all i needed to know/for my mom

i think the moments
i loved most were
when we walked side by side
on the way to
whatever place, i

didn’t care
where we were going
but i needed to know
you’d stand by me
walking away from
what stole my breath sometimes

and all i had to be sure of was,

if i needed a hand to hold,
you would never pull yours back

…and i’m crying while writing childhood wasn’t always easy…but think my mom made me survive and i’m beyond thankful…

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31 responses to “all i needed to know/for my mom

  1. ((claudia)) truly heart felt…happy mothers day!

    you realise it is too early in the morning for you to make me cry…

  2. We all need a hand to hold and some point, and no hand reassures like that of a mother.

    I can fully understand the tears whilst writing this.

  3. Claudia, these thoughts are beautiful.

    I just read several of you last poems. I had forgotten to confirm my email account with your site and so I wasn’t getting notified of your posts. I won’t miss them anymore.

    Reading your writing made for a lovely mother’s day morning. I didn’t comment on each because you know how I feel about your poetry. When I read several like this, I am amazed at the depth of your muse. Have a great mother’s day.

  4. the beauty of a caring mother captured perfectly… a mom is supposed to be there & make sure her child knows her hands will always be ready for a grab… too bad all moms aren’t like that…

  5. Oh Claudia, what I or most everyone feels..those early childhood memories….forever comeing back in moments of despair.

  6. Dear Claudia
    A simple, honest and profound poem…I have a two year ols and I know that is all that he wants from me.
    if i needed a hand to hold,
    you would never pull yours back

    Thank you for this poem. I hope you are feeling better now.
    Best Regards

  7. As a mum all we can do is be there when our children need us. I can count and remember the times I counted on my mum and she never ever let me down. thank you for sharing this Claudia, heartfelt and lovely

  8. Hi! Claudia…
    I too must admit that my eyes are tear-filled (after reading your poetry)…Thank-you, for sharing familiar feelings for me and beautiful words with all…Once again, I hope that you had a good one too!
    DeeDee 😉

  9. By the way, I have to get into a “Jay Walking the Moon” mode…Because I’am still in a Splitter-witter mindset! (Especially, when a new post appears on my feed!)

  10. Hi Claudia – lovely poem – I think the last line sums up what everyone wants from their mum, or dad for that matter, to know the hand will always be there 🙂