holder of the grail

on rays of light
we let ourselves into
the city,
approaching with the sea,
giving in

to the illusion,
we’re heroes over
heaps of steel,
concrete strongholds,
knights from
nine to five and holders

of the golden grail,
your smile is dark
between my thighs, your
city walls invisible,
you ride on swords of
light beam ads and

when we least expect,
you’ll chop off our head &
smeared with coal tar,
swallow us
before morning dawns.

linking up with
 One Stop Poetry…the above photo was shot by photographer Scott Wyden


26 responses to “holder of the grail

  1. dang claudia…with the head between the thighs i thought this was going somewhere else…of course then you chopped my head off…smiles. we do tend to act as if we will live forever, a fatal mistake, as is our worship of heroes…well spun as i expect from you…smiles.

  2. Oh boy…the thigh thing was twisted sis. The 9 to 5er’s easily find their souls turned into steel if they are not careful…steel rusts you know.

  3. What an excellent response. Your concept is amazing, love the allusion to ancient quests, and how you bring us back to reality in the final lines. Bravo!

  4. Built up to be razed… you capture the citified upbeat pulse and continuation of individual stuck amid industry throughout time—comparing to medieval torture, of the unexpected kind. smiles

  5. This absolutely fantastic. I looked and could not imagine responding to this one, but your response is so perfect. You addressed it all from an interesting perspective that is full of creativity!

  6. I love your language here, rich and vivid and sensual, about the most sterile and life-smothering subject–fine writing, guaranteed to activate the rustiest mental machine.

  7. It’s difficult for me to comment on anything connected to this image, as the image itself has me hiss with distaste. Nothing but the sun in it beckons to me and the lack of nature has me wanting to gag. I wanted you to know that I did take the time to read, even with my revulsion at the image prompt.

    ah seduction!

  8. wonderful imagery Claudia ~ swallowing us up
    ‘city walls invisible’,
    ‘ride on swords of
    light beam ads’ and

    when we least expect,
    you’ll chop off our heads’ ~
    it’s so true ~ this vicious circle/cycle ~ we as consumers / consumed
    ~ brilliant Claudia ~ Lib @Libithina

  9. Hi! Claudia…
    What very thought-provoking words that you share here in your poem words…Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D