning…and that it is so hot out that i can take a cold one and still enjoy it…bare toes drawing lines…mmmm….

  3. well…not being good at small talk certainly has its advantages. 🙂

    hot and steamy write, Claudia
    love it!

  4. You guys are all really running with the “hot” theme..and I’m blushing again! lol Again, your wicked rhythm makes this an absolute delight to read…the music of your soul so easily sings and shines through! (yup…cheeseball me!)

  5. No heat waves like memories like this can generate exist in the natural world, my friend. Hot in every way–well, except for Asia. ;_)