sunday morning,
i creep into your room,
lying next to you,
inhaling the years,

you’re tucked securely
between the night and
my breath, your hair
damp on my cheek and
snuggled in my arms,

i spend eternity –
holding you and letting go
like waves and waves,
the room around us
teenage mess and your
hand warm on my shoulder,
kissing away the distance

as you grunt and smile
with sleepy eyes and

we both know, we never
grew up

just a moment with my 19 year old son yesterday..


17 responses to “Tim

  1. nice ! I have a 21 year old son and a hubby called tim ..but think this applies to both still waiting for husband to grow up !

  2. i would have ignore this poem before the birt of my daughter but given the fact that i share the feeling of parenthood with you I could feel you affection and care for your child.compliments because you are one of the 1 % that really loves your child!

    • hey martin – hope there are some more than 1%.. he’s the child i have the most difficult relationship with because he’s a lot like i am and i see all my weak points in him…ouch…so that was the reason for the last line..and maybe also the reason for the depth of our relationship in a way..

  3. Hello! Claudia…
    This is a very beautiful poem, a very beautiful tribute to a relationship with a son/your son…very revealing, very honest, and very heart-felt too!
    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

  4. and these are the moments when we wish they never would…i am glad he has you…esp in all the teenage mess…that relationship with him will pay big dividends…

  5. …ja, Claudia – halten und loslassen, das ist das, was Mütter immer wieder neu praktizieren müssen…
    aber diese Momente mit den Kindern haben Ewigkeitswert…
    …ja, Kind bleiben im Herzen… das tut auch den Kindern gut…
    schön, hast du das wieder geschrieben… danke…