spring sound & belgian chocolate

dancing colors into
brittleness of sound, i’m
pirouetting to the scent
of rainbows and wet soil;

parachuting clock seeds
tumble scattered on the lawn
and form to bluesy major sevens
beneath a cooing sky with just

the songs of now between
the night, the birds and
pollen on my lips,
wishing for nothing more

than lying in the grass,
bathing in morning magic

and on my tongue
some belgian chocolate
melting with the spring

..linking up with friday poetically over at one stop poetry..the challenge was to to write a poem, inspired by some day or night nature sound …really inspiring..you should give it a try..


40 responses to “spring sound & belgian chocolate

  1. clock seeds…do tell, never heard this term before. Lovely eveidence of spring and very SENSEual. I hope I have a moment this weekend to imbibe in Nature sounds. Have a great weekend miss poet!

  2. ah this is lovely piroquetting to the sound of rainbows…love laying int he grass as well…mmm…and chocolate makes everything better…smiles.

  3. Spring, sounds and Belgian chocolate, sounds a very delightful mixture and told in such a way as to make me salivate at the thought.

  4. Dandilion clocks, one of those beautiful games you play as kids and then enjoy again while pretending to teach the next generation.
    Alas, no chocolate. I’m on a diet.
    Lovely write.

  5. Realyy dandelions=clock seeds. Wow just got some new info 🙂 Beautifully relaxed atmosphere you conjured there..satisfied and relaxed.

  6. Nothing could be better than those annually renewing spring smells and sounds,…except maybe chocolate…as always, your writing takes us into the moment and paints it alive.

  7. btw–your translator is not too accurate, but extremely poetic with the image. AFAIK, there’s no other name for dandelions, and the only thing the seeds are usually called besides seeds is fluff. I love the term clock seeds, though. It’s almost Dali-esque. ;_)

  8. Striking imagry evoking all the senses..a celebration of Spring and the topping…a taste of Belgian chocolate melting on the tongue. A delicious poem…wish I were there piroutting and tasting!

  9. Just delicious 🙂
    I am going to go back and read it again, aloud – was it the combination of chocolate and rainbow dancing colours?? On my tongue, the songs of now… this is my kind of poem!!

  10. A delicious celebration of Spring. The imagry evokes all the senses, and I wish I were there piroutting and tasting that Belgian chocolate!

  11. …oh wie schön: Pirouetten auf den Duft
    von Regenbögen…man kann es riechen, sehen, schmecken…
    ja, am Ende auch die schmelzende Schokolade genießen im Zauber des Morgens…

  12. Just found your blog through a tweeted link to this poem. How serendipitous! I plan to return often. Mmm, belgian chocolate and springtime — delightful.

  13. NICE! You have engaged all our senses! Smell, sight, touch, taste…a wonderfully weaved journey! rainbows and wet soil…I am so alive! Thank you 🙂

  14. Morning magic and chocolate! No better way to start the day! What a lovely and uplifting poem about my favorite season. Thank you.

  15. “pirouetting to the scent of rainbows and wet soil”

    you created such vivid imagery for the Sensation of spring – using all our senses and pleasing the reader with a belgian chocolate ending. Deliciously written!

  16. love the second stanza…your wording for dandelions was wonderful, but even if not correct, your words painted it the proper image in my mind..lovely ~

  17. “and on my tongue
    some belgian chocolate
    melting with the spring”

    Hi! Claudia…
    Your words are beautiful and your poem is very vivid!
    Thanks, for sharing!
    [postscript:Happy Mother’s Day! ♥ to you, your readers, and all mothers today!]
    DeeDee ;-D

  18. Hi Claudia,

    Coming to your new space , from blogger ..Nice. Poem , it gave me glimpses of my childhood when I used to wake-up early and with barefoot I used to walk over the lawn with dew , which freshen-up the mood and open the eyes ..which still in the dream state.

    from last few days I too have been experimenting with my blog comments section and added a new commenting third party which is very cool , over my space ..I.e Intensedebate , where one can reply to individual comments.

    Nice to see this feature present over WordPress which lots of flexibility too..hope to see the follower button soon with GoogleFriendsconnect..BTW I will add a link to my blogroll 🙂

    Nice one.
    Take care.
    and Happy Mother’s Day 🙂