gone with the last song

i didn’t realize
i was crying for so long,
clothes drenched,
keyboard soaked,

sitting here forever
in the space between
the end of a day – not
yet night and you

hold my hand,
telling me it’s not darkness,
reaching out, that
your lips won’t stop
searching mine
for the words
we never said and

the music is loud from
my headphones; i forgot

how it sounds when birds
chirp love into the air,

how it feels
when my hair starts to curl,
when there’s space to dance
between two breaths

and nothing but
rhythm, solace, wind –

and silence –  a moment
growing wild like weeds
in enraptured gardens

and i’ll be gone with the last song ..


11 responses to “gone with the last song

  1. Very nice write…I am left with a sense of longing when I read it. I guess what I am trying to say is that I can feel this poem…to me that’s a sign of a good piece of writing. Vb

  2. nice….love the stop at you in the line about the space between…lends it to double meaning…a rather chill end as well…another highlight is the lips searching lips for words….very nice…

    sorry with blogger down took the last day off….

  3. …ja, Claudia – du spielst mit Worten und sie werden zu einem Gedicht…egal, welches Thema du nimmst, es formt sich und sagt etwas aus…
    …mir fielen die Musik-Kopfhörer auf und das Vogel-Zirpen…der Kontrast… unserer Zeit…

  4. I love this one, Claudia. There is a clear feel of what is important in life, a kind of timelessness like the one with dancing between breaths. wonderful!