in the dead of the night/ jaywalking the moon

while you were sleeping,
i moved on,
filled bits of sunshine
into tiny bottles
and squished some
of the spring ’11 rain
into my trenchcoat pockets

find me sitting on a bench
i’ll pour you wine from
new blown glasses
my walls will soon be
smeared with ink

between my teeth the graphite
of a well worn pencil
when poetry’s invading me

i’m spraying graffiti on you
and watch the wet paint
running down your neck and

from my tongue drip words,
form puddles on new spaces and –
whistling with color blotted lips
i’m jaywalking the moon

you’re in…?


20 responses to “in the dead of the night/ jaywalking the moon

  1. Wonder who would be on the moon waiting to run you over as you jaywalked? LOL And just think where thumbing a lift might lead you…

  2. spray paint me claudia…smiles. i like the look of your new home…you gonna add google friend connect so i can tag you easy?

  3. haven’t made up my mind rgd. google friend connect so far and it seems to be mondo complicated to set it up on wordpress blogs..

  4. I find wordpress blogs very difficult for me to follow–And it will be the same for you to follow Blogger blogs, as they will not be automatically networked, so we may see less of each other. I will miss your old one and hope you are happy here. Will get by whenever I see a linked post at a prompt, promise–otherwise wordpress is off my radar. Good luck with this one, Claudia. I hope it will be fun and I know your poetry will always be worth searching out.

    • actually it’s quite easy to follow both ways – even without google friend connect – will e-mail you with a how to joy-ann…

  5. this is a lovely “puddle” in your new place. i like the clean fresh look of it… perhaps the magic button was a good idea after all… i’ll bookmark you, for now, so i’ll be sure to know where to find you.

  6. I love your poem. Whimsical and fun and I would love you to spray paint me, especially if some of your talent is in the paint.

    I’ve been gone for a while, glad to be back. I’ll be following you here. No problem.

  7. i’m in. i like squish some rain best of all. i guess this is what happens to popular bloggers, they move to another site, for one reason or another.

  8. …egal, welche Seite, deine Gedichte lohnen sich, ihnen nachzuspüren… der Mond mal von einer ganz anderen Seite… von Claudias Seite…schön…danke Claudia…

  9. Welcome to your new digs Claudia. I hope that you are happy with the new site. Great start with a lovely poem. I’ll taka glass of that vino and cheers you with it!

  10. i’m in! great poem! i love the new blog. i prefer wordpress to blogger for a number of reasons ~ hope you like it. and i love being able to get email updates as opposed to using a reader ~ all signed up and ready to go.