in-human traffik

carrying names like weapons,
too rough to spell

without rasping tongues wound
on letters, starting in the dark & ending
in rows without light,

somewhere across
the end of a blank page with a key lock
painted red and wet upon them,
crimping under sweaty palms,

pressed bodies, eyes shut blind,
trading blood stains on starched shirts
for a moment’s eruption & smooth skin,
torn to futile pieces /drugged
to their will,

crashing hard, smashed
to the ground, grinding teeth and
eyes fall dead before
body stalls, piece by piece

vomiting life onto naked floors,
lost – toys in rectangular fields,
smoked to ashes, tailored

to their fit like costly suits,
woven of close meshed threads,
THREATS, buried

deep beneath bare breasts 
of women they despise
as much as each milky stains,
shot by shot blown to death,

precisely calculated and tied hard

to the brink of spreadsheet columns,
they will barge from


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45 responses to “in-human traffik

  1. This is raw truth. It’s so revolting, yet your words need to be expressed to highten our awareness. Thanks Claudia.

  2. Heavy hitting poem… and as powerful as the lines are both individually and taken as a whole, I love the seeming offset of “lost toys in / rectangular fields,” as if even the toys detach from person are boxed in a designated area.

  3. Hi! Claudia…
    Thanks, for sharing I have to agree with the commenter your words (and images are vivid) are beautiful, powerful, but yet simply stated…“pressed bodies, eyes shut blind,trading blood stains on starched shirts for a moment’s eruption & smooth skin, torn to futile pieces /drugged to their will…”
    in-human traffik

    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee 😉

  4. Oh Gosh
    This paints a cruel world… what it is, ain’t it?
    greatly done, a masterpiece of the other side of the moon.

  5. Intense, the physical violence, the inhumanity and the miasma of evil all through this, so well wrought from one line to the next that the hideous almost takes on a bizarre beauty, which then is smashed, like the souls you write of so vividly and with such compassion and anger. Fine poem, my friend.

  6. I read a book by Bishop Sheen…he stated that a country, a state can be judged by the way it treats its women…

    when they are dolls played with and caste as garbage it is the sign of a greater evil that such is permitted and somewhere nutured even if it is underground….this tragic state needs to be lifted to a higher level of consciousness…vivid and well done Claudia…bkm

  7. Such a hard hitting poem, Claudia…as the subject demands.

    Haunting, indeed. I got lost in it because it evoked other issues….thinking of the bondage of chador, burka here….but the poem is that stirring, that it takes one places of darkness beyond the subject….

    All of a web.

    Powerful words, powerful subject.

    Lady Nyo

  8. Agree with the comments above. That slavery continues is barbarous; that any society allows the kidnapping of girls and boys to be buried alive and bartered in the sex trade is heinous. This is comparable to death camps..only the children live, hate, resent, and will surely seek vengeance or continuation. Expertly and brilliantly stated here, Claudia.

  9. difficult to read, but it is only because you express it so well. it’s hard to imagine that this is reality for too many innocents.

    “vomiting life onto naked floors,” is a really amazing line.

  10. This piece is so vivid, I really liked what you did with this. The topic is so repulsive that powerful words are necessary. The entire piece was provocative and clever. ~ Rose

  11. Claudia, you have so many things happening simultaneously– and seamlessly–here it takes my breath away. Social-political poem full of brilliant metaphor and whip-smart language. Awesome work!

  12. The final image of the cold calculus of spredsheet columns stands perfectly in contrast with the tangible flesh-and-bleeding humanity of the rest of the work. Wonderful craftsmanship.

  13. My god.. the brutality and gruesomeness of human traffic has been brought out so vividly here… it reminds me of certain (relatable) episodes of a television crime show called Law & Order: Special Victims Unit… the horrific nature of this trafficking is brought to life here… makes one shudder!
    Excellently written, Claudia… Bravo!

  14. When we are reduced to this(both in the acquisition of the supply and the lowliness of demand)humankind needs some answers desperately. This was raw and uncut Claudia.
    I can only think of my children and how I pray that they would remain protected from abduction and hiddden from the realities of human trafficing until what time they can make a positive impact on such a dark reality.

  15. It can be hard to do such a topic justice, but my friend, you have done it here. Intense, disturbing, choice of phrasing and language both powerful and commanding, while still letting our own minds fill in purposeful “blanks”, for lack of a better word. Rough start to my reading this morning…in a good way!

  16. Horrors that make my head pound and scream the question WHY – WHY – WHY??? I really could only scan your words as I do other graphic images of violence elsewhere. You are very strong to have harnessed the mental energy to produce this poem. I am disgusted by the issue but weakly bury my head in the sand, helpless to change this evil.

  17. You have a way of seeing and representing life is such detail that it evokes a profound reaction. Your power as a poetess really makes a difference, Claudia

  18. Yikes!

    Tearing, bleeding, gnashing words.

    Is this about tax men?

    And see, I followed you here to the WordPress moon and I like it here a lot.

    I shall have to redirect the little button I have for you on my Friends page.


  19. read this right before trying to wind down last night…i knew i needed to re-read today to fully absorb…what a brilliantly brutal write, Claudia…just enough edge, but not over, parlaying the horror and’ve mastered the balance on this one ~

  20. I think this is the darkest piece I’ve read from you Claudia, quite a departure from your usual sensually melodic pieces. This is powerful, evocative and downright nasty in parts, as it should be. I hope you continue to mine this deep vein as I really like the edge it gives your writing.