the summer of..

our eyes met
in the schoolyard,
in each other,
day by day,

no link to my
life though, later

public pool games,
“tag me” with my
classmates, i
slipped, fell and
sitting injured,
bleeding knee, you

turned up with
a handful jelly beans,
‘cross the lawn,
the scent of chlorine,
sweets, damp towels
mingling —

and nothing but sunshine
in between us

true story…i still have a scar on my knee from this fall – and seeing it today brought back the memories and the scents…smiles
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20 responses to “the summer of..

  1. I’m a high school English teacher and I just finished up a unit on poetry. I like this and esp. like how it captures a simple teen-age moment. Wonderful imagery: “the scent of chlorine, sweets, damp towels mingling” –I can smell all of it and that’s good poetry when the reader can smell it. 🙂

  2. nothing but sunshine between us…

    golden words, dear claudia. this is beautiful. thanks for stopping by my site and sharing your world with me!

  3. Hello! Claudia…
    Once again, what beautiful words, and Thanks, for sharing a childhood memories (Sp)…It’s funny how a minor wound (such as the one on your knee) can trigger a memory so vividly.

    [The things that we forget and the things that we remember.]

    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee 😉

  4. This is such a sweet memory of a caring friend… I love how you wrote about the images and the scents.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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