two mobiles in hand,
highway, heading
for the top, cursing
thousand swiss tunnels
with just connections
to darkness, exhausted
and cow bells shout
summer, we’re all

placed on a seat
between the lush
and the desperate;
not loving nor being loved
nibbling on us and

i know the day
doesn’t belong to me
nor i to it
as nothing really
belongs to anything ‘cos

we’re all sleepers, silenced,
brought to rest by the
click-clack rhythm

of the rails, bewitched
by yellow buttercups in empty fields,
no strength to fight, cry, cross
those milky lakes
when life

burns us to pointless
in our needs and hungry
like children
for food we can’t get,
which doesn’t get us – satisfied.

i shake my head, then nod
as if to confirm that things
don’t look
as they are,
synchronizing seamless
with the soft vibration of my mobile,

rubbing eyes, i
take my coat and
wiping our blood from the windscreen,
we never look back

…it’s One Shot Wednesday again…and i’ll be your host tonight. throw your best poem in and have fun with what the others come up…sign up opens 5pm EST….hope to see you over at One Stop Poetry


42 responses to “ThousandSwissTunnels

  1. Hi! Claudia…
    After reading your poem the only word(s) that comes to mind is a very vivid description Of a [mundane] commute to or from work.
    Most definitely, with the rider reflecting on the meaning Of this thing we call life.
    I may be completely, wrong, but that is the message that I take away after reading your powerful, but yet beautiful words.

    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-/

  2. Ah yes…the routine, seeing but not seeing, I loved “between the lush and the desperate” Speaks volumes about us! A great capture and poetic take on the mundane. Amazing what can become poetry in the hand of the talented. Thought it once again, wonderful, and thought the final few lines completed the piece brilliantly!

  3. a desperate, ceaseless motion you convey in this piece
    almost as if permanently placed on that seat between lush and…

    Excellent conveyance

    Thanks for hosting One Shot Wednesday this week

  4. “…placed on a seat
    between the lush
    and the desperate;..” the rhythms here, the questions asked, the pace that seems like a train–something someone else is controlling, while the writer sits passive perplexed and alternately shakes or nods her head–it’s like a bizarre mirror reflection that is actually the real image looking back at a normalcy which is only a false reflection. Liked it much.

  5. A curiously reflective piece – breathing a great deal of thought and consideration into the ordinary and the day-to-day…There’s a lot to take away about humanity in this, and life-at-large. Makes the ending of particular strength…

  6. “we’re all sleepers, silenced,
    brought to rest by the
    click-clack rhythm

    of the rails”

    Dig this part. Makes me wish I was on a train to somewhere I’ve never been, just so I could write a poem about it. Also, I really enjoy listening to you read your work. 😀

  7. I think we are all in love with the same line 🙂

    Yes, they are both me. I branched out so I could be more authentic and write about things like child abuse and divorce without hurting anyone’s feelings. So I don’t refer to Randy over there… they don’t know her.

  8. You sucked me in from the first stanza. The rhythm was so there, the clack-clack of the rails, mesmorizing, hynotic work here Claudia.

    Excellent…..everytime I read you, I fall right under a spell. That is the power of your words.

    Lady Nyo

  9. Wow your one shot really conveys such truth
    I like what you’ve wrote here at your booth
    Of the rails indeed
    Was a very good read
    Oh and bewitched made me think of the show
    Guess that is just where my head will go

  10. “i know the day
    doesn’t belong to me
    nor i to it
    as nothing really
    belongs to anything ‘cos”
    are the lines that resonated for me. I always feel I’m borrowing something beautiful, new or unusual when I travel. I know it doesn’t belong to me and realize it doesn’t belong to anyone and yet as surely as the blood on your windscreen, we leave something of ourselves on every place in every time we go. Thanks, Gay

  11. Oh, how satisfaction is elusive. I liked these lines…

    “we’re all
    placed on a seat
    between the lush
    and the desperate”

  12. Excellent, Chaudia. It felt like one’s thoughts while enduring the commute to and from work, day after day after day.

  13. A brilliant write, Claudia…I get such a sense of black/white within your word choices, however, there is a resolution that it is neither, just a shade of reality as perceived ~

  14. good morning claudia! great piece…i enjoy the beat you create in your words and the imagery…hearing the trains is one of my fav sounds growing up near the tracks…connectivity issues ugh, funny how dependant we become on that connection, smiles. really well done.

  15. I get a sense of there’s something else here, much more going on than just the simple journey, a mystery, especially with the ending, it’s almost as if you are in a number of places at the same time, a car, a train, memories, tomorrow…Really like this, leaving me slightly guessing, despite the surface simplicity

  16. “the day doesn’t belong to us…” It’s that kind of humility that would make this world a better place. So glad you recorded this one…the flow was freee and easy while I listened to Spanish classical guitar.

  17. A passage by rail into so the tunnels of the heart, heavy with its knowledge of desire and its hundred wilted blooms. Great work. – Brendan

  18. Claudia, don’t know I could say anything that hasn’t been said about your brilliant poetry. This one hits home. I remember the empty time, commuting to and from school or work. Like sardines in a can, we all stood or sat as the iron rails transported us to our worlds.

    I know I’m repetitive, but really I love your writing. You are blessed with the gift of unique expression.

  19. …hallo, liebe Claudia, nun wurde ja schon alles gesagt, welche Wirkungeen dieses Gedicht hinterlässt…
    ich hatte gleich das Empfinden, durch diese Tunnels zu fahren… klick – klack und dazwischen die Blumenwiesen…
    wenn ich diese Strecke wieder fahre, werde ich an dein Gedicht denken… *freu*

  20. I guess there is something about each day that makes it special and significant despite its ordinariness and insignificance…
    And you’ve described this “phenomenon” so beautifully and tenderly in your poem here… very nice!

  21. Beautiful, I could almost hearing the swish, click clacking of the train on the rails and feel my head nod in the lull of it all.
    Wonderful imagery. Thank you for visiting my blog and the lovely comment 🙂

  22. Simple mundane things expressed so delicately and vividly!
    It seemed I was sitting inside a moving train and watching all of this!

    hugs xx

  23. the language in this is so evocative! love the line “we’re all sleepers, silenced…” you paint a vivid picture indeed.

  24. every line carrying me further on the journey and making me more apprehensive until your utterly superb ending! brilliant as always, Claudia! i am in awe!