close beyond

you’re painting me in pixels,
filling them with
color, shapes and patterns,

cell by cell detected
by your brush,
flowing up your fingers, shoulders,
and then rest

between your eyes that want to
understand and see

beyond the obvious –
leaving space to

have me breathe and tell of
what i am or more important
of the places
i have never been,
circled with soft strokes and

shaded with the magic
of a moment’s inspiration,
i am held
between your hands, divided into
tiny parts – then flying

..linking my poem up with friday poetically, inspired by Chuck Close’s paintings


21 responses to “close beyond

  1. The last two stanza’s are majestic.

    “shaded with the magic
    of a moment’s inspiration”

    Pure, unadulterated poetry.

  2. nice claudia…i want to be loved for the parts and the whole…love the pic you chose too…highlights his style…seeing beyond the obvious, nice…first i guess we got to get people to see in the first place…

  3. Hi! Claudia…
    Being an artist, I “cling” to every word in your poem. Especially, this words:

    “you’re painting me in pixels,filling them with color, shapes and patterns,cell by cell detected by your brush,flowing up your fingers, shoulders,and then rest…”

    Oh! yes, I’am familiar with artist Chuck Jones, in a “fleeting” moment in art classes.
    Thanks, for sharing!
    [postscript:Happy Memorial Day
    Claudia,to you, your family and readers too!]

    DeeDee ;-D

  4. I like the thought of all that detail painstakingly placed and then … flying. Meant for someone, some destination. Artists do get bound up in their creation, but then when it is done, they move on and the painting … goes somewhere, hopefully cherished by someone else.

  5. I love how you saw yourself in this. Have me breathe and tell of what I am, tiny parts then flying… he could make my shattered glass pieces look beautiful… like a kaleidoscope. Thanks Claudia.

  6. /agree with your comment on my blog. Love this:

    “i am held
    between your hands, divided into
    tiny parts – then flying”

    Your poem makes me consider a painter as a deity of sorts, who contains us, then sets our essence free. Dig it! 😀

  7. Beautiful capture of the artist’s eye for image, of the corresponding bits and pieces of ourselves that make it up.I esp. like “..and then rest /between your eyes that want to/understand and see..”

  8. “tell of the places I have never been” – I like that. I like your take on Close: the beautiful tension between the confining, the constraining, the stroke and the atom next to the swirling cosmos, the ‘flying apart’. That’s the beauty I see in Chuck Close’s art.

  9. “leaving space to

    have me breathe”

    not something i would ordinarily think of in relationship to a painting but perfect for both your poem and this painting. both stunning!